Happy Friday my dear precious fellows.

Mudhouse of wasps on my rooftop. This one is quite old. Maybe from time unknown. Planet earth home to all life. 🌲đŸĩ🌹đŸŒŗđŸĨ€đŸŒ´đŸŒąđŸ’ŽđŸŒ¸đŸŒˇ

Happy Monday My dear kind WordPress neighbours. đŸ˜đŸ˜„

Touching the tail is a big offense for my cats. Grandma Alex and grandson Ambrie are in this video. Ambry will touch everything that moves, not his fault, just an instinct. Grandma should know. The same thing Alex did with her mother Sophie years back and Sophie spanked Alex. When instinct rules, lessons are never learned. To learn a lesson we need bigger brains than our instincts. My cats had the power to change me. I learned selfless service, humbleness, patience, and accepting a sense of loss and grief when anyone of my cat died. I adopted cats in 2018.

Blessed Thursday to all of you. Thanks to Almighty God who granted me another day to live.

I feel great to share my life with my fellow beings. May God enable me always to do good until I am living on the outer surface of the earth. This vintage-inspired piece of art I did almost two years back. Why I am talking biggg words? Because I am feeling these. There are some days in my life when I take a bungee jump with Rumi into the spiritual world. 😁😂đŸ¤Ŗ🤔🙏🙏🙏

Happy Sunday. God bless you all.

When we are growing old we know about life too much. Knowing about life too much sometimes is not good for health. Clouds shouted ” we are here ” . just ” be ” there and watch us ” so I offered some moments of my life to them. 🌹🌱💮🌸đŸĨ€đŸŒēđŸŒģđŸŒŗ🌷đŸŒŗ💐🤩😍💐🙏🤸‍♂ī¸â›šī¸â€â™‚ī¸đŸĻ„đŸ†đŸ•Š

Happy Thursday my dear kind fellows.

These are my summer tenants. Building their first home this year. Last summer they built a big settlement just above our gate and gave us some annoying time. Still I love them for some mysterious reason.

Little dude at my home. The size of my finger nail. In the close up looks a giant. When I released it, it ran back to the place it was hiding.

Earth is our homeland and so to other amazing life.