When I Miss You!

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Darling, when I miss you as hell

Logic and rationale have lost their spell

The wisdom has left my side and went to hide

My intellect looks timid, then screams for disguise

I yearn for your beloved countenance and ache for your glorious voice

The prudent mind yet mocked at when heart made that odd choice

Your absence, darling shreds my spirit

I see it disintegrating bit by bit

Now I wonder if your recollections can deliver me from this hit?

The agonising moments linger with such a sluggish pace

Don’t I deserve some compassion or grace?

The clock ticks in a sinister and bizarre tone

The world has never been sufficiently known

Life is an enormous and scary game

You, me or nobody else is to blame

For sure, they list me as a lunatic in love

Darling I smile, then embrace all the above

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Sunday, 7 August, 2022.

10 Most common Insect Bites to look Out for the Summer

As soon as the summer is here, we tend to spend more outdoor time. That also means the annoying critters get the more opportunity to bite or sting us. In this article I have discussed ten most common insect bites and how to deal with them.  In case we get bitten, a red bump appears on the skin, along with swelling, pain and burning sensation. These are the most common symptoms of insect bites. We may experience some of them or all of them. Fortunately, these symptoms are only localized and stay for short period of time.

Photo by Egor Kamelev on Pexels.com

 What is anaphylactic Reaction?

Some people are hypersensitive to insect bites. People may have family history of allergies to particular insect bites. Though the general symptoms of insect bites are easily treatable with antihistamines, and anti-itching creams but sometimes the reaction goes too far.  For example, if the patient feels difficulty in breathing, hives on skin and throat swelling, this emergency is called anaphylactic reaction. They need to see a doctor.

Here I have discussed well-known insect bites and how to deal with them.

Mosquito Bites

 Mosquitoes are notoriously annoying insects. They are capable of spreading horrible diseases. Though most of the time, a person will experience just a red spot and itchy skin. Mosquitoes live on blood. Therefore, they can transfer on many viral diseases including Dengue, Zika, West Nile, Malaria and yellow fever.

In case of allergic reaction to mosquito bites, people may experience skin hives, blisters, vomiting and difficulty breathing. If this happens to you, see a doctor.

 Also, you need medical treatment if you develop a fever, body aches, headache, or any other signs of viral infection after a bite,

Photo by Hiu1ebfu Hou00e0ng on Pexels.com

Bee Stings

Bee stings usually hurt us mildly. Bees don’t bite, they sting us only once, after that a bee dies. It is known fact that some people are very allergic to bee’s venom of stings. Therefore, they need immediate medical treatment after a sting. Bees attack us only when we pose danger to them. We must know the signs and symptoms of severe allergic reaction of bees’ venom, because they prove life threatening to some people. 

Bees are very active during summer season; we must be cautious of them.

First Aid for a Bee Sting   

If you are stung by a bee, immediately wash the area with a mild soap and water. Then remove the tiny stinger with tweezer, fingernail or gauze. The next step is to soothe the pain and swelling with ice pack. After it some antiseptic would be enough to prevent an infection.  In case of severe allergy, the person must seek medical emergency care.    

Photo by Mark Vegera on Pexels.com

Spider Bites

Thousands of spiders’ crawl around in our environment but only few of them are potentially harmful for us.  The harmful ones are black widow, brown widow and tarantula. If we are bitten by a spider, we will get a red bump and itching most of the time.  We must Pursue medical help if bitten by them. Following are simple precautionary measures to protect ourselves from spider bites.

  •  Do not place your hands on spaces where spiders can be hiding.
  •  Shake out dresses, towels, beddings, Shoes before using them.
  • Find some medical help right away if you are bitten by black or brown widow spider. Though, very few people get the intense pain and cramping of a widow spider bite.  

