Skip , The Rope

Skip , skip , skip the rope

Skip it harder than before

Let’s take turns and call others

We love the crowd that always gathers

Skip the rope on single leg now

Keep hopping until the break is over

Also watch, when the bell rings

If you join us, you would get wings

Wish if Ma’am Rana could find

What a joy is the final grind ?

She is busy making worksheets

We can’t ignore the joy of beats

Always bent upon to make us greats

She forgets , we are her cheeky brats

Who love the thrill of stealing time

If she had ever done , she could know

Then listening to Ma’am Saba’s scold

We are brave enough and that bold

How time passes and who rings the bell?

We want a few more turns , what the hell ?

Is that a mistake or the break is over ?

Can not anyone do us a favor ?

Let’s stop and have a run

Tomorrow will be another day of fun .

Poem by : Ruqia Ismat

Mon, Aug29 , 2022

Note . I have thoroughly enjoyed all stages of my life . My school time got extended . How , first I was a student . Then came a time when I was on the other side , a teacher . Yes , it was a different experience than being a student but in a way I relived my childhood . I am sure there are people who can relate to that . 😁🙏😃

Happy new week my dear kind fellows. God bless you always .🙏💓💕

The inspiration I took from several vintage pieces of art. Then I created this oriental girl. My mixed media portrait.🙂🙂👌🙏💓

Good day to you my dear kind fellows. I am grateful to God for bestowing upon us all the colors that are such a joy for our eyes. The following painting is nothing except arrangement of colours in certain order.😀👍💗

My water color and color pencils portrait of Empress Victoria of Germany (1840_1901 )

Happy Friday my dear kind fellows. God bless you .🙏💓🙂

Here is my old artwork from 2018.” Gypsy horse” in watercolor. Most of my artwork belongs to that year.🙏💓🙂

Have a nice day my dear kind fellows . My acrylic painting original “Rumi” in his meditative world .

The following images are the digital effects on my painting .

Stay blessed always . 🙏😍😃