My Angel , My Man

My angel ,the beautiful bliss of my eternal soul

Your immense light makes my shattered heart a whole

When you embrace me with your silvery wings

The sacred bell of peace in my heart rings

A heavenly ecstasy makes a way from your heart to mine

Instantly, we both climb to cloud nine

On the altar of love ,my prayers weave a wreath

Time stands still and spirits stop to breath

The rising sun is jealous of your luminosity

Does not know , you are an angel, not a deity

The moment ,our longing hands touch each other

Inside our veins, a mighty storm starts to gather

You occupy a special chamber of my heart always

Our nights are starry, and glorious are the days

Tell me ,my lovely darling , why does an angel like you need an armour?

What makes you sad ? What brings you to a corner ?

There will be an end to your heart wrenching suffering

You make me proud when you stand tall and refuse a bending

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

November 8th, 2022

The Girls From My Village

Robust , pretty and with long curls

My village has such amazing girls

Their hearts are shiny and clear like mountain streams

They work hard to achieve their dreams

They tend goats , sheep and cows every day

Certainly , they keep the laziness at a bay

When they drink hot milk in big mugs

Their cats get close and give them tugs

The girls enjoy swings high on mango trees

Sun kisses their faces and so does breeze

When they wash their sturdy cows with the big hose

The favorite calf nods his head and gets close

With so many talents , even good at their studies

These girls keep their promises and die for their buddies

Mothers take pride in the cooking of their daughters

Each morning they fix breakfast for their fathers

Then they get applaud from their brothers

To get the blessings , girls prepare hookahs for the grandfathers

Swimming in the stream nearby is their play time

When they walk, the bells of their anklets do chime

The homes burst with fun, humour and laughters

For those ,who have such loving daughters

If there is a wedding their dance charms the crowd

Friends keep smiling and fathers feel proud

Their hearts so simple , a sad movie can make them cry

The next moment they would be laughing and tears would dry

Such lovely , intelligent, bright and kind

These girls are richly blessed with gifts of mind

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Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday , Oct, 18 ,2022.

These are my relative girls from our ancestral Village . All daughters of my cousins

Our Sacred Paradise

Doubts don’t make you beautiful my darling , if you know

They only take away light from your eyes and color from your cheeks

We need lions’ hearts and wolves ‘ blood in our kind of love

I can fix your pale face and make your eyes sparkle again, for sure

Don’t you see how bright the moonlight shines on us

How can you forget the sun rises for both of us

At every sunset I can hear your ocean eyes whisper my name , my darling

Let the tides ebb away and let’s claim our paradise again

Our Sacred Paradise where , we would not let the devil tread between us

The devil has taken you far into a world of Oblivion

Where you don’t recognize yourself anymore

There is no another of you and there is no another of me

My destiny with you is as bright as my hope and trust in us

I have not broken the pen, since I wrote my oath with you , my darling

The ink is bright and wet even now ,like our shiny lips and moist eyes

Image from pexels .com

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday , Sep, 20, 2022.

This Mauve Morning

This mauve morning pretty like a butterfly

Lacks your color in it

The morning breeze knocked at my window

But I did not open for it , for you are not here

Your morning smile and fragrance are just a memory now

Without you though life goes on but I don’t wear red dress and braids anymore

The sunrises are so sneaky when there is no wait for you on the breakfast table

“Without you I would die ” was the most talked about phrase between us

Darling , we both survived it

I just stopped painting flowers and birds

All the mauve mornings and pink days go without you

I wonder if you know how does it feel when nobody asks ” How was your day , darling ? ”

For sure you know there can be nobody other than you

When I spend the days and nights without “our kind of time ”

The days are longer and nights stare at me .

Poem by; Ruqia Ismat

The, Aug 30 , 2022

Skip , The Rope

Skip , skip , skip the rope

Skip it harder than before

Let’s take turns and call others

We love the crowd that always gathers

Skip the rope on single leg now

Keep hopping until the break is over

Also watch, when the bell rings

If you join us, you would get wings

Wish if Ma’am Rana could find

What a joy is the final grind ?

She is busy making worksheets

We can’t ignore the joy of beats

Always bent upon to make us greats

She forgets , we are her cheeky brats

Who love the thrill of stealing time

If she had ever done , she could know

Then listening to Ma’am Saba’s scold

We are brave enough and that bold

How time passes and who rings the bell?

We want a few more turns , what the hell ?

Is that a mistake or the break is over ?

Can not anyone do us a favor ?

Let’s stop and have a run

Tomorrow will be another day of fun .

Poem by : Ruqia Ismat

Mon, Aug29 , 2022

Note . I have thoroughly enjoyed all stages of my life . My school time got extended . How , first I was a student . Then came a time when I was on the other side , a teacher . Yes , it was a different experience than being a student but in a way I relived my childhood . I am sure there are people who can relate to that . 😁🙏😃

The Night You Left Me

The night you left me, will be part of my whole being forever

The moment you turned your back on me

The moon went away to hide

The hour you stepped out of my home , I met my old self

The time you turned into total stranger saying ” I don’t know you anymore

I embraced the best friend in me

In a series of painful changes

I welcomed my metamorphosis

God came down to hug me’

when you broke the most sacred bond between us

The hour you declared me as nobody

And left me staggering on my heavy feet

I found my invincible heart and unwavering faith in myself

Poem; by Ruqia Ismat

Sunday , Aug 28, 2022

More Than Friends

Don’t you tell me that

We are just friends

Instead , we are more than friends

It is pretty obvious like daylight

Would you stop the daylight to enter

Your home ?

And don’t you run from

yourself , darling

Because I don’t either !

Is this not such a blessing

To be more than friends ?

What are you afraid of ?

Why do you even need to hide ?

There is only one answer to the above

Accept the truth of your heart and

Make peace with it

We have been more than sweet friends .

Poem by ; Ruqia Ismat

Sunday ,August 21. 2022 .

When Your Bed Was Mine Too

I wonder at the time

When your bed was mine too

Today I can’t even relate to that feeling

Of possession

My heart is utterly numb

It was even exciting back then

Whether to have cotton covers

Or the silky ones

What colors looked best , masculine or

The faminine?

Do even colors have genders ?

Can’t agree on this now .

Perhaps , we were just children and an odd feeling surrounds me

Though I know exactly that we were not

When your bed was mine too !

What side to choose , even that

Was a question

Why was that even important ? does not occur to me now

When your bed was mine too !

Now I see two people talking about things

On that bed I can’t even relate

That bed has disappeared

Between the two of us ,forever

And we both are perfectly ok with that

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

August 20’2022

I think you people don’t mind my cartoon here 🙂🙏

The Heartbreak

”You can love me only if

you can take the heartbreak

He said with such a faithful voice

”Then what is the point of all of it

What do you choose now ?

I wish it was not true

Can we change the rules of life ? ;;”

”We cant live well enough

If we carry fearful hearts and if

Love is destined for a heartbreak

You and I are not to blame

Darling , don’t fear to love me ”

I assured him

”Instead , fear not to love ,

it is not prudent to stop

living today

for an impending death tomorrow

They were so afraid to trespass

that they stopped loving life

What is forgiveness then ?

We can never be perfect

We need to move onward

before we are no longer

you and I ”

Note . poem by Ruqia Ismat

Fri, Aug 12, 2022.