First Aid

  • Most spider bites are poisonous and can be treated at home.
  •  wash the bite area with soap and water and apply an antibiotic ointment
  •   use a cold compress to reduce any pain and swelling,
  •  And keep your arms or legs raised if that is where you were bitten.
  • Take some over the counter pain reliever, and antihistamine
Photo by Erik Karits on Pexels.com

Tick Bites;

Ticks are small, flat eight-legged parasites related to spiders, they crawl out on vegetation and extend their hooked front legs to latch onto passing animals and people. Ticks can be compared to mosquitoes for spreading disease. For example, in the US, ticks are responsible for spreading Lyme disease, West Nile, rocky mountain spotted fever, and tularemia to humans. For protection wear insect repellents when outdoors in areas where ticks might be. Treat pets with a flea and tick regime.  

Some Common Symptoms

Most of these illnesses spread by ticks have common symptoms.

  • All tick diseases have classic flu-like symptoms
  •  Some have a rash
  • In most cases the tick bites can be treated with antibiotics, but they have to be rightfully diagnosed
  • Bed bug Bites;

As the name suggests, these are the bugs or insects that live and hide in beds or other furniture. They bite us inside our very homes. Bed bugs are small in size, almost four to five millimeter in length, flat and brown. They are blood suckers. Naturally they bite at night, during sleep. They spread very secretly, and it is really hard to get rid of them without the help of pest control experts.  

The mode of attack of bed bugs

When bed bugs latch themselves to our skin, we don’t feel the bite. The reason is that they inject an anesthetic. Some people get a very bad reaction to their bites, while others do not. Although, they don’t infect us with any disease, but they are quite annoying. Some people develop bite marks but usually disappear in days. Just do not scratch the bite mark. An anti-itch and antiseptic lotions may help. If you have allergic reaction like difficulty in breathing, get medical help.

Photo by Linda Prebreza on Pexels.com

Flea Bites

When we let our pets outside, they get fleas and then bring these inside homes.  So naturally we are most likely to run into fleas because of our pests. These fleas can bite us as well. Following are the important points about flea bites; 

  • You will see little red bumps if you have been bitten by fleas. Typically, there will be three bumps together, usually on your feet band ankles.
  •  It is important that you do not scratch flea bites.
  • Fleas defecate when they bite you, itching can pull bacteria into the skin and cause an infection.
  • Itching is the most basic symptom of flea bites, although if you are allergic, you may have breathing problems. Infected bite areas may swell and fill with pus. Oral antihistamine or topical ointments or lotions, can help with itching and allergic reactions.
  •  Do not take hot showers or baths, which can increase the itching.
  •  Fleas are typically more of a misery than a health threat, but in some areas of the country, they can transmit potentially life-threatening plague and hantavirus.  

Chigger Bites in Summer

 Chiggers have several names like berry bugs, spider mites, harvest mites, and red bugs. Their bites are red and itchy and look like pimples or blisters. They are usually found around the soft skin areas like waist, ankles or warm skin folds. The spots get bigger and itchier over the following days and often appear in clusters

         Chiggers are mites that suspend on vegetation, waiting for you to pass by. Rubbing up       against infested plants allows chiggers to attach to your clothes and make their way to your skin.

Chigger Larva

Chiggers attack humans only during larval stage. They burrow deep into the top layer of skin, secrete saliva, then suck up the dissolved skin cells. Chigger larvae attach to a host, but do not burrow into flesh. the itching from a chigger bite does not begin until three or more hours after the feeding. the itchy red welts that signify their presence typically appear only after these pests have dropped off.  They do not remain attached to their hosts for more than a few days. chiggers feed on liquified skin cells for days.

The bites usually do not hurt but they do itch, starting within a couple of hours and getting worse over the next few days. The itch will decrease in a few days and the red spots will fade in one to two weeks. Scrubb the area with soap and water then try  calamine lotion or antiitch cream. An antihistamine can also reduce the itching

Ant Bites in Summer

 Ants only enter intohome,looking for food or water. If we come very close to them, they are most likely to bite us. So, do not leave any kind of edibles out. Even the smallest food particles are enough for a swarm of ants.

