What about the apples of my cheeks and my aging skin?

Aging is a natural process. With old age come wrinkles, loose, dry and thin skin.   We all get noticeable lines on our face. Not just natural aging but our environment can cause our skin to age early. With all this being said we don’t have to worry too much for the loss of our beauty in this fairly short life. We can get back some of our good looks with certain medical treatments. Is not that awesome to steal more youth from nature? Before the mirror tells us sad story of our beauty gone too far. let’s find what the new age has in store  for us. We have some popular nonsurgical facelift choices. After all face is our unique identity. One by one I am going to discuss these anti-aging procedures.   

Laser skin resurfacing

This procedure can even out fine lines and wrinkles. It can correct age spots, deep acne scars and skin discoloration. Even this technique improves the tone and quality of the aging skin.  

Renuvion .

       Renuvion constricts slack skin and subdermal tissues with radiofrequency energy and helium plasma. In this method the skin tissues are heated to the optimal temperature for contraction while upholding patient safety and comfort. Also renuvion’s RF(radio frequency) energy stimulates collagen production deep within the skin for firmer, young – looking skin. renuvion can be applied to the brow, lower cheeks, jawline, neck, and eye area for full facial tightening.

Image by pexels

Ultherapy for skin Rejuvenation

  Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to tighten deep layers of skin and the muscle in the face and neck. It works by starting neo callogenesis that activates the body to restore collagen proteins for healthy and new skin growth. 

RF micro needling:

Tiny needles are applied to shallow layers of skin to create very minute injuries which prompt the skin to heal itself. Combined with Radio frequency micro needling takes it a step further by   heating the deep dermis to stimulate new collagen and elastin fiber. The result is pretty evident tighter, smoother skin. The effect  continues to improve for many months following your treatment

Dermal fillers or skin fillers

Injectable fillers continue as one of the most popular nonsurgical options for facial rejuvenation. They have helped patients turn back the hands of time for decades .They are gel like substances that eliminate wrinkles. Fillers are strategically injected under the skin to swap lost volume in the cheeks, temples, lips, under- eyes, and nasolabial folds. Fillers are also used to improve facial symmetry. They can augment the chin to create a slimmer facial appearance. They can also contour the jawline, and even create provisional nose job results.

 To reduce wrinkles briefly nothing is better than Botox. Botox is injected into the face to smooth forehead creases, frown lines, crow’s feet (while crows himself have no wrinkles)

and vertical lip lines. It can also be injected into the masseter muscle to make the jawline appear slenderer and more contoured. Botox block certain chemical signals from the nerve that cause muscles to contract. The effect lasts for 3 to 6 months approximately.  

Fat grafting Under the aging skin  

 People who want long lasting results, a skilled surgeon can retrieve unwanted body fat from the abdomen, flanks, or thighs through liposuction and inject it into the cheeks, temples or under eye to restore volume in the face. The are the only fillers that need surgery and the results last for many years to comeThis procedure is carried out only by board certified cosmetic surgeon. In the start the fillers look overly done but gradually even out and look normal.  

 Very obvious now that you don’t have to leave your youthful beauty behind as you age. You can offset the effects of time and gravity and restore the naturally lively appearance you remember from years ago. You can even address the premature signs of maturity before they take holds.   The ancient style Anti- aging skin care regime is non- existent. as fillers, Botox and costly face creams are becoming custom for many women in midlife.

Women of the middle age  

Lots of females take on anti-aging routines or small cosmetic procedures. These changes or treatments help them feel more confident in themselves. They get positive energy by their decisions.

The role of sunscreens for skin protection  

Sun rays can prove damaging to the skin. All complexions need sunscreen but different skin types need different formulas for each skin type.  Sun rays make skin dry and wrinkles appear before time.   

Genders and skincare (we are together in this)

The truth is all skincare is for all genders. While hormones mean men and women’s skin differ a little (men’s skin is physically thicker and oilier) but the needs are mostly the same. Cleansing, hydration, exfoliation, and protection. A good moisturizer for women is likewise good for men.

