Happy Friday my dear kind fellows . Praise to Almighty God.

One smile can be a sufficient remedy both to your physical and mental pain. Don’t allow anyone to take away your smile. 😃😄😆 An acrylic portrait I did some years back. Hopefully I will resume to my art soon.

Blessed Thursday to all of you. Thanks to Almighty God who granted me another day to live.

I feel great to share my life with my fellow beings. May God enable me always to do good until I am living on the outer surface of the earth. This vintage-inspired piece of art I did almost two years back. Why I am talking biggg words? Because I am feeling these. There are some days in my life when I take a bungee jump with Rumi into the spiritual world. 😁😂🤣🤔🙏🙏🙏

Happy Tuesday my dear kind fellows. God bless you.

Mixed media portrait of Princess Alice of Hesse. Daughter of Queen Victoria. This portrait I did a couple of years back. The reference photo was black and white.

Happy Wednesday my dear kind fellows. God bless you all. 💮🌹🌸🥀💐🌼🌳🌷

My acrylic and gel pen painting.

Happy Monday my dear kind fellows. God bless you all.

My mixed media portrait of a girl ( obviously )

I can’t recall when I did it first time ( maybe 2 , 3 years back . well today I took advantage of my better skills ( now) and corrected some lines. 😁

Happy Friday my dear kind fellows. God bless you all.

My acrylic painting ” abstract flowers”