The Two of Them

The two of them, were never accepted as one in their lives.

The two of them, had the deepest kind of love for each other, God created.

 The two of them, had hearts nobody could separate.

The town declared their love impossible, but the two of them made it possible.

Today, the two of them opened their eyes in the realm of spirits and found each other face to face.

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He: ‘Wow, you are already here.

She; Praise be to God. Well, still I am not sure that we have crossed the silver valley. ,,

He. Yes, we did. ,,

She. But ….it was nothing the least I expected.

He. What did you expect? ,,

She. I was afraid it would be painful but it was like changing a dress.

He. I felt something different …. first, I felt heavy weight on my chest, then a complete darkness and then a big flash and wow I found myself, with you.

She: yeah! And now nobody can keep us apart

(Then a thought rushed to her mind and she asked.)

She: Oh, I am so sorry, did you feel hurt?

He. Not at all. Everything happened in a flash. I am just glad it is over. I am also glad there is no road back to where we have come from. ,,

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She: We are landed together and that means everything …… now we will have our best kind of ……..,,

She could not recall the word. she desperately wanted to utter but just could not.

He. Do you mean ‘’ life ‘’

She. yes, life is something abstract now, therefore I forgot the word. ,,

He. Life….and you are my life,  your lips are slightly purple.

She. I think my lips will get back their real color. It has been only an hour since we crossed the silver valley. ,,

He. yes, sure. Also, my head is slightly cold. Soon I will warm up.

She: look the gravity of our love held us together. therefore, we even died the same day.

He. I did not want to utter the word died. Our love for each other kept us alive and we crossed the silver valley still having that love.,,

She. Can I ask what made you die?,,

He. I don’t know. My last memory is that I was crossing the living room. And how did you die?,,

She. The same with me. I don’t know the cause of my death. I was painting your portrait when something happened to me.,,

He. I am glad we both did not have to wait for each other. We had more than enough wait already in the world.,,

Then he extended his hand towards her chest to touch the faint blue light. It was coming from exactly the same place where the heart was supposed to be. He felt the coolness but there was no beating of heart.

She looked towards her chest and felt something was different from when she was alive.

He smiled at this, then burst into laughter. She felt embarrassed and spoke.

She: What? what makes you laugh?,,

He. We both left our worn-out hearts behind. We have been replaced with these beautiful and cool blue lights instead.,,

She. Oh, I am sorry, I should have seen it before. I love this thing with us. Do you know why this happened?,,

He. Yes, for sure. We had enough heart aches.  We are now given a better thing. In this light we will see each other’s faces. Let us now move towards our real friends behind that hill. They are waiting to welcome us.,,

She looked at that beautiful hill and then at the pink lights on the horizon and smiled and the corners of her eyes got wet.


  1. Keithfslater says:

    Thanks, Ruqia. A beautiful reflection on the crossing over and the beyond.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ruqia Ismat says:

      I am glad that you liked it.


  2. Nope, Not Pam says:

    Very heart wrenching 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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