A beautiful night descending on my city . Picture taken from my rooftop . I felt like hugging the whole horizon . Well , I felt like being someone like a witch too ??? 😃😃 Smile plz.

Men like you

He sits alone in his room at midnight

Having dreams as bright as his youthful eyes

His inventions take forms of drafts and sketches

And his eyes begin to sparkle

A satisfactory smile adorns his dry lips

Then a sigh of peace spreads in the darkness

Would the world even appreciate his evergreen spirit ?

Would his hardwork of years receive due respect ?

Or just taken for granted ?

His struggle to make a difference in the lives of poor countrymen is so precious

Happily he wards off a dream of luxury life for himself

For him the real life means to live for others

Never give up on them my dear !

For men like you are not born every day

Your Kind Of Love

Your kind of love is the only one , I long for ,even today

Your kind of beauty ,my heart absorbed and wanted to keep forever

Even after so many years , yours is the love so vivid that I can almost touch it

For some it might be an insanity

Your kind of insanity, was the one that revealed a vast world of reality to me

Though you may not have known it

Your kind of love gave my heart a new faith

The fabulous intensity of your love ,made me loyal to you in life and death

Until I was able to mend all the broken links of my heart

Our love may have become a distant illusion for your weary mind

For sure , that illusion is the rare wealth between you and I

I am the faerie whose whispers you often try to catch in your long summer days

In all my dark times your bright smile is still my rock

How sweet was your magical aura ,that allured me into a misty world

Thank you for loving my wayward heart and mystic mind

Poem by Ruqia Ismat


When I Miss You!

Image from pexels. Com

Darling, when I miss you as hell

Logic and rationale have lost their spell

The wisdom has left my side and went to hide

My intellect looks timid, then screams for disguise

I yearn for your beloved countenance and ache for your glorious voice

The prudent mind yet mocked at when heart made that odd choice

Your absence, darling shreds my spirit

I see it disintegrating bit by bit

Now I wonder if your recollections can deliver me from this hit?

The agonising moments linger with such a sluggish pace

Don’t I deserve some compassion or grace?

The clock ticks in a sinister and bizarre tone

The world has never been sufficiently known

Life is an enormous and scary game

You, me or nobody else is to blame

For sure, they list me as a lunatic in love

Darling I smile, then embrace all the above

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Sunday, 7 August, 2022.

Animals love us more than we love them. So do dogs. Let’s end cruelty against animals in the world, even through smallest voice.💕🙏🙌💓💗❤️


My photography on my last birthday . My son gifted me these roses . 😁😃🙏

My mixed media art from 2018. Added more years and colors &Touched again today.

Roses have long stories to tell. 🥺🙏🙏🌹🥀🌺🌼🌻🌷🌸💐💮

My cat Alex had two kittens last week. She delivered them at an unknown place but then brought them home yesterday.

These lovely softballs reduce the stress about life. The black kitten absolutely hates my touch. But the white one lets me touch him and then observes me closely. At this point black one calls him back ( stupid come back she is not mom ) then the white one protests. And I let him go

They have strict lifeguard policies. They trust me more when their mom is around me and if I pick them up in the presence of their mom, they are quiet. Years of keeping cats made me understand them. Now I can write a book about their behavior. 😄🥰🤩💓👶👶🐈🐈🐈

Happy Monday My dear kind WordPress neighbours. 😁😄

Touching the tail is a big offense for my cats. Grandma Alex and grandson Ambrie are in this video. Ambry will touch everything that moves, not his fault, just an instinct. Grandma should know. The same thing Alex did with her mother Sophie years back and Sophie spanked Alex. When instinct rules, lessons are never learned. To learn a lesson we need bigger brains than our instincts. My cats had the power to change me. I learned selfless service, humbleness, patience, and accepting a sense of loss and grief when anyone of my cat died. I adopted cats in 2018.

Happy Sunday my dear kind fellows.

Watercolor minimalist line art. This one I did last winter.