  • Of all the different varieties of ants, fire ant bites may be the most detestable. Not only do ant bites hurt and sting, they also itch. They can also turn red, swell, and fill with pus. The best thing to do is wash the bite area with soap and water. Then put an ice pack on the affected area.  Try antihistamines to suppress itching.
  • As long as you are not allergic, you will be back to normal in a few hours. But, if you are allergic, you may have trouble breathing or feel your mouth swell and your heart rate race up. If that happens, call your doctor or get to an emergency room.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Wasp stings

During hot summer days, wasps seem to be everywhere outdoors. Wasp stinging is very common. These stings are painful but most people recover quickly without any further trouble. Wasps are equipped by nature with stingers for self-defense. These stings have venom.  Wasps transmit the venom to their victims. Wasp venom can cause substantial pain and irritation. The initial sensation is sharp pain with burning and swelling of the area.

Wasp Allergy

It is also possible to have a serious reaction if you are allergic to the venom. In either case, quick treatment is vital for easing symptoms and complications.

The majority of people without sting allergies will show only minor symptoms during and after a wasp sting, the initial sensation can include sharp piercing pain or burning at the sting site. Redness and swelling and itching can arise as well.

When you look at the affected area you will find a raised welt, with a tiny white mark in the middle.

In case of allergy, extreme redness and swelling increases for two or three days. Even vomiting can also occur. Let your doctor know your large local reaction to wasp sting. They may direct you to take an over-the-counter antihistamine medication to reduce your discomfort.

Anaphylaxis after Wasp Sting

Anaphylaxis occurs when your body goes into a quick shock in response to wasp sting. Its reaction to venom. It is important to seek immediate emergency care to treat anaphylaxis symptoms of anaphylaxis are as under.

  • Breathing difficulty
  • Dizziness
  • Swelling of lips, tongue or face Breathing difficulty
  • Formation of hives on the skin Loss of consciousness
  • Stomach cramps
  • Vomiting

There is possibility to experience all or some of these symptoms after a wasp sting.  Anaphylaxis is a medical emergency that needs instantaneous treatment.

How to Treat mild reaction

  • Wash the affected area with soap and water to eliminate as much of the venom as possible
  • Use a cold pack to diminish the swelling and pain
  • Use calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream for itching and skin irritation
Photo by Sharath G. on Pexels.com

Scorpion Stings

Scorpionsarenight time predators that eat insects and other scorpions. Though they are generally terrifying looking with their pincers and stinger on their segmented tail. So, a scorpion never bites, it stings.  If a person develops some alarming symptom, they should go to the doctor

Though scorpion stings are quite painful, but majority do not require special medical treatment. most of the times washing the sting site, applying ice pack and using a painkiller will successfully handle the wound. It is not uncommon that the pain and numbness may linger for days.

The Severe Symptoms of scorpion sting

These symptoms include uncontrolled jerking, difficulty in breathing, wild eye movements, muscle twitching and drooling. these severe symptoms are caused by scorpion venom that may disrupt the nervous system of the person. In such cases the affected person must get medical treatment.

These are some important facts about scorpions

  • There are several species of scorpions, but only few have venom that is life-threatening.  
  • Scorpions do not attack; they only defend themselves. So, we need to stay away from them.
  • If scorpions enter our home, they would hide anywhere, for example, laundry, shoes, boxes, beddings, even in the crevices of walls.

So, I think we already know how can we protect ourselves from scorpion stings. We must seal all their entry points


Though insect bites may occur any time of the year, but we notice that these insect bites or bug bites pick up in summer, when we stay more outdoors. Almost all bug bites look similar. But everyone’s immune system reacts differently. Moderate itching, pain, and swelling are normal but if you experience more severe symptoms, you should see your doctor. Insects can even transfer diseases through bites or stings. So, its necessary to have some knowledge about them.

Nyla Spends an Afternoon with a Gorilla

Nyla and Karem were visiting their aunt Nudrat in the provincial capital. Nyla was happy to spend some days in that big city. Each day both husband and wife visited some new place. They wanted to enjoy and create beautiful memories together. Their Aunt guided them for what places were worth visiting. Nyla got excited to meet all her animal long lost relatives at one place. For her, it was like going to a wedding party where she always met a great diversity of people, that otherwise was not possible. All was going well until they reached the zoo.