Shaving issues of men (the crop that grows overnight)

Shaving sometimes damages skin’s barrier. All products used around shaving should be soothing and hydrating. In the contrary, many shaving products are high in alcohol, which is extremely drying. Shaving foams are especially bad for this, but even so-called balms are often lacking in useful ingredients. Of course, not all alcohol in skincare is bad, but you definitely would not want products which have it as main ingredient.

The importance of skin barrier (Beauty is really skin deep here)

            This refers to the outermost layer of skin, which is absolutely vital to protect to the deeper layers of your skin from the environment. It also makes sure that the essential moisture is retained, which keeps the skin healthy, both physically and in terms of appearance

Hydrating the dry skin (dewing your rose face before it withers)

We need to hydrate the skin by drinking plenty of water and by applying moisturizers. The dry skin is more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Dryness also damages and breaks down the skin keep the skin moist and supple.   

Lip fillers (I do have lips that can pout)

Do we really need them? Can they ever look natural? Many women are uncertain who would like some lip fillers as aging affects the volume of lips. Beauty standards are always doubtful and vary from person to person and culture to culture.  The faces we look at in the society on screens influence the way we want to look ourselves. Anyone can get lips plumped with few hundred euros and 15 minutes. The process is painful though.  The needles are inserted around the lip line and you can feel the filler being inserted little by little. The sensation is odd but is over quickly. lips get sore for about 24 hours but then start to settle. After a week they feel normal.

  • ‘Botox is preservation of appearance while lip fillers are amendments to some extent

Retinoids for anti- aging skin

Retinoids diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Boost skin’s thickness and elasticity. Also slow the breakdown of collagen (which helps keep skin firm). They are popular because there is so much science behind them. It is never too early to start using a retinoid product. Retinoids came to market in the early 1970s as an acne fighting drug. Since then, they have been used to treat warts, creases and blotchiness caused by sun exposure, and aging.

Image by pexels

How do retinoids work for aged skin?

Retinoids cause the surface skin cells to turn over and die quickly. Ultimately the skin repairs itself and new cell grow beneath. They hinder the breakdown of collagen. The skin gets thicker in depth and stop the formation of wrinkles. Retinoids slough off the brown spots and control the production of melanin.  

 High – intensity focused ultrasound

It helps with reducing the appearance of excess fats on areas such as jowls, double chin and stout cheeks. suitable for those who want

  1. Non-surgical facelift                                                                          
  2. well-defined jawlines
  3. Double chin correction
  4. Jowl reduction
  5. Brow tightening    


You always must find the competent and experienced provider. You will feel more confident. Though nothing can stop the normal aging process because our mirrors are so true. (No mirror was caught lying) These procedures can make you look years younger than you would without them. Here are certain measures you must consider to keep your results looking their best. Maintaining a healthy, stable weight is important. Because any significant weight fluctuation can cause skin to stretch out again. Everyone deserves to look good.

  • Note: Disclaimer. This information is not for any medical purpose. ( I am not responsible for anything I have written here it was  only compulsive   )

You and Me

Image by pexels

Go away, back off turn around

You think it is funny, but have no ground

You may leave , if it does not look sound

Yes, my brush is brighter than my spoon

Shut your mouth , don’t spit at the moon

I am lovely human , not Darwin’s baboon

Yes , my pigments are prettier than my words

I am painting flowers , these are not birds

Oh , you tell me I do not look good in blue

Mind your silly business , and stop being glue

Today I am furious, not at my best

listen, you are no more my guest

Show me your back , and flee my nest

Stop this dance , do not beat your chest

What? you tell me I do not have good taste in cooking ?

If nothing satisfies you , would you stop looking ?

Hey, you must admire and love my stroke

Does not matter if I am rich or a broke

This is serious art and not any joke

Stop trying to mold me or poke

You are hurting my poor head now

Mark it! laugh or cry I would not bow

I am precious beauty , you call me a cow

So many lies , what a silly reception

We both need to end this deception

Cruel and painful was this eruption

We are now strangers ,I must not lie

Let us make a peace and say goodbye !

Poem by Ruqia Ismat .

Image by Alex Green on pexels

what does aging mean to our bodies?

