My late cat Sallu

In loving memory of ‘Sallu’ my cat

My cat ‘ sallu’ left this mortal world last summer . He was almost a year old. He was a happy cat all his short life. He ate, played and was sprightly most of the times. I never saw him being indolent, or sad. He stayed active mostly. When he died, I gave him a decent burial and cried for his departure for some days.

What I analyzed is that we get sad when our pets die and we miss them terribly. But after some days we start feeling like they never left us. We feel like they again joined us, if only in our memories or in our dreams.

After ‘Sallu’ left us I wrote a poem for him in the middle of night and then I decided to celebrate his beautiful time with us.

                                              Dear Sallu                                                                                               

Is that your grave or heap of our fond memories?

Mound of our sweet love,

So close to my heart, you little tuft of soul

Your kind of love, for sure I will never have again

And you will never know,

How much your departure triggered the pain 

You melted my heart for the last time

While breathing your last, you answered me back

your eyes had surprise, you questioned my crying

Dear mom would you let me go?

look I will be happy with my bubba brother

On the other side, we both will be together

Our forever home is in paradise  

With God everyone is happy and in bliss

We will never have misery, fear or illness

This world is only a chaos and a mess

We are promised nothing in this

And I conveyed to God your message

He promised to build a heaven and a passage  

Now wipe your tears, for I promise to greet you

With every rising sun and until the life is in you

Ours is the world there, most beautiful,

Unlike the one I have lived with you.


  1. Adelaide Dupont says:

    Thank you for sharing that wonderful cat.

    I wish I had known him – and his Bubba – while he was alive.

    He had such gorgeous eyes and he loved to climb walls.

    The poem is wonderful. I loved the last lines where you talk about the other world.


    1. Ruqia Ismat says:

      Yes sallu wanted to stay out of trouble from other cats I have. He climbed the wall and enjoyed the fields and animals roaming on the other side of the wall. In the middle picture you see he was very little then, he was waiting for his mom who had gone out for some hours. Sallu was tired his eyes had tears but he did not move an inch from the place his mom left him. Then I took his photo.

      Liked by 1 person

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