Nyla Discovers Herself

Since Aunt Nudrat had suggested the zoo. Nyla geared up with long eared crochet cap with a bunny face, and leopard print pants and a handbag with a cat’s tail. She was looking damn cute. Aunt Nudrat could not be always be right when it comes to the after math of things with Nyla. Nyla discovered the hidden corners of her heart and mind in the zoo. She loved all animals but she especially felt connected with a gorilla. Though the gorilla still remained a gorilla but Nyla was an altered person when the zoo visit ended. She happened to gain the knowledge about the animals.  Similarly, the animals provided her an insight about herself. Let us see what happened with Nyla in the Zoo.  

What Happened at the Zoo?

 There were more visitors in the zoo than usual. It was a weekend. Nyla was now like Alice in the wonderland. She felt the animals were cared well. At some points she even felt the animals were lucky to have that easy life. It was all on surface. That they were enjoying a good life. All of them looked healthy too.  Nyla came face to face what changed her mind and showed her the reality of her own kind.  She did not even mind them being locked in, living at an artificially created natural habitat. Would Nyla love that for herself? Would she exchange her free life with an artificial so-called easy life? Nyla felt, perhaps, humanity had already created a big zoo for themselves, replacing every natural thing with another synthetic one.

Nyla was Metamorphosing Unexpectedly, for Some Reason She Felt Stupid

 After having enough good time with lovely animals at the zoo, Nyla felt animals had made her day wonderful. But then, her mind rebelled and it was out of control. She had to let it go for a while. Her conscience started hurting, she tried to ignore. She did not want to ruin good time. She thought that she was over thinking about the zoo animals. But then she gave up and unleashed her uncontrollable thoughts, reasoning and emotions.  Suddenly a thought popped in that animals did not belong to the zoo. Neither did they deserve captivity and imprisonment.

Nyla Tried to Replace Painful Thoughts with Ice Cream

 Nyla knew it was time to sooth her disturbed mind. Whenever she felt hurt, she needed her lovely ice cream to embalm her mind. She pushed aside her thoughts but then she had to give up. She told Karem that she needed an ice cream immediately. Karem knew it was an emergency. Then came a rushing thought to Nyla ‘’ animals do have their natural habitat’’ Nyla told Karem she needed a bigger cup now.   Then came another fortified thought ‘animals do have feelings and intelligence ‘’ Nyla said please, karem hurry up I need my favorite peach flavored big cup now. Her mind froze and she needed to thaw it. ‘’ She fought with it by thinking that tomorrow she would do some shopping. Then came the last raging thought ‘’why animals were even there just because human think they are smarter than animals.’’ Nyla felt helpless at the thought that had perhaps ruined a lovely day. Then karem left to complete her sweet mission.  

Photo by Nejc Kou0161ir on Pexels.com

What Was Happening to Nyla?

Nyla started wondering that would she ever be a normal human being, like a regular one, like others. why was it necessary that she was always different from others? and being different deprived her from certain ease with life. Anyway, Nyla came back to the present world around her when some little boy started laughing at a paraquets flutter. Nyla also smiled and she felt at peace. She felt that she was really over thinking about the zoo animals. Who knows maybe they are happier than us -humans at our homes?  They were having food and shelter and even meds without any effort on their part. Are we all happy? or do all of us even have homes? That was the question that made her more thoughtful. Happiness never comes easy. One thing was certain only in that whole world of uncertainty.  Nyla knew she was a different person, not the same who had entered the zoo few minutes ago.

The last Cage and The Smart Animal

While karem was away, Nyla decided to spend some time with the last animal in the last cage. The cage was one of the biggest in the zoo and there sat a big gorilla. Karem got late, so Nyla happened to spend more time than expected. Nyla could have nice time observing that gorilla, who had so much common with us. She decided to have an interview of the inmate.

Did He fail to Qualify Only with Few Points?

Nyla got closer to the cage of that gorgeous gorilla. As soon as she sat down, she saw the things about the gorilla, she did not observe before. The animal was more like us than she actually knew. She felt that she had insulted the gorilla in her mind’s corner. After all being a human being comes with much advanced degree of evolution. The gorilla seemed to achieve most of it, though not all of it.   She knew the poor animal was having hard time. Not happy at all. He had no network of communication with his own kind. A boring life without any smart gadget, maybe sad or frustrated, he was.  She sat there for quite some time but the gorilla never once looked at her. She had to start the conversation herself. This conversation can be called an interview.                                             

Nyla: How are you?

