My cat ” Bubby ” is telling me how she is feeling today . I asked her ” How are you Bubby .

Obviously Bubby seems to have some complaints about life . 🤩🤩🌹👍💋❤️💜💙 . Yes one more thing . Her mother Alex has more kittens now , but she never abandoned Bubby because Bubby has fragile health , small stature like her aunt Maggie . She is still her Mama’s baby .

My Furry son , My Ambrie

It hurts to call him stray cat now. He came to the right place to occupy the right heart. He is beautiful like a pearl . Always talkative and speaks for himself . Tries to play with me . Almost an adult now but instantly turns into a baby as soon as I lift him up .

Well, I refuse to enter the heaven , unless he is given to me one more time . A heaven can’t be heaven without my lovely cats , also my life would be bland without them . 😍😃

My watercolor sketch of my furry son” Ambrie, sleeping . 😍😃

My Cuddly Cats, Having an Afternoon Nap.

My cats have some emotional attachment with my son’s car. They treat it differently. Not just sleeping over it.
My cats have developed a concept that this car is part of household and it can not run over them. Is not this scary thing?

No matter how much I try to teach them. That this car is like any other car. But it does not work.

My cats also recognise this car, when it is parked outside our garage and they hide only under this one. They don’t take liberty with other cars.

Whenever, my son leaves or gets into the garage, my cats try to run under or alongside. Yes, so scary.

So, I have to lock my cats every time the, car leaves or enters the garage. Nothing else works. I love my cats and I stop every other thing and do this duty every day.🙏😄💕🙂

Happy Sunday my dear kind fellows . Following are the ” wasp people ” who make my rooftop a living place . I wonder at their diligency and efficiency . They can live here until the day I have other thoughts about them 😁😃🙏

Then there are cuddly , cats napping around at any cool and quiet place . My cats know their individual names . They know the meaning of few words like milk , chicken , no, stay here and let’s go .

My cat umbrie . The day I found him as stray kitten. He ate and slept in the plate. Finally he had found a home of his own.” Love you Umbrie forever,”

My sleepy baby . #sleepybaby #sleepykitten

My cat Alex had two kittens last week. She delivered them at an unknown place but then brought them home yesterday.

These lovely softballs reduce the stress about life. The black kitten absolutely hates my touch. But the white one lets me touch him and then observes me closely. At this point black one calls him back ( stupid come back she is not mom ) then the white one protests. And I let him go

They have strict lifeguard policies. They trust me more when their mom is around me and if I pick them up in the presence of their mom, they are quiet. Years of keeping cats made me understand them. Now I can write a book about their behavior. 😄🥰🤩💓👶👶🐈🐈🐈

Happy Monday My dear kind WordPress neighbours. 😁😄

Touching the tail is a big offense for my cats. Grandma Alex and grandson Ambrie are in this video. Ambry will touch everything that moves, not his fault, just an instinct. Grandma should know. The same thing Alex did with her mother Sophie years back and Sophie spanked Alex. When instinct rules, lessons are never learned. To learn a lesson we need bigger brains than our instincts. My cats had the power to change me. I learned selfless service, humbleness, patience, and accepting a sense of loss and grief when anyone of my cat died. I adopted cats in 2018.

The Big Time Character Assassination of My Cats

Yes, what you read is true. You don’t have to doubt your eyes.  Since we live in a very polite world, where we have to forgive and forget our kind (homo sapiens) so frequently and sometimes I feel so much helpless. I have decided to expose the real characters of my cats. This catharsis is going to give me heavenly pleasure. O, my God I am so grateful to you for putting this idea in my brain . God is indeed merciful. I promise to God that I will never be that much mean again . Only, if once just once God allows me this limit ,to share the real character of my cats once for all with the world

Only we (homo sapiens) are not mean sometime, cats are mean too  

Yes, true we are not the only race who are mean to each other, to nature or to life on earth in general. Cats are mean too. They may look well mannered, posh and keep themselves clean by licking themselves with such glamorous style but they are the one who look most hideous when they eat their membranes during childbirth. So only for one day I have the complete freedom of speech I am going to use it to the last of it

Image by pexels

What have been doing my cats so far?

