What a lovely cow I have

She is sporty and naive

Her dear name is Molly

Why does mama calls her jolly?

Her squishy tail is way too long

But legs are short and strong

She dozes and yawns

Then sleeps at dawns

My cats are frightened by her “Moo “

Molly says ” send them to a zoo”

She gets mad and speaks louder

Poor cats shriek and meow harder

She then chases all my little chicks

Butts them with her head and strikes with a horn

My dog wonders, why was Molly even born

When it’s time for her grub

Plenty she wants also with a rub

Then she tries to squat and bow

She forgets that she is a cow

Her best friends are squirrels

With whom she dances and twirls

People who assume her vain and naughty

I call them sure shot haughty

When Molly gets furious at her shadow

She dashes blindly and stops at a meadow

Whoever has a life simple and bland

Must buy a cow and withstand

Sunday, August 14 th, 2022

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Nyla Spends an Afternoon with a Gorilla

Nyla and Karem were visiting their aunt Nudrat in the provincial capital. Nyla was happy to spend some days in that big city. Each day both husband and wife visited some new place. They wanted to enjoy and create beautiful memories together. Their Aunt guided them for what places were worth visiting. Nyla got excited to meet all her animal long lost relatives at one place. For her, it was like going to a wedding party where she always met a great diversity of people, that otherwise was not possible. All was going well until they reached the zoo.

Nyla Discovers Herself

Since Aunt Nudrat had suggested the zoo. Nyla geared up with long eared crochet cap with a bunny face, and leopard print pants and a handbag with a cat’s tail. She was looking damn cute. Aunt Nudrat could not be always be right when it comes to the after math of things with Nyla. Nyla discovered the hidden corners of her heart and mind in the zoo. She loved all animals but she especially felt connected with a gorilla. Though the gorilla still remained a gorilla but Nyla was an altered person when the zoo visit ended. She happened to gain the knowledge about the animals.  Similarly, the animals provided her an insight about herself. Let us see what happened with Nyla in the Zoo.  

What Happened at the Zoo?

 There were more visitors in the zoo than usual. It was a weekend. Nyla was now like Alice in the wonderland. She felt the animals were cared well. At some points she even felt the animals were lucky to have that easy life. It was all on surface. That they were enjoying a good life. All of them looked healthy too.  Nyla came face to face what changed her mind and showed her the reality of her own kind.  She did not even mind them being locked in, living at an artificially created natural habitat. Would Nyla love that for herself? Would she exchange her free life with an artificial so-called easy life? Nyla felt, perhaps, humanity had already created a big zoo for themselves, replacing every natural thing with another synthetic one.

Nyla was Metamorphosing Unexpectedly, for Some Reason She Felt Stupid

 After having enough good time with lovely animals at the zoo, Nyla felt animals had made her day wonderful. But then, her mind rebelled and it was out of control. She had to let it go for a while. Her conscience started hurting, she tried to ignore. She did not want to ruin good time. She thought that she was over thinking about the zoo animals. But then she gave up and unleashed her uncontrollable thoughts, reasoning and emotions.  Suddenly a thought popped in that animals did not belong to the zoo. Neither did they deserve captivity and imprisonment.

Nyla Tried to Replace Painful Thoughts with Ice Cream

 Nyla knew it was time to sooth her disturbed mind. Whenever she felt hurt, she needed her lovely ice cream to embalm her mind. She pushed aside her thoughts but then she had to give up. She told Karem that she needed an ice cream immediately. Karem knew it was an emergency. Then came a rushing thought to Nyla ‘’ animals do have their natural habitat’’ Nyla told Karem she needed a bigger cup now.   Then came another fortified thought ‘animals do have feelings and intelligence ‘’ Nyla said please, karem hurry up I need my favorite peach flavored big cup now. Her mind froze and she needed to thaw it. ‘’ She fought with it by thinking that tomorrow she would do some shopping. Then came the last raging thought ‘’why animals were even there just because human think they are smarter than animals.’’ Nyla felt helpless at the thought that had perhaps ruined a lovely day. Then karem left to complete her sweet mission.  

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What Was Happening to Nyla?