Gorilla; How do I look to you?

Nyla; You don’t look happy.

Gorilla; Do I have an option?  How the hell you can even think that?

Nyla; I am excited to see you

Gorilla; I don’t think it is a question. But I am sick of looking at hundreds of bald faces every day.

Nyla; Why don’t you look at me.

Gorilla; Because you are one of them.

Nyla; one of who?

Gorilla; Do not play innocent, you know exactly what I mean. What a disgusting life I have just to amuse the noisy crowds every day.

Nyla; You see! children they are cheered up and excited when they look at you. You are doing a service.

Gorilla. ok, then would you take my place only for a day?

Nyla shivered at this answer, she tried to compose herself and posed another question.

Nyla; I think even then children love you. They want to see you here not me.

Gorilla; What? Children did not lock me here. Also keep your peas into their pods. They are the best among you. If they know, what you know about me, they would send me back to where I belong.

Nyla; well, now you belong here, don’t you?

Gorilla; I wonder who sent you here? Don’t they have more competent person than you?

Nyla ignored this question and asked.  Don’t you think, only if you had tried a bit more, you just missed few points for becoming like us. This fact makes me sad when I look at you.  

Gorilla. I think, you have lost your mind, also I have no desire to be like any of you. The darkest of the hearts you have.  We never build cages. We never even thought about it. We would not wish to bring this hell of imprisonment even to the worst of our enemies.

Nyla; What about me? What do you think about me? Who I am?

Nyla was now losing patience with him.

Gorilla. Yes, you can say anything when you are on the other side of the cage. what do you think who you are? If you don’t know the reality, I tell you. Your kind thinks the whole animal world is made for their exploitation. Just because you have few more ounces of bigger brains.

Nyla; Sorry to offend you, let’s move ahead. Next question. Did you have a family?

Gorilla; Ask your mom, she knows better!

Nyla; So, you never really wanted that you were not gorilla or you were a human?

Gorilla. Did you ever want to be someone other than human? I think that is the answer to your question.

Nyla; No, that is not an answer, I would let go my question.

Gorilla.  I would never wish to lock you, no. Not, for the life of me I would ever bring that pain to any single soul and place it into eternal imprisonment. You imprison your people who do worst of crimes. when it comes to the most innocent creatures like me, you just reverse your laws.

Nyla; wow, look at you, you have lovely hands. (Suddenly Nyla caught sight of gorilla, s hands.)

Gorilla; Useless, useless.

Nyla; What is useless?

Gorilla. Useless what you said. Beautiful are the hands that climb the trees in the wilderness, not those that get pampered in the saloons. Think about what your civilization is further making you. (Hahaha)

Nyla. I am so glad you laughed. I can suppose that you felt the joy.

Gorilla. No, my laugh is like a rain that does not cool down the hot weather.

Nyla; well, I still wish you were human like me.

Gorilla. Why don’t you get over this silly thought?  I never wish that, why can’t you just accept me as I am. I think the old man Darwin spoiled your mind.

Nyla. I think being human is better than being a gorilla.

Gorilla. only in your stupid mind. You people are criminal and hypocrite.  You make one rule for your kind and another for the rest of the life on earth. You know what is worst about you? you still are not sure that all humans are one race. (hahahahaha)

Nyla. you are laughing again.

Gorilla; Yes, at your stupidity, and you thought you can interview me, just your pride. I am better than you and I think I have reversed it at you. Now you know more about yourself.

Nyla felt humiliated. The gorilla had touched her conscience. Though never once he looked at her. She just threw the last question.

Nyla; Can we both be friends?

Gorilla. Yes, only on the same side, decide yourself. We can’t be friends if there is lock between us, and you know that well.

Nyla desperately wanted to unlock the gorilla but she did not know how. Just then Karem appeared, holding ice creams.  Nyla wished to exchange Karem with gorilla but this silly thought made her smile. Karem found her smiling in the air and that was very suspicious for him.

