You are!

You are the song of my heart

Yes, you are!

You are the smile of the rainbow

You are!

You are the verse of my poem

As you are!

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You are the radiance of the sun

You are!

Your silence speaks thousand words

Yes, only I listen.

Your presence is the charm

My eyes long for.

Your land is the only one

My thoughts wander around

You are the glorious destiny

My heart prays for!

Your love is the simple skill

My heart knows well

Your touch is the sensation

I want to ever recall

Your whispers heal my heart

It has no scar

My life is fascinating

And you are never far.

Poem by Ruqia Ismat. July 3, 2022.

Your Loving Daughter Forever

Today I soar higher

And I soar higher!

Escaping to the place

More welcoming and sacred

Than your heaven on earth

My heart is numb

And I can, neither feel love

Nor hate!

For my heart is weary

Of both.

Your smile could make me stay

But you chose to break me away

Today you can call me

A melted rainbow

 A dead butterfly

Or a forgotten song

You are free to call me

Honey, sweet daughter, darling angel

Mom and dad

I am going to a place

Where I came from

My stay was short

I had dropped in to say , Hello

Neither your pleadings

Nor your regrets

Would bring me back

This piece of steel will set me free

And close the door of your hell

 With a bang.

Don’t rush when you hear it.

I guess, I am the problem

You are just two shadows

Lingering your days together

The victims and the abusers

Why call it a family

You would do better

When I am gone

I am your extra rib

The cause of your pain

My departure will make

You wiser and a better couple

The demon needs my blood

To set us free

My take off will make you

Know and love me better.

Note : A fourteen years old girl apparently ,killed herself ,in a village recently . I wrote this poem to imitate her mind only.

When Truth Begs for a Refuge                                                                   

Oh God! Why do I cry?

Would you even reply?

Would you come down to me? only once!

Hold my hand, and tell me

The fault does not lie with me

The fault lies with our manmade world

We built it the wrong way

And now we do not fit apiece

Why do I fail or do I even fail?

Is there anything like failure?

Though failures also accomplish something

In your big program, we have no say!

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Is there anything like destiny?

Or the journey is the whole thing?

I find both of them crying

 the offender and the victim

we suffer for the sins,

 we do not even commit

I see lie thriving and truth begging for refuge

The lie has claimed a sovereignty

The truth licks the dust and

 Waits for its conviction.  

 Abducted to Heaven

Quiet, holy and melancholic

Was the air

Wrapped in shroud rested that angel

With a trembling heart, I beheld her

The lifeless and bruised lips muffled

See! I am that cheeky girl

I frightened your cats away

See! I lived amongst you

For quite a brief interval

Yes, I annoyed people with one thing

Or the other

I was the clown, I was the monster

I could alarm both pigeon and rooster

Why the screams you are keeping?

The hearts are sinking and eyes are weeping

I was the lamb in wolf’s clothing

Look! I had Only 7 summers to play

 My friends will go to school

 without delay

No more running barefoot, no more swearing  

No more fights and no more yelling,

Listen dear girl

The truth is we have forgotten to sleep,

 dine or even smiling feels cheap

We do not know how to console

Your grieving mother

You left a space that nobody can take

 Your little friends at the funeral

Can not grasp

That you took a giant leap

From life to death

It is not hide and seek


You have been abducted to heaven

Note : Last Wednesday, April 20th,2022 unfortunately a 7 years old girl died accidently . She died of electric shock and burns by some home appliance . Her sudden death has shocked us all . This sad poem I have written about her .

The fruit of our hearts

Oh , baby , so sweet baby

waiting ! just waiting for you

since ages

Midnight prayers , filled with tears and sighs

Never ending hopes against all odds

Yes, you are the miracle baby

Our sweet sunshine ,and our precious prize

Fruit of our lovely yearnings

Right through so many hearts of us

Still tiny , in another world of nature

You don’t know us yet

But we know you pretty well ,

Precious evening talks , and our beaming faces

He must have dresses with buttons and pockets

Don’t forget to buy cotton socks

And your granny suggests a white swaddle

Things so small , yet so huge

For ages , we have been waiting for you.

Note : This poem I wrote for my sister’s pregnancy and all odds she has faced to carry this precious baby .We as a family are waiting for the baby soon get to be delivered .

The Mango Tree

With love she looks at the mango tree

her eyes shine, every time she sprinkles water

an old woman with the heart of a little girl

who misses her parents and the old village home

only if she could turn the clock back

she longs for the life ,she had with Amma and Babu ji

that was the only time she did not know

the heartache or the mortality

then she dreamt of a forever life

playing in the garden ,around the mango trees

while many have left her , Amman, babu ji

and some of her siblings

but she can still plant the mango trees

whenever and wherever she wants

image by pexels

so much has changed but mango trees are the same

I know her precious and sweet secret

while she does not know that I know

She told me today that she wants the mango tree

the best in shape and bear fruits

It is her dearest tree among others.

You and Me

Image by pexels

Go away, back off turn around

You think it is funny, but have no ground

You may leave , if it does not look sound

Yes, my brush is brighter than my spoon

Shut your mouth , don’t spit at the moon

I am lovely human , not Darwin’s baboon

Yes , my pigments are prettier than my words

I am painting flowers , these are not birds

Oh , you tell me I do not look good in blue

Mind your silly business , and stop being glue

Today I am furious, not at my best

listen, you are no more my guest

Show me your back , and flee my nest

Stop this dance , do not beat your chest

What? you tell me I do not have good taste in cooking ?

If nothing satisfies you , would you stop looking ?

Hey, you must admire and love my stroke

Does not matter if I am rich or a broke

This is serious art and not any joke

Stop trying to mold me or poke

You are hurting my poor head now

Mark it! laugh or cry I would not bow

I am precious beauty , you call me a cow

So many lies , what a silly reception

We both need to end this deception

Cruel and painful was this eruption

We are now strangers ,I must not lie

Let us make a peace and say goodbye !

Poem by Ruqia Ismat .

Image by Alex Green on pexels