Title : Our Immortal Souls

I loved you in more ways than I could comprehend myself

With you I lived immortal and too perfect moments

The moments that existed like centuries

A life better than one thousand years

The love faerie had been the most free and the wildest for us

I wish every soul goes through that precious journey of losing itself

For us the travel and the destination had the same meaning

Didn’t it start like a joke ? Darling

I wondered why you were alone

You told me to be careful

as we both were falling for each other

You knew me more than I knew myself

Until one day my heart refused to beat without you

You told me my text caused your heart skip a beat

And I wondered why ?

Is all love that naive ? Darling

Then our love stood on a cloud for all to watch

We defied all the traditions of race , religions and ethnicity

Love has nothing to do with them

I was not a damsel in distress and you were not a knight in an armour

Yet we both , saved each other

Our immortal souls had been in love for time unknown

Poem by :Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday, Sep, 13, 2022

This Mauve Morning

This mauve morning pretty like a butterfly

Lacks your color in it

The morning breeze knocked at my window

But I did not open for it , for you are not here

Your morning smile and fragrance are just a memory now

Without you though life goes on but I don’t wear red dress and braids anymore

The sunrises are so sneaky when there is no wait for you on the breakfast table

“Without you I would die ” was the most talked about phrase between us

Darling , we both survived it

I just stopped painting flowers and birds

All the mauve mornings and pink days go without you

I wonder if you know how does it feel when nobody asks ” How was your day , darling ? ”

For sure you know there can be nobody other than you

When I spend the days and nights without “our kind of time ”

The days are longer and nights stare at me .

Poem by; Ruqia Ismat

The, Aug 30 , 2022

Only My Heart Knows

Only my heart knows how the

Fullness of your lips feel

When you kiss me

Again only my heart knows

How pretty your perfect teeth are

Behind your lips

I don’t even know how ? When and why

Lovely things take place between

You and I, darling .

Since there are no questions

Only sparkly and rosy blooms

Keep taking place around us .

Thank you darling for imparting to me

Parts of your body , mind and soul

I will retain them forever where

They belong now

You make my heart racing and

My mind foggy with your warm kisses

My eyes get moist with joy

And I can’t believe that the

travel can be more beautiful than

My destiny

Then I feel how humble and sophisticated

At the same time , your love is

Darling ,that makes you even more precious to me .

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

August 20th., 2022

The Fireflies of Reminiscences

Looking at the full moon brings back so much

Can you recall darling?

How roses looked mysterious in the


I dreamt to be your muse once

Only in red dress

And you knew why

Our fantasies were never less adorable

Than our realities

In my memory, oh darling

We are still together

Like a couple dancing eternally

In the ballroom

What is most beautiful about memories

The certainty of occurring

Your kind voice is long gone

My sweetheart

Only echoes are ringing in the ears

I know my heart has better memories

than my mind

Suddenly I open my fist and

Let go of all the fireflies

Of reminiscences

My eyes start showering

My burning heart

Handful of pearls roll down

My face and I feel the odd coolness

Some tears are dismal for losing you

And others are glad for loving you.

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

August 16, 2022.

Happy new week my dear kind fellows. God bless you always .🙏💓💕

The inspiration I took from several vintage pieces of art. Then I created this oriental girl. My mixed media portrait.🙂🙂👌🙏💓


What a lovely cow I have

She is sporty and naive

Her dear name is Molly

Why does mama calls her jolly?

Her squishy tail is way too long

But legs are short and strong

She dozes and yawns

Then sleeps at dawns

My cats are frightened by her “Moo “

Molly says ” send them to a zoo”

She gets mad and speaks louder

Poor cats shriek and meow harder

She then chases all my little chicks

Butts them with her head and strikes with a horn

My dog wonders, why was Molly even born

When it’s time for her grub

Plenty she wants also with a rub

Then she tries to squat and bow

She forgets that she is a cow

Her best friends are squirrels

With whom she dances and twirls

People who assume her vain and naughty

I call them sure shot haughty

When Molly gets furious at her shadow

She dashes blindly and stops at a meadow

Whoever has a life simple and bland

Must buy a cow and withstand

Sunday, August 14 th, 2022

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

The Heartbreak

”You can love me only if

you can take the heartbreak

He said with such a faithful voice

”Then what is the point of all of it

What do you choose now ?

I wish it was not true

Can we change the rules of life ? ;;”

”We cant live well enough

If we carry fearful hearts and if

Love is destined for a heartbreak

You and I are not to blame

Darling , don’t fear to love me ”

I assured him

”Instead , fear not to love ,

it is not prudent to stop

living today

for an impending death tomorrow

They were so afraid to trespass

that they stopped loving life

What is forgiveness then ?

We can never be perfect

We need to move onward

before we are no longer

you and I ”

Note . poem by Ruqia Ismat

Fri, Aug 12, 2022.

Happy New Week my dear kind fellows. God bless you always .🙏🙂👍

Today I completed this tiny portrait of an Indian veteran actress ” Sadhna ” (1941). She is such a gorgeous human being. I painted her portrait because her hometown is my hometown.

This is an acrylic and color pencils portrait.💕😍🙏🙂👍

Good day to you my dear kind fellows. I am grateful to God for bestowing upon us all the colors that are such a joy for our eyes. The following painting is nothing except arrangement of colours in certain order.😀👍💗

My water color and color pencils portrait of Empress Victoria of Germany (1840_1901 )

Happy Tuesday my dear kind fellows. God bless you always.🙏💗🙂

Here is my watercolor and color pencils artwork. The year 2018.The time when I adopted my first cat daughter, Sophie. Sophie was gray Persian punch face cat. Unlike this drawing.

After almost a year, in 2019, Sophie went missing and then found dead in the fields. I buried her with my scarf and mourned her death for three days. She changed my heart for the better forever. She was one of the most sensitive, intelligent and talkative girl. To describe who Sophie was I would have to write a whole book. Now I have fourth generation of Sophie and I respect them for their great grandmother.

Is that a sad story? Yes but it had to take place. Without sad stories our lives are incomplete. I would adopt Sophie again even if she dies again.💕🙏💗🙂 I don’t know why but sometimes I still wait for Sophie to return in my life. Regards 🙏💕