Simply That

You asked me what made me fall for you ?

That is your beautiful heart and your words

“I love you more darling ! than you do “

So simple yet so intriguing to describe

On your forehead ,a cheeky tuft of hair

Your face glowing in the sun with a flare

Your lovely Buddha eyes closing in your sleep

The pearls of sweat on your skin seep

When I say I have to go darling

And I have a promise to keep

Simply That !

You cracking jokes with a laughter

Then going quiet ,soon after

And your eyes glittering with a moisture

On eggshells , the angels walk around

Quietly , without whisper or making a sound

Lest our precious dreams should broken

Would you like to know more and be guided ?

What are the gifts our souls have provided ?

The kisses are, now the sweetest

And the embraces are the warmest

Honey springs from our lips

And the nights are the loveliest

That simple ,my darling !

We have taken rebirth in this life

How fascinating is the journey and its strife

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday , December ,6 , 2022.

The Haunted House

So, what is deemed more scary ?

This haunted house with a fairy

Or my heart torn, heavy and weary

Hello dear demons ! You are rendering this place pretty haunted

Well ,I am amused and feel even delighted

Keep your promise and be absolute real

Listen to my humble request for a deal

Do you see a lovely glow in my eyes ?

This is gift of pure love that never dies

You can borrow some light with a grace

Then brighten up your dark hiding place

You often appear as a child or a smiling woman

Don’t expect me to be any of your fan

Is it your show of power and hurt ?

Or some savages making me very alert

Now ,let me know what is haunting you in this night ?

Please ,bring this issue to day light

Know that ,I want some peace for you and us

No need to pretend ignorant or ridiculous

Are you sad , hurt or heart broken ?

We ,are children of God and never forsaken

Oh no no ,don’t pop up from that old tree

You are welcome to live here for free

Please ,sit down peacefully and let your hearts heal

Would you share your side of story and have some meal

Note . I was visiting my parents home last October . They told me that their current house is haunted . At midnight , I wrote that poem . Well, a day before I saw a bright bulb on the wall at midnight . I was thinkin who turned it on .it was not real one . It was gone in the morning . The wall was absolutely plain. I told my mom. She told me other incidents have happened as well.

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Friday ,Nov, 18th, 2022

My Angel , My Man

My angel ,the beautiful bliss of my eternal soul

Your immense light makes my shattered heart a whole

When you embrace me with your silvery wings

The sacred bell of peace in my heart rings

A heavenly ecstasy makes a way from your heart to mine

Instantly, we both climb to cloud nine

On the altar of love ,my prayers weave a wreath

Time stands still and spirits stop to breath

The rising sun is jealous of your luminosity

Does not know , you are an angel, not a deity

The moment ,our longing hands touch each other

Inside our veins, a mighty storm starts to gather

You occupy a special chamber of my heart always

Our nights are starry, and glorious are the days

Tell me ,my lovely darling , why does an angel like you need an armour?

What makes you sad ? What brings you to a corner ?

There will be an end to your heart wrenching suffering

You make me proud when you stand tall and refuse a bending

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

November 8th, 2022

The Moment

The moment you flipped my hair out of my face

You melted my heart

Your gaze infused eternal peace into depths of my soul

Sure , you did not know that

The sweat broke out on my cheeks when you placed your chin on my shoulder

And whispered ” I came for you ”

The honour of being your love was all that I needed at the moment

Nevertheless , one lifetime would not be enough for me to adore you

My precious darling

We are two distinct worlds within ourselves

I saw two suns setting into your bright eyes that evening

And the time stood still !

The moment you try to look wiser than you really are

You make me fall for you ,one more time

Your love is clear mountain spring, darling

That quenches my thirst and heals my soul

Poem by : Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday, Oct 12, 2022.

