My acrylic version of “”Salvator Mundi “”

Happy Saturday to all of you.

I wish Peace and abundance to the whole world. May all living beings stay protected and healthy.

The Integrity of the Tears

When anguish surrounds and with tears, you cry

Those are the priceless pearls from the eye

The sadness and distress they sustain

The gigantic secrets and outrages contain

Know that the sunshine follows after the rain

The humble tears such burdens can’t refrain

Concealing all the pains of your dismal heart

When you are left alone and can’t resort

When your precious ones refuse to hear

Be conscious , mindful and know it clear

The modest tears surge to save you

From a sadness that a soul can’t bear

The tears have the sovereignty to repair

When you are shattered and torn my dear

The tears make you feel content and composed

Then left behind are only sorrows and fear .

poem by Ruqia Ismat
watercolor artwork by Ruqia Ismat .

LUNA, The Mountain Witch: art & poem by Ruqia Ismat

loved by many and hated by some

Mumbling a magic under her tongue

Hexes her abusers ,treats her patients

Smile on her lips , stirs in the pot

Summons some ghosts and ties a knot

If you have a fever , she has the answer

In her bowl lies an enormous power

The curse is certain with fumes on potion

Ancient spells set all the faeries in motion

Spirits and demons are here to scare

She dances in the forest with feet so bare

Red is her skirt and long is her hair

If you ever doubt , would you go near ?

Choice is all yours, love her or fear

Empty is your heart but eyes have a glare

Don’t you ever judge , she is a slayer!

My mix media artwork in 2019. The sleeping witch

HAppy New Year Lovelies! May this new year bring peace, well being and protection for all of us.

An acrylic Original Artwork by Ruqia Ismat.