Today I am at my ancestral home that’s also my Uncle’s home . There I took some photoes . I am enjoying my stay there . My uncle has grown some flowers and trees.


This door is on rooftop .

A container for storing wheat grains .
This bird ( maybe dove ) had nest on guava tree.
A close up of guava on the tree
On my way to my uncles home ,found this fellow , I hope he was not feeling hot . I wished him well
A mango tree at my uncle’s home.
A rose again

Trigger warning . This is about real grief . My 52 years old cousin recently lost her , 24 years old son to meningitis . I visited her at the funeral of her son. The depth of her grief can’t be put into words . I just tried .

My Name is Mother

Yes , I don’t have any other name

Because I don’t need the one

Being a mother was always enough for me

An unknown world snatched my poor heart

Then I became a ghost myself to be one with my child

Can’t there be only a window between me and him ?

I want to see him , I promise I will not ask for more

You can see a big black hole at the place of my heart

It is the same for every mother ,who loses her child

I did not have the eyes to bury him, I wonder who did ?

Please let me know it is only a bad dream and it will end soon

But every morning I wake up and it is the same

Perhaps my child is gone outside to play and he will be back

Sometimes I see him sitting next to me

He says , Mom , don’t believe them , I am not dead or gone ”

please , let me sleep forever

Maybe sleep and death are sisters .

The departed son of my cousin .

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday , Oct 25.

This is beautiful company of sparrows on a small tree , I recorded this video from my rooftop . The sparrows were noisy but seemed so happy , my human imagination . Rumi would say both the birds and the tree are joyful . What would I say ? I would give human tongue to these sparrows . So I tried some sentences down below . Blessings to all life on Earth .

Sparrow #1 Is your stomach still hurting? , I told you not to eat corn again

Sparrow # 2, I was too hungry ,so I ate quickly what I found early that day

Sparrow#3 , please sit far , my foot is sore ,

Sparrow #4 Is your husband still cheating on you and you call him gentleman ,

Sparrow #5 No ,no shut your foul mouth ,and don’t believe rumours .

Sparrow #6 I need to go home early my old mom is so fragile and I believe she has some fever too .

Sparrow # 7 My elder brother beat me again today just because I did not share my book with him, today I will tell Papa about it .

sparrow #8 why I am sad , when I should be happy , my elder daughter will leave home today , she is grown up .

Sparrow # 9 Mom. Please help she again snatched my worm , you just ignored her , it is not fair on your part .

Sparrow # 10 I lost my petite lovely wife some days ago , I feel she is still with me , I do feel her presence every day ,but hardly anyone believes me . You know I just saw an empty twig rocking the other day , it was her but I could not see her with my mortal eyes .

Sparrow # 11 la ,la la , la la la, once there was a prin……

Sparrow # 12 would you stop singing , you are hurting my eardrums ?

Sparrow # 11 Today I found my soulmate , let me sing . ( Sings harder and louder )

Hopefully you enjoyed my writing . God bless all of you . Glory be to God who blessed us with this lovely mortal life . Love you all .🙂🙏

I am glad to share with you this moment of my life . 🙏🙏Ruqia Ismat Friday ,Oct 21 . 2022 .

The Girls From My Village

Robust , pretty and with long curls

My village has such amazing girls

Their hearts are shiny and clear like mountain streams

They work hard to achieve their dreams

They tend goats , sheep and cows every day

Certainly , they keep the laziness at a bay

When they drink hot milk in big mugs

Their cats get close and give them tugs

The girls enjoy swings high on mango trees

Sun kisses their faces and so does breeze

When they wash their sturdy cows with the big hose

The favorite calf nods his head and gets close

With so many talents , even good at their studies

These girls keep their promises and die for their buddies

Mothers take pride in the cooking of their daughters

Each morning they fix breakfast for their fathers

Then they get applaud from their brothers

To get the blessings , girls prepare hookahs for the grandfathers

Swimming in the stream nearby is their play time

When they walk, the bells of their anklets do chime

The homes burst with fun, humour and laughters

For those ,who have such loving daughters

If there is a wedding their dance charms the crowd

Friends keep smiling and fathers feel proud

Their hearts so simple , a sad movie can make them cry

The next moment they would be laughing and tears would dry

Such lovely , intelligent, bright and kind

These girls are richly blessed with gifts of mind

Image from

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday , Oct, 18 ,2022.

These are my relative girls from our ancestral Village . All daughters of my cousins

Happy Friday to all of you. God bless you always. 😍🙂 My night well spent with this artwork . Color pencils and gel pen. ðŸ™ðŸ™ðŸ™‚

In her face I see many gorgeous women around me . She is mixture of many of them . 😍

Here is my experiment with mixture of my artwork + my photo + elements and music from #canva . I just enjoyed composing it . Hopefully you guys will like it too . ðŸ˜ðŸ™

Title : Echoes in the valley of gold .

Art is Joy !