Happy Thursday to all of you . 🙏😁😃

My water color artwork . One of my early work in this medium . 🙏🙂 I can’t make this again . I have improved much in art . The strange thing is I can’t make my early work again . It was made with a brain that I don’t have now. Therefore these early artworks have some value for me .

Playing around with different versions of my painting . Acrylic semi abstract artwork . The first one is the original one and exists in physical form .

Have a nice day my dear kind fellows . My acrylic painting original “Rumi” in his meditative world .

The following images are the digital effects on my painting .

Stay blessed always . 🙏😍😃

Happy new week my dear kind fellows . God bless you always .

My mixed media artwork that I love to share with you . 🙏😃 My art brings me joy and peace .

Happy Saturday my dear kind fellows . My abstract painting .

Mixed media art. Acrylic, watercolor and color pencils .

My butter swan with homemade butter .

I wanted to sculpt something that could be interesting and not much difficult as a beginner . So I came up with that idea of making a swan . Butter being white was naturally helpful. In the molding process , I had to place the butter in the freezer every now and then. It was my first sculpture of butter so far. 😃😁

Happy Thursday my dear fellows. God bless our souls with peace always.

In April 2019, when the fire broke out in Notre Dame Cathedral, I painted this watercolor artwork. Looks so simple an art but took me more time than an average painting I do. But I am glad for my effort.

Happy Saturday! Peace be with you

An acrylic portrait of my late cat sallu. He was bubbly and playful. Invited everyone to have a play fight. Even me. He had a wonderful lovely life. He lies buried near my western window. From there I look at his place. In the backdrop of time, I can see past present, and future fusing their borders. He achieved the milestone that’s at some distance from me. 🙏🙏🙏”Love you forever sallu. ” your amber eyes still glow at my heart. You graced the walls of our home. Since you left the walls are not that beautiful but life is ok 😍🤩”

He was the son of my cat Alex. Apart from Alex, he had only my love. On earth, among humans he is remembered and cherished only by me. I celebrate the lives of all my cats. 😀😃😄