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10 Outstanding Health Benefits of Swimming

 Who does not love swimming? Swimming has always been glamorized but what are the health benefits of swimming? That’s the center of my interest here. Swimming is an excellent exercise as well as a fun activity. It involves both physical and mental rewards. Without much impact on the body all the joints and muscles get involved in the process of swimming. Swimming offers many outstanding health benefits. It also suggests great opportunity to socialize and make friends. While the elderly people who always find it difficult to move around, can benefit greatly from this activity.  All age groups of people can acquire swimming skill and stay fit 

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How to start swimming?

While you are thinking about starting swimming, always make sure that the environment you choose to swim is safe. If you are new to swimming, consider taking lessons. There are a host of benefits you may gain through swimming regularly. It is one of the most popular activities in the world. Following are the safety measures for swimming.

  • Be careful that the water temperature suits your physical needs
  • Do some warm up and stretches exercises before entering the water
  • Stay hydrated and drink regularly, your body needs plenty of liquids
  • You may have fun with swimming but don’t overdo it
  • Always wear sunscreen to protect your skin, if you are swimming outdoor.
  • Do not forget to take breaks after 20 to 30 minutes of swimming.

Now here are some of the outstanding health benefits of swimming.

Swimming Improves Blood circulation

  • Swimming definitely improves blood circulation; blood reaches all parts of the body. Better blood circulation means better health.
  • An efficient blood circulation reduces the risk of embolism, that is typical blockage caused by a blood clot in the vein of leg, when the blood clot breaks loose and travels to the lung. It poses fatal risk to the individual   
  • Improved blood circulation reduces the risk of stroke
  •  People with type 2 diabetes can find swimming very beneficial therapy to improve blood circulation. They need an efficient blood circulation for their extremities

Swimming diminishes risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • Swimming helps building heart muscle stronger. It is basically a cardio activity.
  •  Half an hour of swimming per week can diminish the risk of coronary heart disease in females, significantly.
  • Swimming keeps the cells lining of your arteries stretchy and in good form.

Swimming decreases blood pressure.

  • As soon as we immerse our body into water our mammalian diving reflex lowers our blood pressure and slows down our pulse to save oxygen.
  •  Engaging in cardiovascular exercises increase the size and strength of your heart muscle. Over the time this can make the heart so robust that it does not need to labor as hard to meet the basic needs of running your cardiovascular system. That decreases stress on the heart throughout life

Benefits of swimming for pregnant women.

These are some peculiar benefits of swimming for the expecting mothers.

  • Pregnancy often puts strain on the lower back. The body feels the weight of baby bump. As soon as you immerse your body in water, the resistance of water takes the pressure off, providing much desirable respite
  • Studies showed that Women who swam during their first trimester of pregnancy, had lesser risk of pre term labor
  • Swimming exercises relieve lower limb edema and discomfort.
  •  Swimming makes the abdominal muscles strong.
  •  Swimming is a low impact exercise that builds strength and do not twist the abdomen.
  • During last trimester of pregnancy, it is possible to have safe workout in the pool.  

 Contraindications of swimming during pregnancy

  • Always keep in mind that there is no alternative to doctors’ advice about your specific condition. Only you can decide what is best and ideal for you.  Some women have complications about pregnancy and any kind of exertion is contraindicated to them.
  • Avoid very warm water for swimming during pregnancy, it may raise body temperature.
  • You may tire quickly as compared to normal people. it is not unusual in your case
  • Be careful if there are reports of some microbes in water
  • The cold water can drop body temperature and place the body in shock or result in illness. You must know the pool temperature before you enter the water.
  • Swimming and Asthma.   Asthmatic patients need humid warm environment. The indoor pools provide helpful atmosphere to them. How far swimming activity can prove beneficial to asthma patients is as under.
  • Breathing exercises associated with this sport, may help you expand your lung capacity and gain control over your breathing.
  • Swimming exercises strengthen the muscles and your control over breathing improves.

Contraindication. The biggest known disadvantage for an asthma patient is chlorine in the pool water.  look for a pool that uses salt water instead of chlorine.

How far Swimming can be Beneficial to Osteoarthritis?

  • People with osteoarthritis suffer with constant pain in joint and muscles. They are incapable to do high impact exercises due to their specific condition. Swimming can be a safe kind of exercise for them. The expected advantages of swimming are as under.
  • Swimming may reduce some of the body aches and discomfort
  •  In a study Patients with   osteoarthritis reported significant reduction in both pain and stiffness,
  •  They felt less physical limitation after engaging in activities in swimming. Their joints and muscles achieved more flexibility.  So, the patients felt more at ease to move around. Subsequently their quality of life improved.

   Health benefits of swimming for Multiple Sclerosis

 An easy movement is one of the major concerns for the MS patients. With their weakening bodies, swimming may provide some support and relief. Let us discuss some health benefits of aquatic exercises for MS patients.

  • An aquatic therapy may delay the progression of MS and improves balance, and walking ability.
  •  Water is viscous and it offers resistance to movement. That means it can help MS patients with limb coordination, and building up muscle strength
  •  MS patients often feel painful fatigue. They may find swimming helpful to reduce pain. Over time these people also show reduction in symptoms like fatigue, depression and disability. Following are some of the points important for MS with regards to swimming
  • Water offers support and helps them feel light. So, it can put less strain on muscles, makes them more flexible. Patients become capable of great variety of motions. Water exercises even help relax tight or spastic muscles.
  • Swimming helps build up stamina, and strength in MS patients
  •  MS patients can use it as an opportunity to socialize with other MS patients and develop their community.
  • Though some MS patients may not know swimming already, but they can learn easily.

Swimming helps to achieve your dream weight.

 Are you looking for some easy and reliable way to lose weight? Well, it is time to put your foot into pool now.  Swimming is an efficient and reliable way to burn calories. Even without putting much strain on your body, you can lose weight effortlessly. Swimming is an excellent way to get in shape. The simple formula to lose weight is that you must burn out more calories than you take in. people who are not big fan of working out in gym, may use swimming as an alternative to tone up their muscles and shape up their bodies.   

Swimming Uplifts Mood and takes away Stress  

  Swimming lowers our stress levels by maintaining a positive outlook on life. These aquatic workouts are psychologically beneficial for people with anxiety and stress. Swimming helps manage stress and it is potentially powerful way to relieve anxiety fast.  

Sleep improvement with swimming

  Swimming may have the power to assist you sleep better at night. After engaging in regular exercise participants reported both an improvement in quality of sleep and duration.


Swimming is wonderful support for general wellbeing. People who have chronic illnesses can benefit from swimming. They can find a solace in it as their chronic illnesses make life stressful. Swimming helps release stress and anxiety. At whatever point your fitness level is, you can still get benefit. Swimming helps you to regain your muscle and cardio strength and rejuvenates your skin. In a way it turns back the clock in your life.  It is also helpful to keep us in good health and shape. Swimming offers a complete body workout, so no other exercise can be better than this.  

Disclaimer: This article is meant for general information purpose only. It can not be taken as a professional alternative to medical advice .

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