 (Description, physical effects and psychological aspects of aging)

                    The topic itself intrigues me so much. As far my emotions and personal thoughts are concerned its very difficult for me to accept the reality of how fast time is passing. only the mirror or the aching joints tell me that I am growing older and older. It is not that I was born yesterday but maybe I was born a year ago but then I feel life is like a dream. As far as the calendar tells me I have recently turned 51. Wow, some years back I thought people of 50 are quite old …. not anymore.

Am I turning old?

  I did not change internally for time unknown. Ok, I may or may not accept the process of aging but the nature is not going to treat me differently because I am no special. Since I always wanted to be normal. Then normal means I should accept aging too. What if I don’t accept? Well, it will not make any difference to nature only that I will start suffering at some point in old age. So, I welcome my aging with big smile that does not have any wrinkles still. (Please, GOD, don’t you love beauty let me stay as I am.) ok now I did some research regarding aging process. what does it mean for us?

Physical changes in the process of aging       

            Physical changes that occur in the human body leading to elderliness, the decline of biological functions and of the ability to change to metabolic stress. In humans the physiological advances are normally accompanied by psychological and behavioral changes, other changes involving social and economic factors, also occur.

When do we begin to age?

 Aging begins as soon as adulthood is reached and it’s as much a part of human life as are infancy, childhood and youth in other words it’s about the changes that occur between the achievement of maturity and the death of the person.

Aging and the health status:

The biological factors underlie aging and the general health position. The probability of death increases fast with the advance age, these developments make a person more and more susceptible to diseases. For instance, a young adult may quickly recover from pneumonia, whereas an elderly person may die.

Effect of aging on our body shape

We can not avoid changes in body shape due to aging because its natural process but we can slow it down by lifestyle selections. The amount of body fat increases steadily after age 30. Fat tissues builds up towards the center of the body, including around the internal organs. However, the layer of fat under the skin gets thinner.  

Reduction in height due to aging

The inclination to become shorter happens among all races and in both genders. Height loss is related to changes in bones, muscles and joints. Characteristically, people lose almost one – half inch every ten year after age 40. Height loss is even more rapid after age 70. You may lose total of 1-3 inches in height as you grow old. Although this can be prohibited by careful diet, staying physically active and by stopping bone loss.

Changes in body weight vary for men and women. Men often gain weight until about age 55 and then begin to lose weight until later in life. Women usually gain weight until age 65 and then begin to lose weight. Diet and exercise can play a large role in a person’s weight changes over their life time.

‘’Your lifestyle choices affect the speed of aging’’   

Facial changes regarding aging

The face and neck typically seem affected with aging. Loss of muscle tone and thinning of skin gives the face a slack or loose appearance. The face is no longer plump, even in surface. Then come missing teeth and withdrawing gums also change the appearance of the mouth. The lips may look contracted. Loss of bone mass in the jaw reduces the size of the lower face and makes your forehead, nose and mouth more noticeable. The nose may grow longer slightly, ears may lengthen in some individuals. Fat from the eyelids accumulate into the eye sockets. This makes your eyes look recessed. The lower eye lids may loosen and bags can develop under your eyes. The iris loses pigment and the cornea may develop grayish white circles.

image by pixabay

The performance of body organs

Many organs such as the heart, kidneys, brain, lungs show steady decline over the life- span , Partly due to loss of cells from these organs. The result is a severe reduction in the reserve capacity of the person. Furthermore, the cells remaining in the aging individual may not be performing as well as those in the young. Certain cellular enzymes may be less working, and thus more time may be essential to carry out chemical reaction.

Effects of aging on cardiovascular system      

  After age 65, the diseases of the heart are the sole biggest cause of death as the heart becomes more exposed to cardiovascular disease.  Even without any disease the heart undergoes harmful changes with the advancing age. There is regular loss of muscle fibers with penetration of adipose tissue and connective tissue there is a gradual accumulation of insoluble granular material in cardiac muscle fibers. These granules, composed of proteins and lipids, make their first appearance by the age of 20. Then increase gradually so by the age of 80 they may occupy as much as 5-10 percent of the volume of a muscle fiber.

The performance of heart function  

There is steady decrease in the performance in the function of heart. The amount of blood pumped by the heart lessens between age 20 and 90 years. But there are marked individual differences in cardiac function. Some 80 years old have cardiac function as good as that of 40-year-old. In spite of changes due to aging, the heart, in the absence of disease is able to meet the demands placed upon. Although the maximum productivity falls during exercise the heart increases the rate to double or triple the blood pumped each minute. The reserve capacity of the heart reduces with age. The stiffening of the arteries is associated with aging. By the middle age all the individuals get this to some extent practically.