Nyla started wondering that would she ever be a normal human being, like a regular one, like others. why was it necessary that she was always different from others? and being different deprived her from certain ease with life. Anyway, Nyla came back to the present world around her when some little boy started laughing at a paraquets flutter. Nyla also smiled and she felt at peace. She felt that she was really over thinking about the zoo animals. Who knows maybe they are happier than us -humans at our homes?  They were having food and shelter and even meds without any effort on their part. Are we all happy? or do all of us even have homes? That was the question that made her more thoughtful. Happiness never comes easy. One thing was certain only in that whole world of uncertainty.  Nyla knew she was a different person, not the same who had entered the zoo few minutes ago.

The last Cage and The Smart Animal

While karem was away, Nyla decided to spend some time with the last animal in the last cage. The cage was one of the biggest in the zoo and there sat a big gorilla. Karem got late, so Nyla happened to spend more time than expected. Nyla could have nice time observing that gorilla, who had so much common with us. She decided to have an interview of the inmate.

Did He fail to Qualify Only with Few Points?

Nyla got closer to the cage of that gorgeous gorilla. As soon as she sat down, she saw the things about the gorilla, she did not observe before. The animal was more like us than she actually knew. She felt that she had insulted the gorilla in her mind’s corner. After all being a human being comes with much advanced degree of evolution. The gorilla seemed to achieve most of it, though not all of it.   She knew the poor animal was having hard time. Not happy at all. He had no network of communication with his own kind. A boring life without any smart gadget, maybe sad or frustrated, he was.  She sat there for quite some time but the gorilla never once looked at her. She had to start the conversation herself. This conversation can be called an interview.                                             

Nyla: How are you?

Gorilla; How do I look to you?

Nyla; You don’t look happy.

Gorilla; Do I have an option?  How the hell you can even think that?

Nyla; I am excited to see you

Gorilla; I don’t think it is a question. But I am sick of looking at hundreds of bald faces every day.

Nyla; Why don’t you look at me.

Gorilla; Because you are one of them.

Nyla; one of who?

Gorilla; Do not play innocent, you know exactly what I mean. What a disgusting life I have just to amuse the noisy crowds every day.

Nyla; You see! children they are cheered up and excited when they look at you. You are doing a service.

Gorilla. ok, then would you take my place only for a day?

Nyla shivered at this answer, she tried to compose herself and posed another question.

Nyla; I think even then children love you. They want to see you here not me.

Gorilla; What? Children did not lock me here. Also keep your peas into their pods. They are the best among you. If they know, what you know about me, they would send me back to where I belong.

Nyla; well, now you belong here, don’t you?

Gorilla; I wonder who sent you here? Don’t they have more competent person than you?

Nyla ignored this question and asked.  Don’t you think, only if you had tried a bit more, you just missed few points for becoming like us. This fact makes me sad when I look at you.  

Gorilla. I think, you have lost your mind, also I have no desire to be like any of you. The darkest of the hearts you have.  We never build cages. We never even thought about it. We would not wish to bring this hell of imprisonment even to the worst of our enemies.

Nyla; What about me? What do you think about me? Who I am?

Nyla was now losing patience with him.

Gorilla. Yes, you can say anything when you are on the other side of the cage. what do you think who you are? If you don’t know the reality, I tell you. Your kind thinks the whole animal world is made for their exploitation. Just because you have few more ounces of bigger brains.

Nyla; Sorry to offend you, let’s move ahead. Next question. Did you have a family?

Gorilla; Ask your mom, she knows better!

Nyla; So, you never really wanted that you were not gorilla or you were a human?

Gorilla. Did you ever want to be someone other than human? I think that is the answer to your question.

Nyla; No, that is not an answer, I would let go my question.

Gorilla.  I would never wish to lock you, no. Not, for the life of me I would ever bring that pain to any single soul and place it into eternal imprisonment. You imprison your people who do worst of crimes. when it comes to the most innocent creatures like me, you just reverse your laws.

Nyla; wow, look at you, you have lovely hands. (Suddenly Nyla caught sight of gorilla, s hands.)

Gorilla; Useless, useless.

Nyla; What is useless?

Gorilla. Useless what you said. Beautiful are the hands that climb the trees in the wilderness, not those that get pampered in the saloons. Think about what your civilization is further making you. (Hahaha)

Nyla. I am so glad you laughed. I can suppose that you felt the joy.

Gorilla. No, my laugh is like a rain that does not cool down the hot weather.

Nyla; well, I still wish you were human like me.

Gorilla. Why don’t you get over this silly thought?  I never wish that, why can’t you just accept me as I am. I think the old man Darwin spoiled your mind.

Nyla. I think being human is better than being a gorilla.

