My Cuddly Cats, Having an Afternoon Nap.

My cats have some emotional attachment with my son’s car. They treat it differently. Not just sleeping over it.
My cats have developed a concept that this car is part of household and it can not run over them. Is not this scary thing?

No matter how much I try to teach them. That this car is like any other car. But it does not work.

My cats also recognise this car, when it is parked outside our garage and they hide only under this one. They don’t take liberty with other cars.

Whenever, my son leaves or gets into the garage, my cats try to run under or alongside. Yes, so scary.

So, I have to lock my cats every time the, car leaves or enters the garage. Nothing else works. I love my cats and I stop every other thing and do this duty every day.🙏😄💕🙂