My butter swan with homemade butter .

I wanted to sculpt something that could be interesting and not much difficult as a beginner . So I came up with that idea of making a swan . Butter being white was naturally helpful. In the molding process , I had to place the butter in the freezer every now and then. It was my first sculpture of butter so far. 😃😁

My watercolor painting. The only dog painting I ever did.

I used a reference photo to paint this artwork.

Blessed Thursday to all of you. Thanks to Almighty God who granted me another day to live.

I feel great to share my life with my fellow beings. May God enable me always to do good until I am living on the outer surface of the earth. This vintage-inspired piece of art I did almost two years back. Why I am talking biggg words? Because I am feeling these. There are some days in my life when I take a bungee jump with Rumi into the spiritual world. 😁😂🤣🤔🙏🙏🙏

Happy Wednesday my dear kind fellows. God bless you all. 💮🌹🌸🥀💐🌼🌳🌷

My acrylic and gel pen painting.

Hello, my dear kind follows. I am traveling right now ( within Pakistan ) and I recorded this from my bus window. I thought about sharing this beautiful truck with you.

Hope some of you will find this short clip interesting.

Happy Tuesday my dear kind fellows. Amber beauty here!!!

Peace and abundance be with the world

A tiny and beautiful visitor today. I had to run after her for some photoshoots today. She did not disappoint me. Such a variety of eye candies from Good, Gracious God.