Changes in blood vessels due to aging

With advancing age, the blood vessels become less flexible. There is progressive deepening of the walls of larger blood vessels with increase in connective tissue. There may even be a small decrease in blood pressure in extreme old age. The frequency of obesity increases with age, up to age 55 – 60. This factor may contribute in part to the increase in blood pressure with age

What happens to our Digestive System?

Let’s talk about teeth first. loss of teeth is often seen in elderly. Well, it has less to do with aging than it is result of negligence. Though loss of teeth increases and oral diseases also increase with advancing age. But owing to water fluoridation there is less chances of tooth decay in children, the succeeding generations of the elderly will certainly have better teeth than the present generation. With age, the digestive enzymes decrease but the over all process of digestion is not meaningfully weakened in the elderly.  Sugar, proteins, vitamins are absorbed from the stomach and the intestine as well as in the old as the in the young. Some researches specify a little loss in fat absorption but the reduction is probably of little practical importance

The nervous system and aging

Due to normal aging, changes in the structures of the brain are not conspicuous. There is only a small loss of neurons in the brain. As the total number of neurons is very large, so that any losses probably have a minor effect on behavior. The physiological basis of memory is still unknown, it can’t be assumed that the loss of memory in the elderly is caused by the loss of neurons in the brain. The reduced cognitive ability in the elderly can be due to lack of work out smoking or exposure to certain chemicals. The nervous system can compensate and maintain enough function even in old people.

Eye health and aging

The ability to define fine details is comparatively poor in young children. But improves up to young adults. Between 20 to 50 year of age there is small reduction in visual perception. After 50 there is speeding decline. With age there is reduction in the size of the pupil. Aging also brings about a reduction in the ability to change the focus of the eye for viewing near and far things. The far objects are more clearly seen. Sensitivity to light is greater in the old than in the young. The chances of eye disease, such as cataract and glaucoma increase with age.

Aging and hair changes

Nearly everyone has some hair loss with advancing age. Hair strands become smaller and have less color. So, the thick hair of a young adult ultimately becomes thin, fine, light – colored hair. Many hair follicles stop producing new hair. Hair and nails keep the temperature of our body stable. Our hair color is due to a pigment called melanin, which hair follicles produce. Hair follicles are the forms that make and grow hair. With aging hair follicles make less melanin and this causes gray hair. graying often begins in 30s. Eventually turning white.

Graying is largely decided by your genes. Gray hair tends to happen earlier in white people and later in Asians. How much hair you have on your body and head is also determined by your genes. Almost everyone has some hair loss with aging. The speed of hair growth also slows down. Many males are nearly bald by age 60. Women can develop similar type of baldness as they grow old. hair become less dense and scalp may become apparent. Men may grow longer and thicker hair on   eyebrow.  

Nail changes with age

With aging nail grow more slowly and become dull and fragile. They may become yellow or dense. Especially toe nails may become hard and thick. The tips of finger nails may break easily.  Longitudinal ridges may develop in the finger nails and toe nails

Hearing capacity and aging

We come across tons of sound frequencies in a single day. Hearing does not change much after age 50. There is regular reduction in the ability to distinguish tones at higher frequencies. Above age 65 less people can hear tones with a frequency of 10000 cycles per second. It does not represent a serious restriction to the individual’s hearing ability in daily life

Other sensory impairments  

After age 70, sense organs may show a reduction in sensitivity. There is loss of taste buds and atrophy from the tongue in the old. Reflexes become slightly slower after 70. The speed in the conduction of nerves is also slowed down. The slowed response comes from brain not from the organ.   

Skin Changes due to aging process

Skin changes are the most prominent because of aging. With increasing age, we get wrinkles and loose skin. Blue eyed, fair skinned people show faster aging skin changes than people with darker, pigmented skin. With aging the outer layer of skin epidermis thins, even though the number of cell layers stay the same. The aging skin looks thinner, pale and translucent. Pigmented spots or age spots may appear on sun- exposed areas. Farmers, sailors and others who spend a lot of time outdoors get leathery and weather-beaten appearance.

