In the Wilderness with Charles Darwin

Last Monday I decide to meet Charles Darwin once for all. Somebody told me that he was studying and researching under a huge tree in the wilderness. Google map helped me finding his location.  Since he left so much chaos behind him through his theory of evolution, he did not have time to organize what he scattered.  We have been devastated by his demolition of ancient biological order among humanity.

 What was he up to?

 I could not trust that man. Maybe he was searching again to discover, something bigger than evolution theory, that could prove another blow to humanity. I told him that his theory brought disgrace to humanity. His breaking news broke many fragile hearts. We are still gluing shattered hearts. Religious hearts are more broken than the others.

Some hearts are more hurt than others

Although it all happened long time ago, we have not yet recovered.  As a consequence, we are in doubt about our origin.  Elders were already trying very hard to make young ones religious and fear God.  Darwin ‘you proved to be a pied piper and tried to seduce thinking minds.  I have honestly suggested to some people to accept your theory. Better to be heartbroken than to be mined broken. I have come to you to place my complaints here.

The humanity has always been accused of not trying enough to rise to grace. Now it is lying flat on grass. Nobody is trying to be human again. The heavy weight baboons are sitting on humanity. We have decided that humanity deserves some reinforcement from you. A theory is just a theory. Eventually, I am here to talk to you on the behalf of others. Following are the consequences of your scientific efforts.

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People are Angry with God

Your theory set fire to the hearts of people. They lost self-esteem. Before you, they were proud of humanity but now, they feel contaminated and ashamed. Is not that enough? Some people even said that you have been responsible for their frail relationship with God. First, they were sad for being expelled from heaven, now they are mad too.  Obviously being sad was better than being mad.

Some People are more Monkeys than the Monkeys Themselves

Yes, lot of people are using hair removing creams. The market shelves are over flowing with hair removing stuff, wax, tweezers, creams, electric hair removers etc., Even some clinics are offering laser therapies to help evolution move ahead. They don’t want to have anything to do with monkeys. Though some are more monkeys than monkeys themselves. Any resemblance with monkeys puts them off. The person who is hairier instantly comes under suspicion.

Some Even avoid eating Banana in the Public

Yes true, one of my cousins took it to her heart, she stopped eating bananas. People are avoiding eating bananas in public. Especially if someone has big jaw, he or she eats bananas at home.

People have lost interest in Heaven

I met some people who told me that they lost interest in heaven because they absolutely believe, there is no remote chance of monkeys going to  heaven. So, they are not working on their heavenly project any more.

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I can’t die with human grace

I had a complete plan of dying with human grace. You have destroyed it. There are others whose burials plans have been disturbed. They think nobody can’t die with human grace. Humanity was something they always took pride in. Now, all because of your theory this has happened.

People are not doing any effort to be human again

People have stopped trying to be better in humanity.  Some even lost interest in their own species. Some are afraid that what if aliens also discover their true origin. So why did not you keep it secret at the first place?  

Some are even apprehensive to leave the wilderness

Only because of your discovery, both monkeys and humans are running away from each other. There is lesser acceptance between the two. Humans hate their past and monkeys are afraid of their future.  Monkeys are scared and they have decided to live forever in the wilderness. They do not want to be human. they know the consequences. Especially, they will lose their happiness of life. Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, suicide all human diseases are scaring them.  All animals are happy except humans. Now it is clear like a day light.

Science and religion will clash until eternity

This debate and tug of war between science and religion will go on and on. There seems no common ground between them. Though some believe there is. But you started this clash  at the first place . We are already sick of wars. You introduced new war.

Some are going back to live off grid

Some humans felt it is useless to be human or live in cities and pay taxes. They are planning to go back to wilderness and mend their broken relation with nature. They are sure nature will provide them with everything.  They are going off grid and eat, sleep walk and run with nature. They will face hard life and fall ill, also because of you.

Cracking the code

Recently, maybe last December a scientist discovered a code on the DNA of a baby born in Himalaya region. The baby looked very unique. They checked his DNA. They found strange code. After working whole year, they were successful in cracking the code apparently. One scientist said “it read “Darwin is right’ the other scientist said No, the code read” Darwin is Tight”.

 The debate is on R or T. Others cannot even interpret what does the word tight mean. The word tight has different meanings in different versions of English. The code solved nothing.

 There is again an endless debate on it. The third party of scientists called both of them pseudo-scientists who have lot of money to waste on fake research. So, they want to establish their superiority on the world.  

How many human species and tertiary races?

It is a big mess now. First theory of evolution and then discovery of so many human or humanoid people. And then the outer shell of all these different races. They are trying to annihilate each other. Though such people get guidance neither from science nor religion.  There is again no consensus on’ who should abolish who’.  Until the fog clears, we will see who survives.