Gorilla. only in your stupid mind. You people are criminal and hypocrite.  You make one rule for your kind and another for the rest of the life on earth. You know what is worst about you? you still are not sure that all humans are one race. (hahahahaha)

Nyla. you are laughing again.

Gorilla; Yes, at your stupidity, and you thought you can interview me, just your pride. I am better than you and I think I have reversed it at you. Now you know more about yourself.

Nyla felt humiliated. The gorilla had touched her conscience. Though never once he looked at her. She just threw the last question.

Nyla; Can we both be friends?

Gorilla. Yes, only on the same side, decide yourself. We can’t be friends if there is lock between us, and you know that well.

Nyla desperately wanted to unlock the gorilla but she did not know how. Just then Karem appeared, holding ice creams.  Nyla wished to exchange Karem with gorilla but this silly thought made her smile. Karem found her smiling in the air and that was very suspicious for him.

Nyla Wanted a Better World

Nyla wanted all the people of the world, all life on the planet on the same side. She wished to make the earth a heaven for everyone, just the way it was million years ago. Who knows, some day we would be able to do that or, there will be no advance life on earth. Maybe some only bacteria would be living and feeding on some primitive left-over life.

What Made Nyla Cry?

Nyla felt sad and few precious pearls rolled down her cheeks. Karem had no doubt that Nyla needed the next trip to a psychiatrist. His feet froze to the ground and all the ice cream started melting. ’Are you ok? Karem asked and he forgot the ice cream. ‘’What happened?  Look at you,’’ Nyla said aloud.  Karem got back from his thoughts and felt so stupid. The ice cream was dripping.

 The other side

Nyla asked herself ‘’Are not we too sensitive?  Even to our stupid thoughts, and we believe and judge ourselves over small things. And when it comes to animals, we reverse everything and turn out insensitive. Then we place them’’ on the other side ‘’ 

Happy Sunday my dear kind fellows . God bless you forever. 🙏😁😃

My cat Ambrie waiting for body rub. He clenched his fists with the anticipation of it . He lifted his head twice and said “mew” what are you waiting for ? 😁🙏😃😁😍

In the Wilderness with Charles Darwin

Last Monday I decide to meet Charles Darwin once for all. Somebody told me that he was studying and researching under a huge tree in the wilderness. Google map helped me finding his location.  Since he left so much chaos behind him through his theory of evolution, he did not have time to organize what he scattered.  We have been devastated by his demolition of ancient biological order among humanity.

 What was he up to?

 I could not trust that man. Maybe he was searching again to discover, something bigger than evolution theory, that could prove another blow to humanity. I told him that his theory brought disgrace to humanity. His breaking news broke many fragile hearts. We are still gluing shattered hearts. Religious hearts are more broken than the others.

Some hearts are more hurt than others

Although it all happened long time ago, we have not yet recovered.  As a consequence, we are in doubt about our origin.  Elders were already trying very hard to make young ones religious and fear God.  Darwin ‘you proved to be a pied piper and tried to seduce thinking minds.  I have honestly suggested to some people to accept your theory. Better to be heartbroken than to be mined broken. I have come to you to place my complaints here.

The humanity has always been accused of not trying enough to rise to grace. Now it is lying flat on grass. Nobody is trying to be human again. The heavy weight baboons are sitting on humanity. We have decided that humanity deserves some reinforcement from you. A theory is just a theory. Eventually, I am here to talk to you on the behalf of others. Following are the consequences of your scientific efforts.

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People are Angry with God

Your theory set fire to the hearts of people. They lost self-esteem. Before you, they were proud of humanity but now, they feel contaminated and ashamed. Is not that enough? Some people even said that you have been responsible for their frail relationship with God. First, they were sad for being expelled from heaven, now they are mad too.  Obviously being sad was better than being mad.

Some People are more Monkeys than the Monkeys Themselves

Yes, lot of people are using hair removing creams. The market shelves are over flowing with hair removing stuff, wax, tweezers, creams, electric hair removers etc., Even some clinics are offering laser therapies to help evolution move ahead. They don’t want to have anything to do with monkeys. Though some are more monkeys than monkeys themselves. Any resemblance with monkeys puts them off. The person who is hairier instantly comes under suspicion.

Some Even avoid eating Banana in the Public

Yes true, one of my cousins took it to her heart, she stopped eating bananas. People are avoiding eating bananas in public. Especially if someone has big jaw, he or she eats bananas at home.

