Nyla Goes to A Wedding Party

Finally, a friend had invited Nyla to attend her sister’s wedding.  Since her childhood, Nyla was fond of   attending the weddings. At age 9 she used to attend all the weddings in the neighborhood, even when she was not invited. If somebody uttered the word ‘wedding, she felt a spring in her foot and song on her lips. She wanted to be the best bride in the world since ages but her mother told her that young girls don’t marry. Then and there she promised to herself to marry many times in her life to be bride again and again. Well, now she was married but she had worn only once that pretty wedding gown. What about those new age sleek and bright gowns, she would swoon on them over and over again!

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Nyla Gets Ready For the wedding

The moment she was going to prepare breakfast she decided to reply her friend that she was coming to the wedding.  She pushed her wavy hair aside from getting into her eyes, and read the invitation text loudly once more. Was she dreaming? No, it was broad day.  After batting her eyes in the air, she decided to finish her chores quickly. After all somebody had invited her to wedding.  She felt herself the happiest and the luckiest person on earth.

The Man in the house

She wasted half an hour about thinking what to wear for the wedding.  Suddenly her husband called her ‘’ Nyla! where is the breakfast? ‘Nyla thought she knew this voice, some familiar voice, like the one she knew since eternity. She started to press her soft grey matter in the head. Wow, she could recall, she was a married woman and this was her husband’s voice. Oh, my goodness. Nyla felt she got married again to the same person. Every time her husband uttered her name “Nyla” she felt ‘married’.

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The Husband joke -Believe or not to Believe?  

 Thinking about her husband lead her to a stupid husband joke that a colleague told her the other day. She told Nyla ‘Wise Husbands gush on other people’s wives but they are smart enough to always love their own children the best’’. She was thinking whether she should believe that joke? Was that even true?  Is her husband going to gush over the wives of other people on that wedding party?  Does her husband fit in that box provided by her colleague?

Her Husband and Cupcakes

Obviously, her husband had put on 10 kg weight since they got married. She felt guilty for she was responsible for baking religiously, at every weekend. Consuming those sweet puffy cupcakes increased her husband’s weight. Wedding, cupcakes, women, children and curvy husband what a strange list. She placed everything back on their relative’ places in her brain and got ready. She really wanted to enjoy wedding part and look her best too.  Nobody ever knows what could happen in her smart noggin.

The Fatter, the Better

She felt with the increased weight of her husband was going to pay her back. It was not all bad consequence of her baking. There was something so relieving. What was that? Yes, now she discovered quickly. Her husband turned out less attractive to other women. So, she was relatively in the safer bubble of her romantically attractive and philosophically boring married life. But her conscience started tugging her again, for being responsible for the weight gain of her hubby. She tried to convince her troubled mind that her mother-in-law was more responsible for the curves of her husband. She always told Nyla proudly.’ Listen Karem was born chubby. Period.

That pretty little girl

 Then there she found a little pretty girl tugging her “listen, listen “Nyla instantly wished that she had a daughter like that pretty little girl standing next to her in the kitchen.  The girl spoke and her voice seemed coming from moon “Mom, are you again daydreaming? At this, Nyla sighed with relief and returned to her real world. Suddenly she got an idea, why not her daughter should also accompany her to the wedding.

 Honey we are going to a wedding !

Nyla said to her daughter enthusiastically “Honey we are going to the wedding today “At this her daughter said “We? What do you mean?  only you are going to a wedding, you know I don’t like weddings, and I am spending my weekend at home playing with my new toys. You can ask Dad to go with you. “Nyla felt humiliated but quickly shrugged off dust of humiliation from her shoulders. She could only utter slowly “ok. Then she started singing loudly to regain her confidence in herself. She always needed a particular song to sing when she felt her confidence leaving to the Mars.

Nyla and the letter “H”

 For the wedding, Nyla wore her mauve colored culotte and blouse. She looked into the mirror and tried hard to hide her tummy that looked like the middle bar of the letter “H’. she appreciated her dress and felt like the queen of ottoman empire. After curling her hair and doing her makeover, she decides to talk to her husband to accompany her too. She glanced into the mirror and appreciated her plump pouty lips and broad eyebrows. After spending an hour on getting ready, she could look pretty much a peacock beauty with two tails.

No, Sultan I am Karem!

As soon as Karem agreed to accompany her to the wedding, Nyla suggested her husband to wear shimmery waist coat to look like an Ottoman Sultan. No doubt, she wanted to leave an unforgettable regal impression on her friends. Karem refused her suggestion of wearing shimmery waist coat. He said, “let me stay Karem only”. Nyla immediately felt her mistake of making her husband Ottoman Sultan because with, him’ may come the ‘harem”. The two words slipped from her mouth were “oh, God” Karem asked her what did she mean?  Nyla shivered at her thoughts and said “Nothing, I was only daydreaming about regal nights”  

They Arrive at the Wedding

Finally, the couple arrived at the wedding place. Nyla’s husband noticed that she had forgotten to change her shoes. She was wearing the flat slippers; she usually wore at home. He decides not to tell her to save her from embarrassment. Also, it was not possible for her to change her shoes by then. But unfortunately, Nyla discovered her flat brown slippers when she stood up to dance. She immediately sat back.

image by pexels

Taking Selfies and Failing in History Exam

The wedding party was about to end and Nyla had not taken enough of her selfies. She got busy in taking selfies and then she heard her name. “Nyla is that really you?  I can’t believe my eyes. how could I know we would meet here?” Nyla looked above her phone and there stood there! tall and sleek woman, Mahnoor !!she could never forget that face, not in million years. That was her school friend, 20 years back, who kept her nagging in 8th grade for failing in history exam. Back then Mahnoor said “Nyla, I can’t believe you failed in history exam, and you are the only student in the whole class to fail? Did Mahnoor still remember that incident? Nyla faked a wide smile but she was not sure. She pretended to be over joyed – that seemed so wrong in her mind. Obviously that sudden meeting had spoiled her joy.

Ice Cream Mends Nyla’s broken heart

Going back home Nyla asked her husband to stop at her favorite ice cream parlor. She knew only ice cream could set everything right for her. Nyla needed to forget how and why she failed in history exam 20 years back.  Many problems had one solution in her life, the ice cream!  Karem wanted to remind her that she had eaten enough at the wedding.  But he knew only ice cream would make the home environment normal again.


  1. Nope, Not Pam says:

    Nyla sounded a bit stressed, but ice cream fixes everything 😊

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      Thank you . I am glad you liked it .🙏

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