Our sebaceous glands produce less oil as we age. This can make it harder to keep the skin moist, resulting in dryness and itchiness. Subcutaneous fat layer thins and this increases risk of skin injury and reduces the ability to maintain body temperature. When you have less natural insulation, you can get hypothermia in cold weather. The sweat glands produce less sweat. Skin tags, warts, and brown rough patches are more common among elderly people. Pink rough spots are also common in elderly, which have small chance of becoming a skin cancer. Aging skin repairs itself more slowly than younger skin. Wound healing may be up to 4 times slower.  

Endocrine system

Endocrine system traditionally has been cited as very important in aging. Basal metabolism decreases with age. one characteristic of aging is reduction in the rate of removal of excess blood sugar. If the additional stimulation produces more insulin, the sensitivity of pancreas is reduced in elderly so that a higher level of blood sugar is required to stimulate it to action.  

How a person’s sexuality is affected by aging

Studies show that sexual activities lessen slowly between the ages of 20 and 60. Both males and females show decrease between the ages of 45 and 60. But only 5 percent of males reported loss of sexual activity. Clinical reports specify that at least some males remain sexually active at 90. There are wide individual differences in the level of sexual activity. In humans’ sexual behavior is more influenced by psychological and social factors than by physical factors as the level of sex hormones circulating in the blood decreases with age.  At menopause the excretion of estrogens:  female sex hormones fall noticeably. In the males, the excretion of androgens: falls gradually over the age span 50-90.


Now it is ok for me to grow old until I don’t fall ill. I want to keep walking, even running around. I want to keep working until the last day of my life. I have a dream to paint all of my grandchildren playing under a tree. Though my grandchildren are waiting for me still far in the future. But until then I will get better both in painting and sewing lovely dresses for the little cuddly bubbas. I have many interesting stories for my grandkids, need to transfer the legacy. Well, I am not sure maybe I would be too old fashioned for those new age little people. That’s fine. My grannies were also old fashioned for me. Now I need to determine the meaning of old fashioned. 

How long do I actually want to live?

With the pandemic all around us. We see and hear the word’ death’ more than before. Today I want to have an honest and raw talk to myself. Will I actually ever decide how long life is enough for me? Whenever I faced a trouble in life and if it was especially created by someone very close to me, I suddenly wished to die. What a stupid thing to wish death for the faults of others. Well, I never thought about that matter clearly. The questions, the feelings and the solution of the problem as dying was , ‘that my mind presented before me. it was actually just a confusion and an exaggeration of my mind. Yes, all life there are many things or issues in life that either people around us or we ourselves exaggerate. What we get then is even more confusion than the matter itself.

How much life is enough life?

Today I thought about what if today is my day to leave this world. I felt honestly something seems just not right. what? what is wrong about this. Every day people die. Death is as natural a thing as the birth of a living being. The next thing is that my mind tried hard to beat about the bush but I did not let it. Because today I want very honest answers. Today I want to make peace with whatever I face and whenever my time is here, I want to embrace it.

I did not choose to be born at least I should have the  choice to live or not to live.

Wow! another escape, that’s my mind offered me that I did not choose my birth. I did not choose to come into this world so I deserve to have choice when and how I want to die. Now my mind has lost all its credibility for me because it’s not honest. How? I tell you. Nobody ever made a choice to be born or not to be born. Even my gorgeous cat” sallu had no choice. He was sweet little cat and lived only for a year. He did not even have a choice to be a cat or a human. so, we humans think many unrealistic logics. We get many confusions. We are mostly unable to differentiate between logical and illogical stuff or even unnatural thoughts that we create ourselves. We just create them and then we again agree with them to be true. Those apparently logical thoughts can be very stupid or even false.

So, what’s the reality of my mind, will it ever logically think and accept death as natural as breathing. Perhaps not. because …. because … it’s also a program of nature that we should preserve life. The protection of life must be our priority so that the nature can continue its big plan. Well, well. be more honest now. Don’t blame nature for what you want? Decide now is that really nature who wants to prolong your life or is it yourself. Yes, now I grabbed my selfish conscious mind.

