Happy Friday my dear precious fellows.

Mudhouse of wasps on my rooftop. This one is quite old. Maybe from time unknown. Planet earth home to all life. 🌲đŸĩ🌹đŸŒŗđŸĨ€đŸŒ´đŸŒąđŸ’ŽđŸŒ¸đŸŒˇ

Happy Sunday. God bless you all.

When we are growing old we know about life too much. Knowing about life too much sometimes is not good for health. Clouds shouted ” we are here ” . just ” be ” there and watch us ” so I offered some moments of my life to them. 🌹🌱💮🌸đŸĨ€đŸŒēđŸŒģđŸŒŗ🌷đŸŒŗ💐🤩😍💐🙏🤸‍♂ī¸â›šī¸â€â™‚ī¸đŸĻ„đŸ†đŸ•Š