My cats are territorial. They don’t believe in fair politics. Though some of them were even stray cats themselves at one time, and out of mercy I adopted them. They did not learn anything from that heartbreaking experience. They hate stray cats. Whenever any stray cats get near, they growl on them. I am exposing their dirty politics. They want to keep their home and food only to themselves. They beat the shit out of other cats who occasionally visit them. So, in the morning often I find strange unknown fur in clusters at some place in my home. Evidently, of some stray cat had visited. My cats have enough food to share with others but they just don’t want to. They threaten other foreign cats and growl at them even if the other cats are bigger in size or much older to them. They don’t just respect age or ethnicity. so ungrateful and outright mean

They Even beat their Friends

If, unfortunately the stray cats get successful to win their dirty hearts what my cats do? They enjoy their friendship for some days. pretend to be normal educated people and then they turn against them. They start showing their true colors. out of greed, narrow mind or whatever I name it they growl and box the poor, homeless, weak and shabby looking stray cats. As a result, the stray cats have never been successful to live with them for long time  

Image by pexels

You are not one of us

 Without being civil, or respectful, my cats sniff the stray cats and disapprove their smell. They yell, and tell them” Just leave, you are not one of us”. How could the stray cats dare to carry that smell? Such an arrogance. Humans are only so called notorious; the real bad people are” cats”. one of my cats even declared to disapprove her sister for her smell and never accepted her all her life. She even used to beat her sister’s children after sniffing them. Only because the kittens carry the same DNA. So, mean, unkind and ugly behavior. Today I am going to expose each one of them. Please be patient and don’t get me wrong. I still love my cats and I promise to love them forever even if my cats for some strange reason decide not to love me back. I will always love them. They are my babies. Once a mother is always a mother   

Sophie‘ The ungrateful One

Though we loved Sophie like our baby but she was ungrateful. many times, she got angry at us only because we wanted her to stay in the other room. We were getting allergic to her long fur. She stopped making eye contact with us and tried to ignore us consciously like we didn’t exist anymore for her. What was our fault? She forgot our services within instant and threatened to leave home many times. She even started considering me an enemy after I gave her a bath. she was sure I tried to kill her. Never forgave me, never, poor me. Though she had faint memory of every kindness from my side but always remembered how I tried to kill her with water. Though Sophie was found dead in the corn field after she went missing for some days. I Still grieve for her to the very core of my heart

Maggie, The Clever Cat

Maggie is very dear cat to me. She has left home only because her volatile sister Alex did not want her in the home.  Occasionally she comes back. Looks like, she is adopted by someone we don’t know. This family’ vendetta’ of Alex and Maggie is a long and complicated story but equally interesting.  Maggie and Alex are two daughters of Sophie. While Alex resembles to Sophie in body and Maggie resembles in soul. Maggie’s greed has no end. Even when she has eaten enough one kind of food and satiated, she rips open the new food parcel to see what the new food looks and tastes like?

She has the evil genius mind. Always provides practical approach to problem solving. She was the only cat who knew how to rip new food package.  How to climb a high window when I did not want.  How to open the door and run out of home. She even brought mice home and asked me to dine with her. She was the only cat interested in lizards .  My other cats learnt these skills from her  

Maggie has a limit to be a Nice Mother

Yes, for sure Maggie has a limit to be nice. It is ok when it comes to the whole world. But what kind of mother would growl over her babies. Maggie growled over her babies when they asked for more milk or tried to play far from her

Alex, the volatile and the selfish one

Ther can never be another cat such selfish and volatile like Alex. Though she is the most beautiful one but we must be careful with looks.  Regal looking Alex is the most disloyal, quarrelsome, arrogant and greedy cat. She even slapped her mother Sophie, when she was just a kitten. She suspected that Sophie would eat her chicken. I say it loud now. Alex is the only cat who ever slapped her own mommy.  Sophie would never eat her children’s food. She was devoted mother. Sophie could not even imagine eating her children’s food, what on earth made Alex had that shameful thought. Sophie was heartbroken I remember. she always forgave Alex. A mother always forgives