I am still so much surprised

I never thought that my consciousness can be so clever, cunning, selfish or just natural? what did I say. I said again the word “natural. I placed all the responsibility on nature and got my conscious self very clean and innocent. I need to go back to the basic question. Ok I give up on escapes now. I just embrace dea….no I just embrace the truth that me, and my consciousness love life. Perhaps the most selfish part of me is my consciousness. It keeps on playing with me.

Why don’t I want to die now?

Ok I understand, its ok to agree with nature. its natural to care for life and protect it. But how long life is long enough for me. I remember whenever I listened to a dying person, they told they always had some wishes. Some unfinished work. They either wanted to have something or they wanted to accomplish some work, therefore they wanted some more life. Is not exactly this reason that I don’t want to die in the recent. Yes, that’s the reason. Well, now as I have accepted almost all the faults of my conscious mind. Oh, I said” faults” though I am not sure what to call them. For a moment I call them faults. what next? Do I get my answers?  

My Sudden strange wish

After Accepting the matter of death as something natural, I get away again with my love of life. How I tell you now. May be its another escape to face the reality . Or it’s just something dreamlike to get some peace for my troubled conscious. I don’t like to be a living thing right from the start. I did not have choice at, my birth therefore I should keep it out of the present scenario. But my mind wants to give me something sweet like a dream. and I give up my present position of the honest self. I am ready to go on a lovely tour with it.

You are lucky as a living being!

Yes, that’s the sweet bait my conscious self-offered that I am lucky to be living. I will get both experiences of being a life that’s I am experiencing now and I will be nonliving some day and again I will be part of this universe.  Being a living thing gives me choice of some action, while I am having my fixed time here. Why I call it a bait is that my mind just ignored the fact that to be non-living thing I will go through the process of dying. See, it just had another escape.

Why I escaped so many answers?

I escaped so many answers because either I did not know the answer or I did not like the natural answer. That’s it. Or maybe deep down I know all the answers.  And I just don’t want to speak out loud lest I should have to embrace them.

A beautiful Dream before me!  

Far in future I see a beautiful little girl, brushing her hair and looking into a shiny mirror and suddenly she smiles. she does not know that” I am’ yes’ me’ myself and’ I’ are part of her mirror. Is not that beautiful. Yes, it’s beautiful. because the situation can be worse. No. I must not imagine bad things. like far in future, I can be part of a ladder that somebody just slipped and broke his leg. I caught my conscious mind again. I am thinking. Did writing all this, solved any question? I am not sure. I am only sure about one thing that I wanted to share.    

23,Souls ,They were

All of them silently slept and locked

Doors closed, and windows clogged

Though they reached out for communion

But forgotten and so left to oblivion

The world proclaimed them aliens

The valley and the hills stood quiet

The fate so gloomy , nothing could set it right

The snow white as shrouds , wrapped them up

How could they know , they would not wake up

The angel of death rose swiftly that night

He had to fetch 23 souls in that plight

The poor souls when this realm they fled

No one had a wound , no one even bled

The dying did not know, they were perishing

Mothers did not know, children were vanishing

Nobody heard even the hissing of the passing

23 martyrs ! the rising sun had to receive

Both living and dead refused to believe .

poem by Ruqia Ismat .

Note :

This poem I wrote in memory of an unfortunate incident that took 23 lives: men women and children were among them . This incident happened in a snow clad city Murree in pakistan early this month . 23 people died of carbon mono oxide in their locked cars.

Image by Henrik Verle on Pexels

The Integrity of the Tears

When anguish surrounds and with tears, you cry

Those are the priceless pearls from the eye

The sadness and distress they sustain

The gigantic secrets and outrages contain

Know that the sunshine follows after the rain

The humble tears such burdens can’t refrain

Concealing all the pains of your dismal heart

When you are left alone and can’t resort

When your precious ones refuse to hear

Be conscious , mindful and know it clear

The modest tears surge to save you

From a sadness that a soul can’t bear

The tears have the sovereignty to repair

When you are shattered and torn my dear

The tears make you feel content and composed

Then left behind are only sorrows and fear .

poem by Ruqia Ismat
watercolor artwork by Ruqia Ismat .