Nyla Wanted a Better World

Nyla wanted all the people of the world, all life on the planet on the same side. She wished to make the earth a heaven for everyone, just the way it was million years ago. Who knows, some day we would be able to do that or, there will be no advance life on earth. Maybe some only bacteria would be living and feeding on some primitive left-over life.

What Made Nyla Cry?

Nyla felt sad and few precious pearls rolled down her cheeks. Karem had no doubt that Nyla needed the next trip to a psychiatrist. His feet froze to the ground and all the ice cream started melting. ’Are you ok? Karem asked and he forgot the ice cream. ‘’What happened?  Look at you,’’ Nyla said aloud.  Karem got back from his thoughts and felt so stupid. The ice cream was dripping.

 The other side

Nyla asked herself ‘’Are not we too sensitive?  Even to our stupid thoughts, and we believe and judge ourselves over small things. And when it comes to animals, we reverse everything and turn out insensitive. Then we place them’’ on the other side ‘’ 

Your Loving Daughter Forever

Today I soar higher

And I soar higher!

Escaping to the place

More welcoming and sacred

Than your heaven on earth

My heart is numb

And I can, neither feel love

Nor hate!

For my heart is weary

Of both.

Your smile could make me stay

But you chose to break me away

Today you can call me

A melted rainbow

 A dead butterfly

Or a forgotten song

You are free to call me

Honey, sweet daughter, darling angel

Mom and dad

I am going to a place

Where I came from

My stay was short

I had dropped in to say , Hello

Neither your pleadings

Nor your regrets

Would bring me back

This piece of steel will set me free

And close the door of your hell

 With a bang.

Don’t rush when you hear it.

I guess, I am the problem

You are just two shadows

Lingering your days together

The victims and the abusers

Why call it a family

You would do better

When I am gone

I am your extra rib

The cause of your pain

My departure will make

You wiser and a better couple

The demon needs my blood

To set us free

My take off will make you

Know and love me better.

Note : A fourteen years old girl apparently ,killed herself ,in a village recently . I wrote this poem to imitate her mind only.

My photography on my last birthday . My son gifted me these roses . 😁😃🙏

When Truth Begs for a Refuge                                                                   

Oh God! Why do I cry?

Would you even reply?

Would you come down to me? only once!

Hold my hand, and tell me

The fault does not lie with me

The fault lies with our manmade world

We built it the wrong way

And now we do not fit apiece

Why do I fail or do I even fail?

Is there anything like failure?

Though failures also accomplish something

In your big program, we have no say!

image from pexels

Is there anything like destiny?

Or the journey is the whole thing?

I find both of them crying

 the offender and the victim

we suffer for the sins,

 we do not even commit

I see lie thriving and truth begging for refuge

The lie has claimed a sovereignty

The truth licks the dust and

 Waits for its conviction.  

Robert Frost, his horse and My diversions

There is absolutely nothing that can stop me thinking about the things in a poem, that a poet did not say. Be that a great or a small poet. I mean anyone. The greatness of a writer or poet does not make me a great reader or a great thinker. When I read great poets, I think, “I am such a significant person of my century, who will contribute to the wellbeing of masses with her unique mind; I will fill the space that the poet unknowingly left”. I take pride in my thoughts . And I believe that my critical analysis of ” what ” the poet did not say ‘or did not even imply, is so much entertaining. So, for a while I let lose or loose my brain like a paper kite to places where it wants to fly.

My mixed media portrait of Robert Frost

Do I cherish the lofty thoughts of the poets?

Absolutely not, I hate to get influenced by the lofty thoughts of the great poets, especially when I am alone. Dude, how much it hurts to be a great person, do you have any idea? How much the great people are hurting in their heads because they think too much.  I am afraid that I may feel pressurized to make some serious promises to God. Then I may act intelligent or modest or become philosopher by the end of the year. Ultimately under the influence of some poet I will apparently become such an exalted one that someday I will regret being that painfully great . Certainly, that is a loss. For sure who cares, if I am great person in myself. At the end of the day, it is only the food on the table that is cooked and served fresh. My son wants only that and he does not care why I had been thinking about a certain horse. The horse? yes, the horse.