Disloyalty Of Alex

Alex had series of boyfriends. She is such a big head diva. Being the most beautiful cat in the neighborhood spoiled her. The not- so- lucky poor guys get beaten up in the end. Ithink the greatest pride for Alex lies in beating. She learnt terrible fights from her two volatile brothers. When they were kitten, the only thing they enjoyed were fights. They dragged each other abruptly in fights. Then poor sister, Maggie always evaded them. She ran to save herself. Her siblings did not understand that Maggie was born for brains not for body. Alex caught Maggie and punched her for not fighting back. Maggie always swallowed the pride and did not fight back  

Alex, the Body Builder

Alex loves to eat, sleep. fight and courting. She is a true survivor. She has all the selfish qualities to survive. she is fearless, healthy and happy cat still. Her favorite thing is to sleep behind the curtains where nobody will disturb her

Berty, the Criminal Cat

Berty has a true criminal mind. Snatch, eat and run away. He is Maggie’s son. He used to snatch food from her sisters and many time tried to chew their paws Tutt, Tutt, Poor girls cried so hard. Justice was served one day when Maggie was watching all that and she slapped Berty on head for misbehaving

Image by pexels

Alex must have someone to beat

Alex can not Imagine that a peaceful life is lovely and interesting. How can she live without telling others that she is the queen of the clan? Nobody can ignore her highness Alex the great. In her presence no cat can dare eat until she allows. If she was absent and the party started without her, all should be ready to face the consequences. She enters the scene. Stretches her body as high as much possible without ripping it. Then she waves her tail in the air, that’s the final signal. all must stop eating, then she chooses the weakest of the clan and the not her immediate little one ….. someone must pay the price to cool down the fiery anger, so here we have one more victim. just being glad to be left alive from the mighty claws of Alex

How Jimmy Survived The selfish ‘Alex’

Jimmy is a visitor cat. He is Siamese and very talkative.  He is heavy weight adopted cat from neighborhood. He got interested in Alex and of course food too. How unlucky. He does not need to sacrifice his honor at the hands of Shameless Alex. Being extremely patient and docile by nature, he frequently comes to my home and gets both cuddles and slaps from Alex. Alex and Jimmy are completely opposite in nature and still get well together

The Itch and scratch of Alex

 If there is no one fit for beating criteria Alex beats her own Children. After licking her children few times, she abruptly stops and pounces at them.  They are grown up now and just out of respect and shame they just don’t beat her back. They leave the area in case Alex is not understanding. Then Alex sits in the posture like’ sphinx ‘I just can’t help beating


Today I needed to do character assassination of so-called my beautiful cats. Well-mannered and sophisticated ones. I just want to destroy the myth that we are one beautiful perfect family. Hopefully my cats did not escape any of my criticism that’s not constructive at all. Because I am no mood. So, I am overlooking what’s is good about my cats. The world must know the real self of these natural phenomenon called ‘Cats.  I am feeling high on the clouds, because I have insulted them that much. Now every secret is out. Though my cats can still live with me peacefully as for certain they don’t know I have proved myself a real human.  They keep on loving me and they should also accept my wrong side as the accept each other. Tonight, I can sleep peacefully my head has unloaded the all the explosives    

My cats are equally imperfect as I am an imperfect human. Sure, they cannot take pride in being innocent animals of nature. They are not innocent all the time. Sometimes they are evil too.  Nobody is perfect not even cats, ah now I remember Alex also destroyed my plants and peed over my tiny beautiful coriander. She can keep this coriander to her Highness, Alex the great   because obviously this coriander is useless for me now. SO, is there anything good about my cats?  yes, indeed they are my gorgeous, lovely babies and I will share their lovely compassionate side some other day. Today I dedicated a whole sacred hour to bring shame on my cats. To be an honest person I must speak the truth even if goes against my angelic cats


: It is them (my cats) not me who is responsible for all those prickly memories. They brought this shame on themselves. I wish I did not have to write this blog. After all, we are still a family.