You wasted me away

watercolour portrait and poem by Ruqia Ismat :

You wasted me away

What a treasure you wasted

what a soul you destroyed

you tried to make an angel of me

A human angel without wings!

What a human you wasted

What an angel you lost

you built a gilded cage for me

told me what a safe place

what a peaceful abode you had for me !

What a life you wasted

What a beauty you over looked

Told me your cage was heavenly

though modest and silent !

What a heart you locked

What a smile you erased

Life was deception and death was destiny

Did not you tell me?

Death is meaningless without life well-lived

I shouted at that

What a life you hated

What a blessing you refused.

Health of our eyes

Why Some People Have Dry Eyes

Do you ever feel your eyes get more dry when using your phone or any other digital screen?  Then you start thinking something is not quite right and the dryness of eyes is not going away. Even after staying away from screen after some time, you are still feeling gritty eyes. Well, your body is not lying to you, it’s time to address the issue. Health issues can’t be over looked.  you need to take the precautionary measures and understand the underlying causes

Dry eye is a very common condition and even more common for many reasons in the present time. The contributing factors are environmental as well as lifestyle. The increased use of digital screen work, communication and entertainment, especially in the times of pandemic, contribute to dry eye disease. Now dry eyes and dry eye disease or syndrome are two different things. The prevalence of Ded is found higher among children who use digital screen than those who do not. Because of the need to stay home during pandemic people tend to use digital screen more than ever. lifestyle alterations can help to improve the dry eyes experiences. Now I discuss simple dry eyes and dry eye disease or’ Ded ‘one by one.

image by Danish Ahmad on pexels

common Dry Eyes

Dry eye experience is very common complaint. More and more people are experiencing dryness in their eyes and around. eyes.  Due to excessive use of screen, environmental and lifestyle factors more and more people are having dry eyes. Usually this is temporary condition. It will go away once we make changes. Our body is the vehicle that keeps carrying us around. This is our home until we are alive. This is the only person who will stay with us all life. If something against its nature happens it will always complain before any serious damage to eyes, we should get treatment and take action.

Dry eye disease (Ded) or syndrome

If you feel you have dryness, gritty and burning sensation in and around eyes for a long period of time. The symptoms are not going away, you need to see a doctor. Dry eye disease or syndrome is different from simple dry eyes. Dry eyes disease needs clinical. diagnosis. though its permanent condition and it’s pretty hurtful and incurable but the symptoms can be reduced to have normal life.

image by Kaylin Kostov on pexels

Why Dry EYES are more common now

Dry eyes are more common than ever before because of the changing dynamics of society. The excessive use of digital screens, less use of water and balanced food lack of vitamins and fatty acids and dry weather are some of them. Pandemic has affected all walks of life. People are working online from home, as well as students are having virtual classes. For many in person meetings are cancelled or swapped with virtual events.

There is considerable increase in screen use all over the world. Almost all children use digital screens. There is also increased use of video games among women and this may lead to increased dry eye symptoms.

There is one view that the relationship between dry eyes and screen use is the dynamic of eye blinking, leading to ocular eye disease. Dry eyes then affect the mental health of the patient and his efficiency level in digital screen users decreases. We need to adopt helpful preventive measures and management approaches.

image by Dhyamis Kleber on pexels

The most common symptoms

The tear film instability is the characteristic of dry eye disease. Our eyes need moisture or tears to keep them lubricated for the protection of eye surface. Moisture prevents the friction between eyelids and eye itself and apart from that tear have more necessary functions. Dryness can damage ocular surface of the eye. Then the patients develop inflamed and itchy eyelids and painful eyes. The causes of tear film dysfunction are many, including hormone changes among women The less amount of tear production or poor quality of tears may lead to eye dryness and cornea damage. Dry eyes are quite uncomfortable. the treatment will bring comfort and reduction to eye symptoms.

The tear film has three layers and each layer has different form and function.
  1. The lipid layers
  2. The watery layer
  3. The mucous layer

The problem with any of these layers can disturb the function, quality and quantity of tears. Either the patient tears evaporate quickly or they are produced in less than normal amount.