The Horse and Robert Frost in the poem ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

No, nothing can make me think what Robert Frost really meant when he talked about his poor horse in the woods. It was Robert’s fault not of the horse when he stopped there. The poor horse had a valid question.  I am still sure, Robert did not answer him, even after a century. So sorry for the horse standing and waiting there. Ok, let us move ahead, the poet certainly tried to say something deep at the end of the poem …. What was that.  Well, I need to drink an ounce of olive oil to understand his point. The olive oil bottle has caught dust while sitting on the kitchen shelf. I am even afraid to get near and God forbid if drink olive oil and the neurons in my head may catch electric current. And the result ……

Am I a normal or a regular Person?

The question in itself is inherently wrong. Nobody wants to be a normal, or a regular person. Because a normal person is an ordinary person and nobody likes to be called ordinary. They feel insulted. Well, again mostly I feel elated and happier when I try to think and go to the opposite road of every great writer. It takes so much sacrifices and patience to become a good person. While only a careless idiot can enjoy life thoroughly . After all what matters most is the question, did we enjoy life before it ended?

Free image from pexels

I Am More of a Natural Person ?

Wow, yes, these days everybody loves to talk about nature, going green, being vegan, talking respectfully about mother nature. So, I am natural. I take refuge in nature to look nice.  I explain it how?  This is quite a human trait to go against things that are deemed obligatory for our wellbeing. So, I am too normal a person. Someday I will again try to ponder on this new found definition of being” too normal.

 Who is going to suffer? 

 Mark it, if you are special or different from others , you are going to suffer. Being different and unique does not serve anything . I trust God for the right timing of making me intelligent. That day will come and I am not hopeless. Nobody should feel hopeless ever in life . But I secretly pray that my particular prayer does not come true. I am more interested in enjoying life than being such respectable lady of grace that people fear to go near.

 The woods, snow and the horse

Let’s again go back to that serious looking horse, I left in the woods with Robert Frost. Has the horse moved a bit? No.  The woods were full of snow. Robert Frost with his horse stopped there. People like me in the middle of hot summer nights read that poem and cherish the idea of cool soft, snow. I want to grab some snowflakes.  Yes, the evening was dark but the nights are darker than evenings. The woods were dark, lovely and deep. After all Robert admitted that it was a nice place. He was lucky not feeling the hot summer of my country. I wish he had come here for the weekend only.

Critical Conclusion   Yes, I mean really a critical conclusion. Whatever  was the whole purpose and the real point of Robert Frost’s poem does not matter now.  At the end, Robert Frost decided to go to sleep and so do I. The only significant difference between his night and my night is that, mine is hot summer night and swarms of Dracula mosquitoes enjoy the prospect of sucking my blood. I wonder why my neighbors think I am a lazy person if I have mosquito bites on me. I will figure out soon. Two spoons of olive oils are what I need to take to solve this difficult question.

Note ; This article I took as a challenge with my son , to create humor about a thing ( being Robert Frost,s poem here ) , that has very serious purpose .

My cat umbrie . The day I found him as stray kitten. He ate and slept in the plate. Finally he had found a home of his own.” Love you Umbrie forever,”

My sleepy baby . #sleepybaby #sleepykitten https://www.instagram.com/p/CPaXKf_HXyL/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=

My mixed media art from 2018. Added more years and colors &Touched again today.

Roses have long stories to tell. 🥺🙏🙏🌹🥀🌺🌼🌻🌷🌸💐💮

My cat Alex had two kittens last week. She delivered them at an unknown place but then brought them home yesterday.

These lovely softballs reduce the stress about life. The black kitten absolutely hates my touch. But the white one lets me touch him and then observes me closely. At this point black one calls him back ( stupid come back she is not mom ) then the white one protests. And I let him go

They have strict lifeguard policies. They trust me more when their mom is around me and if I pick them up in the presence of their mom, they are quiet. Years of keeping cats made me understand them. Now I can write a book about their behavior. 😄🥰🤩💓👶👶🐈🐈🐈