23,Souls ,They were

All of them silently slept and locked

Doors closed, and windows clogged

Though they reached out for communion

But forgotten and so left to oblivion

The world proclaimed them aliens

The valley and the hills stood quiet

The fate so gloomy , nothing could set it right

The snow white as shrouds , wrapped them up

How could they know , they would not wake up

The angel of death rose swiftly that night

He had to fetch 23 souls in that plight

The poor souls when this realm they fled

No one had a wound , no one even bled

The dying did not know, they were perishing

Mothers did not know, children were vanishing

Nobody heard even the hissing of the passing

23 martyrs ! the rising sun had to receive

Both living and dead refused to believe .

poem by Ruqia Ismat .

Note :

This poem I wrote in memory of an unfortunate incident that took 23 lives: men women and children were among them . This incident happened in a snow clad city Murree in pakistan early this month . 23 people died of carbon mono oxide in their locked cars.

Image by Henrik Verle on Pexels


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