My watercolor painting. The only dog painting I ever did.

I used a reference photo to paint this artwork.

Happy Saturday! Peace be with you

An acrylic portrait of my late cat sallu. He was bubbly and playful. Invited everyone to have a play fight. Even me. He had a wonderful lovely life. He lies buried near my western window. From there I look at his place. In the backdrop of time, I can see past present, and future fusing their borders. He achieved the milestone that’s at some distance from me. 🙏🙏🙏”Love you forever sallu. ” your amber eyes still glow at my heart. You graced the walls of our home. Since you left the walls are not that beautiful but life is ok 😍🤩”

He was the son of my cat Alex. Apart from Alex, he had only my love. On earth, among humans he is remembered and cherished only by me. I celebrate the lives of all my cats. 😀😃😄

My cat umbrie . The day I found him as stray kitten. He ate and slept in the plate. Finally he had found a home of his own.” Love you Umbrie forever,”

My sleepy baby . #sleepybaby #sleepykitten


So sad and sensitive but very meaningful throughout. I have reblogged this .

Kat's Gems

Do you ever wonder how
It can hurt to breathe
Or wonder if your heart
Can continue to beat
There have been nights
I could hardly believe
When the sun rose
To shine on my face tenderly
Sometimes the rain is quick
To fall to the ground
And then I wonder how it is
That I did not drown
Where sadness sits
So heavily upon my chest
As I seem to struggle for
Every single breath
How can the hope you have
Become so hopeless
When do your dreams
Disappear into the darkness
How is it so much easier
To let tears fall endlessly
Then it is to find the laughter
Hidden deep within me
I know one day that I will
Understand this mystery
God will share the answers
When we finally meet
For now, I will remember
If I stumble and fall down
I know that I am…

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My mixed media art from 2018. Added more years and colors &Touched again today.

Roses have long stories to tell. 🥺🙏🙏🌹🥀🌺🌼🌻🌷🌸💐💮