Causes of less production of tears

These are diverse causes like some disease or use of some medicines. Rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome, lupus, thyroid disorders, vitamin A deficiency, eye allergy can cause dry eye symptoms. Use of high blood pressure medicines and antihistamine are some of the meds that can affect eye tears production. surgery of cornea can lead to dry eye but this condition is temporary.

Causes of increased tear evaporation

  1. Blinking less than normal during reading, driving or in some diseases patients blink less.
  2. Dry wind and smoke
  3. Eyelid problems
  4. Eye allergies
  5. Preservatives in some eyedrops

11 symptoms and signs of dry eyes

  • Extreme feeling of dryness in the eyes
  • A sensation of having some foreign object in the eye
  • Eye redness
  • Light sensitivity
  • Eye pain or discomfort
  • Itchiness inside or around eyes eyelids
  • Light or sun sensitivity
  • Watery eyes or sudden flow of tears as a reflex action against grittiness in the eyes.
  • Feeling tightness around eyes or discomfort
  • Eye fatigue

Risk factors

1.Advance age, usually above 50
2. Being a woman
3. eye disease
4. Some Autoimmune disease
5. Insufficient hygiene practice of eye
6.The blinking dynamics and prolong use of digital screen
7. use of eye cosmetics

Mechanism of eye blinking during screen use

The use of digital screen diminishes both the blinking rate and blink completeness. That leads to optical surface dryness. During the interval between each blink aqueous tears evaporate from the tear film. Then full blinking is required to refill the tear film by dispensing tear from lacrimal glands and lipids from meibomian glands over the cornea. While incomplete blinking increases the dryness of eye which could over time potentially start the’ Ded ‘cycle. Because of the discomfort in the eyes the people with ‘Ded’ blink their more frequently. during reading, playing games or active computer work. The studies have emphasized that reading on digital screen may endorse adverse effects by reducing both blink rate and blink completeness.


         people who experience dry eyes may experience these complications
  • People with dry eyes have greater chances of eye infections than normal people. this is because they have less protection of natural tears.
  • if the eyes are left untreated. Severe dryness may lead to eye inflammation, abrasion of the corneal surface, corneal ulcers and vision loss.
  • Dry eyes reduce the quality of life when patients feel difficult to perform daily activities.
  • Dry eye disease places a substantial amount of burden on patient’s economy.
THE treatment and management of symptoms

The doctor will recommend the lubrication drops, gels or ointment to protect the eyes. The other measures that the patient must consider are as following

  1. Avoid direct air blowing in the eyes from any source; heaters, fans etc.
  2. Wearing wraparound sunglasses or protective eyewear
  3. Take eye breaks from long tasks; if you are reading or doing tasks that require visual attentiveness, close your eyes for a few minutes. or blink repeatedly for a few seconds to help spread the tears evenly over your eyes.
  4. Be mindful of environment; the air at high altitudes, in deserts areas, and in plains can be awfully dry
  5. Use of humidifier can add moisture to dry indoor air.
  6. However, it is worth noting that dry eye disease is part of the normal aging process.


It’s worth noting that dry eyes are part of normal aging process. The glands keep the eyes moist. dry eye disease is usually the result of abnormal tear function. Females are more likely to have dry eyes due to hormonal changes that can affect tear production. Aging bodies produce less tears, therefore dry eyes are more common in older adults Often home remedies are also helpful to keep the eyes moist and comfortable. By reducing the symptoms, we can protect the eyes Some research suggested that caffeine can help dry eye. Caffeine increases the production of tears but too much caffeine can cause insomnia

  • Note: No content on my page should ever be considered as a substitute for medical advice from your doctor.

LUNA, The Mountain Witch: art & poem by Ruqia Ismat

loved by many and hated by some

Mumbling a magic under her tongue

Hexes her abusers ,treats her patients

Smile on her lips , stirs in the pot

Summons some ghosts and ties a knot

If you have a fever , she has the answer

In her bowl lies an enormous power

The curse is certain with fumes on potion

Ancient spells set all the faeries in motion

Spirits and demons are here to scare

She dances in the forest with feet so bare

Red is her skirt and long is her hair

If you ever doubt , would you go near ?

Choice is all yours, love her or fear

Empty is your heart but eyes have a glare

Don’t you ever judge , she is a slayer!

My mix media artwork in 2019. The sleeping witch