Trigger warning . This is about real grief . My 52 years old cousin recently lost her , 24 years old son to meningitis . I visited her at the funeral of her son. The depth of her grief can’t be put into words . I just tried .

My Name is Mother

Yes , I don’t have any other name

Because I don’t need the one

Being a mother was always enough for me

An unknown world snatched my poor heart

Then I became a ghost myself to be one with my child

Can’t there be only a window between me and him ?

I want to see him , I promise I will not ask for more

You can see a big black hole at the place of my heart

It is the same for every mother ,who loses her child

I did not have the eyes to bury him, I wonder who did ?

Please let me know it is only a bad dream and it will end soon

But every morning I wake up and it is the same

Perhaps my child is gone outside to play and he will be back

Sometimes I see him sitting next to me

He says , Mom , don’t believe them , I am not dead or gone ”

please , let me sleep forever

Maybe sleep and death are sisters .

The departed son of my cousin .

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday , Oct 25.

This Water From The Sky

This devastation is beyond any measure

I wish it was only a bad dream

The ruthless water kept pouring from the sky

Houses , fields , animals and small children just swept away

They watched their heaven being dissolved into mud by mere water

The mighty torrents snatched their land and livelihood from them

They had to surrender all to water from above

All they had, kept running away from them , was it real they doubted

Water a necessity, water a commodity , water a life source , water their old friend

Betrayed them and robbed them from all

Water gave them the distress they would never forget

They even wondered where to burry their dead ones

As there was no dry land left for graves

The life was beautiful and natural only a few days ago

Fathers and brothers worked in their fields

Mothers and grandmas fed and patted their dear animals

Sisters were spreading new embroidered covers on kitchen shelves

All gone , all gone and demolished on a massive scale

Let me wipe your tears my dear human kind

For our hearts are now the only dry land left between you and I

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Saturday , August , 2022.

Note : cilmate -induced rains have recently caused floods and destruction on massive scale in Pakistan . There has been loss of both properties and lives beyond any measure . Being a very sensitive person I have written this poem on the current situation .

 Abducted to Heaven

Quiet, holy and melancholic

Was the air

Wrapped in shroud rested that angel

With a trembling heart, I beheld her

The lifeless and bruised lips muffled

See! I am that cheeky girl

I frightened your cats away

See! I lived amongst you

For quite a brief interval

Yes, I annoyed people with one thing

Or the other

I was the clown, I was the monster

I could alarm both pigeon and rooster

Why the screams you are keeping?

The hearts are sinking and eyes are weeping

I was the lamb in wolf’s clothing

Look! I had Only 7 summers to play

 My friends will go to school

 without delay

No more running barefoot, no more swearing  

No more fights and no more yelling,

Listen dear girl

The truth is we have forgotten to sleep,

 dine or even smiling feels cheap

We do not know how to console

Your grieving mother

You left a space that nobody can take

 Your little friends at the funeral

Can not grasp

That you took a giant leap

From life to death

It is not hide and seek


You have been abducted to heaven

Note : Last Wednesday, April 20th,2022 unfortunately a 7 years old girl died accidently . She died of electric shock and burns by some home appliance . Her sudden death has shocked us all . This sad poem I have written about her .