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Why Some People Have Dry Eyes

Do you ever feel your eyes get more dry when using your phone or any other digital screen?  Then you start thinking something is not quite right and the dryness of eyes is not going away. Even after staying away from screen after some time, you are still feeling gritty eyes. Well, your body is not lying to you, it’s time to address the issue. Health issues can’t be over looked.  you need to take the precautionary measures and understand the underlying causes

Dry eye is a very common condition and even more common for many reasons in the present time. The contributing factors are environmental as well as lifestyle. The increased use of digital screen work, communication and entertainment, especially in the times of pandemic, contribute to dry eye disease. Now dry eyes and dry eye disease or syndrome are two different things. The prevalence of Ded is found higher among children who use digital screen than those who do not. Because of the need to stay home during pandemic people tend to use digital screen more than ever. lifestyle alterations can help to improve the dry eyes experiences. Now I discuss simple dry eyes and dry eye disease or’ Ded ‘one by one.

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common Dry Eyes

Dry eye experience is very common complaint. More and more people are experiencing dryness in their eyes and around. eyes.  Due to excessive use of screen, environmental and lifestyle factors more and more people are having dry eyes. Usually this is temporary condition. It will go away once we make changes. Our body is the vehicle that keeps carrying us around. This is our home until we are alive. This is the only person who will stay with us all life. If something against its nature happens it will always complain before any serious damage to eyes, we should get treatment and take action.

Dry eye disease (Ded) or syndrome

If you feel you have dryness, gritty and burning sensation in and around eyes for a long period of time. The symptoms are not going away, you need to see a doctor. Dry eye disease or syndrome is different from simple dry eyes. Dry eyes disease needs clinical. diagnosis. though its permanent condition and it’s pretty hurtful and incurable but the symptoms can be reduced to have normal life.

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Why Dry EYES are more common now

Dry eyes are more common than ever before because of the changing dynamics of society. The excessive use of digital screens, less use of water and balanced food lack of vitamins and fatty acids and dry weather are some of them. Pandemic has affected all walks of life. People are working online from home, as well as students are having virtual classes. For many in person meetings are cancelled or swapped with virtual events.

There is considerable increase in screen use all over the world. Almost all children use digital screens. There is also increased use of video games among women and this may lead to increased dry eye symptoms.

There is one view that the relationship between dry eyes and screen use is the dynamic of eye blinking, leading to ocular eye disease. Dry eyes then affect the mental health of the patient and his efficiency level in digital screen users decreases. We need to adopt helpful preventive measures and management approaches.

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The most common symptoms

The tear film instability is the characteristic of dry eye disease. Our eyes need moisture or tears to keep them lubricated for the protection of eye surface. Moisture prevents the friction between eyelids and eye itself and apart from that tear have more necessary functions. Dryness can damage ocular surface of the eye. Then the patients develop inflamed and itchy eyelids and painful eyes. The causes of tear film dysfunction are many, including hormone changes among women The less amount of tear production or poor quality of tears may lead to eye dryness and cornea damage. Dry eyes are quite uncomfortable. the treatment will bring comfort and reduction to eye symptoms.

The tear film has three layers and each layer has different form and function.
  1. The lipid layers
  2. The watery layer
  3. The mucous layer

The problem with any of these layers can disturb the function, quality and quantity of tears. Either the patient tears evaporate quickly or they are produced in less than normal amount.

Causes of less production of tears

These are diverse causes like some disease or use of some medicines. Rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome, lupus, thyroid disorders, vitamin A deficiency, eye allergy can cause dry eye symptoms. Use of high blood pressure medicines and antihistamine are some of the meds that can affect eye tears production. surgery of cornea can lead to dry eye but this condition is temporary.

Causes of increased tear evaporation

  1. Blinking less than normal during reading, driving or in some diseases patients blink less.
  2. Dry wind and smoke
  3. Eyelid problems
  4. Eye allergies
  5. Preservatives in some eyedrops

11 symptoms and signs of dry eyes

  • Extreme feeling of dryness in the eyes
  • A sensation of having some foreign object in the eye
  • Eye redness
  • Light sensitivity
  • Eye pain or discomfort
  • Itchiness inside or around eyes eyelids
  • Light or sun sensitivity
  • Watery eyes or sudden flow of tears as a reflex action against grittiness in the eyes.
  • Feeling tightness around eyes or discomfort
  • Eye fatigue

Risk factors

1.Advance age, usually above 50
2. Being a woman
3. eye disease
4. Some Autoimmune disease
5. Insufficient hygiene practice of eye
6.The blinking dynamics and prolong use of digital screen
7. use of eye cosmetics

Mechanism of eye blinking during screen use

The use of digital screen diminishes both the blinking rate and blink completeness. That leads to optical surface dryness. During the interval between each blink aqueous tears evaporate from the tear film. Then full blinking is required to refill the tear film by dispensing tear from lacrimal glands and lipids from meibomian glands over the cornea. While incomplete blinking increases the dryness of eye which could over time potentially start the’ Ded ‘cycle. Because of the discomfort in the eyes the people with ‘Ded’ blink their more frequently. during reading, playing games or active computer work. The studies have emphasized that reading on digital screen may endorse adverse effects by reducing both blink rate and blink completeness.


         people who experience dry eyes may experience these complications
  • People with dry eyes have greater chances of eye infections than normal people. this is because they have less protection of natural tears.
  • if the eyes are left untreated. Severe dryness may lead to eye inflammation, abrasion of the corneal surface, corneal ulcers and vision loss.
  • Dry eyes reduce the quality of life when patients feel difficult to perform daily activities.
  • Dry eye disease places a substantial amount of burden on patient’s economy.
THE treatment and management of symptoms

The doctor will recommend the lubrication drops, gels or ointment to protect the eyes. The other measures that the patient must consider are as following

  1. Avoid direct air blowing in the eyes from any source; heaters, fans etc.
  2. Wearing wraparound sunglasses or protective eyewear
  3. Take eye breaks from long tasks; if you are reading or doing tasks that require visual attentiveness, close your eyes for a few minutes. or blink repeatedly for a few seconds to help spread the tears evenly over your eyes.
  4. Be mindful of environment; the air at high altitudes, in deserts areas, and in plains can be awfully dry
  5. Use of humidifier can add moisture to dry indoor air.
  6. However, it is worth noting that dry eye disease is part of the normal aging process.


It’s worth noting that dry eyes are part of normal aging process. The glands keep the eyes moist. dry eye disease is usually the result of abnormal tear function. Females are more likely to have dry eyes due to hormonal changes that can affect tear production. Aging bodies produce less tears, therefore dry eyes are more common in older adults Often home remedies are also helpful to keep the eyes moist and comfortable. By reducing the symptoms, we can protect the eyes Some research suggested that caffeine can help dry eye. Caffeine increases the production of tears but too much caffeine can cause insomnia

  • Note: No content on my page should ever be considered as a substitute for medical advice from your doctor.

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