People have lost interest in Heaven

I met some people who told me that they lost interest in heaven because they absolutely believe, there is no remote chance of monkeys going to  heaven. So, they are not working on their heavenly project any more.

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I can’t die with human grace

I had a complete plan of dying with human grace. You have destroyed it. There are others whose burials plans have been disturbed. They think nobody can’t die with human grace. Humanity was something they always took pride in. Now, all because of your theory this has happened.

People are not doing any effort to be human again

People have stopped trying to be better in humanity.  Some even lost interest in their own species. Some are afraid that what if aliens also discover their true origin. So why did not you keep it secret at the first place?  

Some are even apprehensive to leave the wilderness

Only because of your discovery, both monkeys and humans are running away from each other. There is lesser acceptance between the two. Humans hate their past and monkeys are afraid of their future.  Monkeys are scared and they have decided to live forever in the wilderness. They do not want to be human. they know the consequences. Especially, they will lose their happiness of life. Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, suicide all human diseases are scaring them.  All animals are happy except humans. Now it is clear like a day light.

Science and religion will clash until eternity

This debate and tug of war between science and religion will go on and on. There seems no common ground between them. Though some believe there is. But you started this clash  at the first place . We are already sick of wars. You introduced new war.

Some are going back to live off grid

Some humans felt it is useless to be human or live in cities and pay taxes. They are planning to go back to wilderness and mend their broken relation with nature. They are sure nature will provide them with everything.  They are going off grid and eat, sleep walk and run with nature. They will face hard life and fall ill, also because of you.

Cracking the code

Recently, maybe last December a scientist discovered a code on the DNA of a baby born in Himalaya region. The baby looked very unique. They checked his DNA. They found strange code. After working whole year, they were successful in cracking the code apparently. One scientist said “it read “Darwin is right’ the other scientist said No, the code read” Darwin is Tight”.

 The debate is on R or T. Others cannot even interpret what does the word tight mean. The word tight has different meanings in different versions of English. The code solved nothing.

 There is again an endless debate on it. The third party of scientists called both of them pseudo-scientists who have lot of money to waste on fake research. So, they want to establish their superiority on the world.  

How many human species and tertiary races?

It is a big mess now. First theory of evolution and then discovery of so many human or humanoid people. And then the outer shell of all these different races. They are trying to annihilate each other. Though such people get guidance neither from science nor religion.  There is again no consensus on’ who should abolish who’.  Until the fog clears, we will see who survives.

Nyla Goes to A Wedding Party

Finally, a friend had invited Nyla to attend her sister’s wedding.  Since her childhood, Nyla was fond of   attending the weddings. At age 9 she used to attend all the weddings in the neighborhood, even when she was not invited. If somebody uttered the word ‘wedding, she felt a spring in her foot and song on her lips. She wanted to be the best bride in the world since ages but her mother told her that young girls don’t marry. Then and there she promised to herself to marry many times in her life to be bride again and again. Well, now she was married but she had worn only once that pretty wedding gown. What about those new age sleek and bright gowns, she would swoon on them over and over again!

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Nyla Gets Ready For the wedding

The moment she was going to prepare breakfast she decided to reply her friend that she was coming to the wedding.  She pushed her wavy hair aside from getting into her eyes, and read the invitation text loudly once more. Was she dreaming? No, it was broad day.  After batting her eyes in the air, she decided to finish her chores quickly. After all somebody had invited her to wedding.  She felt herself the happiest and the luckiest person on earth.

The Man in the house

She wasted half an hour about thinking what to wear for the wedding.  Suddenly her husband called her ‘’ Nyla! where is the breakfast? ‘Nyla thought she knew this voice, some familiar voice, like the one she knew since eternity. She started to press her soft grey matter in the head. Wow, she could recall, she was a married woman and this was her husband’s voice. Oh, my goodness. Nyla felt she got married again to the same person. Every time her husband uttered her name “Nyla” she felt ‘married’.

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The Husband joke -Believe or not to Believe?  

 Thinking about her husband lead her to a stupid husband joke that a colleague told her the other day. She told Nyla ‘Wise Husbands gush on other people’s wives but they are smart enough to always love their own children the best’’. She was thinking whether she should believe that joke? Was that even true?  Is her husband going to gush over the wives of other people on that wedding party?  Does her husband fit in that box provided by her colleague?