The New You

Though I don’t know the new you

Yet , keeping my promise I will always love you

The old you is still etched into my heart

Nothing , no one , not even you can take away my love for you

It is enough , yes , it will always be enough to live with your memories

You have been abducted, my darling

By someone you can’t even name

Look ! Is not this strange that I welcome the new you

Then I proudly display my bleeding heart to show how much I can take from you

Now , you will keep seeing me at all the odd places

Around you and inside you

Close your eyes , I am in your heart

Look into the mirror , I am there too

I am in your coffee cup and on your empty canvas

You will write my name ,if you try to sign

I wish I could assure you, my darling that’s is fine

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

October 4, 2022

I Have A Mirror For You

The lake Saif Al Malook maybe bewitching for many

I have my own lake made of love inside my heart

Where only your beautiful reflections dwell

The moonlit nights charm the visitors of Saif Al Malook

But my lake has a brighter surface

For me lake Saif Al Malook is useless

Because inside my heart’s lake only your magic works

All those songs that you wrote with your breaths on my face

I see them floating all around me today

I have a mirror for you, my darling

And that mirror is gilded and wrought with my feelings

You tilt it in any direction , you will see only yourself

In this mirror, we are forever young ,my darling

I have a place for you, called my home

Once you enter it , nobody can take you away

All the wishful nights that we have not written

With our heartbeats yet , are waiting for us in that home

And , yes far in future I can see a girl belonging to another century

Writing our story, in a language not known to the world .

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Sep, 29,2022.

Our Sacred Paradise

Doubts don’t make you beautiful my darling , if you know

They only take away light from your eyes and color from your cheeks

We need lions’ hearts and wolves ‘ blood in our kind of love

I can fix your pale face and make your eyes sparkle again, for sure

Don’t you see how bright the moonlight shines on us

How can you forget the sun rises for both of us

At every sunset I can hear your ocean eyes whisper my name , my darling

Let the tides ebb away and let’s claim our paradise again

Our Sacred Paradise where , we would not let the devil tread between us

The devil has taken you far into a world of Oblivion

Where you don’t recognize yourself anymore

There is no another of you and there is no another of me

My destiny with you is as bright as my hope and trust in us

I have not broken the pen, since I wrote my oath with you , my darling

The ink is bright and wet even now ,like our shiny lips and moist eyes

Image from pexels .com

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday , Sep, 20, 2022.

Title : Our Immortal Souls

I loved you in more ways than I could comprehend myself

With you I lived immortal and too perfect moments

The moments that existed like centuries

A life better than one thousand years

The love faerie had been the most free and the wildest for us

I wish every soul goes through that precious journey of losing itself

For us the travel and the destination had the same meaning

Didn’t it start like a joke ? Darling

I wondered why you were alone

You told me to be careful

as we both were falling for each other

You knew me more than I knew myself

Until one day my heart refused to beat without you

You told me my text caused your heart skip a beat

And I wondered why ?

Is all love that naive ? Darling

Then our love stood on a cloud for all to watch

We defied all the traditions of race , religions and ethnicity

Love has nothing to do with them

I was not a damsel in distress and you were not a knight in an armour

Yet we both , saved each other

Our immortal souls had been in love for time unknown

Poem by :Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday, Sep, 13, 2022

Title ; No Goodbye

I promise that I would try to live without you , from today

It took me sometime to come to terms with your sudden departure

Please , I do promise

I know , you may not come very soon

And I promise that I would not cry again

I do listen to you darling ,

And I understand why this has happened to us

When my heart will fall into abyss next time

I will not have your shoulder to cry

Though I try to meditate each day , but what I hear is only your voice

Narrating our story of the time gone by

Nevertheless ,I already know about it

Perhaps , we will never make our future together

Perhaps ,that’s why I only hear the echoes from our past

And I promise to sleep alone without you

For I know you also sleep alone

I will eat our favorite food alone every day

And I know you will recall me, when you would do the same

Today I read your Valentine’s day poem for me

And I looked at that meditating portrait you painted of me ,years back

When the life will hit me hard again

I will find peace in looking at our old photographs

It will again work for me ,as it has always worked

I would never say goodbye , darling !

Because in my life there is only welcome to you .

Poem by ; Ruqia Ismat

Sun, Sep 11 , 2022.

Two words

Title ; Two Words

Sat, Sep 10, 2022

The sweat on your brow brightens up your rosy face

While pearls of sweat adorn your skin more and more

I am left in an awe of your loveliness

As you fix the horseshoes in your stable

You do not notice my presence there

The stream of sweat reflects rainbow colors

And each color melts my heart

This sweat as fresh as a mountain spring

Washes away all the dirt from my soul

Then I find you singing ,an ancient sailor’s song

Your delightful voice blows away my mind

While I still stand there watching you

You look up and call my name out

That joyful dream quickly breaks

And I can say only two words ” My Darling ”

Poem by Ruqia Ismat