Her Husband and Cupcakes

Obviously, her husband had put on 10 kg weight since they got married. She felt guilty for she was responsible for baking religiously, at every weekend. Consuming those sweet puffy cupcakes increased her husband’s weight. Wedding, cupcakes, women, children and curvy husband what a strange list. She placed everything back on their relative’ places in her brain and got ready. She really wanted to enjoy wedding part and look her best too.  Nobody ever knows what could happen in her smart noggin.

The Fatter, the Better

She felt with the increased weight of her husband was going to pay her back. It was not all bad consequence of her baking. There was something so relieving. What was that? Yes, now she discovered quickly. Her husband turned out less attractive to other women. So, she was relatively in the safer bubble of her romantically attractive and philosophically boring married life. But her conscience started tugging her again, for being responsible for the weight gain of her hubby. She tried to convince her troubled mind that her mother-in-law was more responsible for the curves of her husband. She always told Nyla proudly.’ Listen Karem was born chubby. Period.

That pretty little girl

 Then there she found a little pretty girl tugging her “listen, listen “Nyla instantly wished that she had a daughter like that pretty little girl standing next to her in the kitchen.  The girl spoke and her voice seemed coming from moon “Mom, are you again daydreaming? At this, Nyla sighed with relief and returned to her real world. Suddenly she got an idea, why not her daughter should also accompany her to the wedding.

 Honey we are going to a wedding !

Nyla said to her daughter enthusiastically “Honey we are going to the wedding today “At this her daughter said “We? What do you mean?  only you are going to a wedding, you know I don’t like weddings, and I am spending my weekend at home playing with my new toys. You can ask Dad to go with you. “Nyla felt humiliated but quickly shrugged off dust of humiliation from her shoulders. She could only utter slowly “ok. Then she started singing loudly to regain her confidence in herself. She always needed a particular song to sing when she felt her confidence leaving to the Mars.

Nyla and the letter “H”

 For the wedding, Nyla wore her mauve colored culotte and blouse. She looked into the mirror and tried hard to hide her tummy that looked like the middle bar of the letter “H’. she appreciated her dress and felt like the queen of ottoman empire. After curling her hair and doing her makeover, she decides to talk to her husband to accompany her too. She glanced into the mirror and appreciated her plump pouty lips and broad eyebrows. After spending an hour on getting ready, she could look pretty much a peacock beauty with two tails.

No, Sultan I am Karem!

As soon as Karem agreed to accompany her to the wedding, Nyla suggested her husband to wear shimmery waist coat to look like an Ottoman Sultan. No doubt, she wanted to leave an unforgettable regal impression on her friends. Karem refused her suggestion of wearing shimmery waist coat. He said, “let me stay Karem only”. Nyla immediately felt her mistake of making her husband Ottoman Sultan because with, him’ may come the ‘harem”. The two words slipped from her mouth were “oh, God” Karem asked her what did she mean?  Nyla shivered at her thoughts and said “Nothing, I was only daydreaming about regal nights”  

They Arrive at the Wedding

Finally, the couple arrived at the wedding place. Nyla’s husband noticed that she had forgotten to change her shoes. She was wearing the flat slippers; she usually wore at home. He decides not to tell her to save her from embarrassment. Also, it was not possible for her to change her shoes by then. But unfortunately, Nyla discovered her flat brown slippers when she stood up to dance. She immediately sat back.

image by pexels

Taking Selfies and Failing in History Exam

The wedding party was about to end and Nyla had not taken enough of her selfies. She got busy in taking selfies and then she heard her name. “Nyla is that really you?  I can’t believe my eyes. how could I know we would meet here?” Nyla looked above her phone and there stood there! tall and sleek woman, Mahnoor !!she could never forget that face, not in million years. That was her school friend, 20 years back, who kept her nagging in 8th grade for failing in history exam. Back then Mahnoor said “Nyla, I can’t believe you failed in history exam, and you are the only student in the whole class to fail? Did Mahnoor still remember that incident? Nyla faked a wide smile but she was not sure. She pretended to be over joyed – that seemed so wrong in her mind. Obviously that sudden meeting had spoiled her joy.

Ice Cream Mends Nyla’s broken heart

Going back home Nyla asked her husband to stop at her favorite ice cream parlor. She knew only ice cream could set everything right for her. Nyla needed to forget how and why she failed in history exam 20 years back.  Many problems had one solution in her life, the ice cream!  Karem wanted to remind her that she had eaten enough at the wedding.  But he knew only ice cream would make the home environment normal again.