Title : Our Immortal Souls

I loved you in more ways than I could comprehend myself

With you I lived immortal and too perfect moments

The moments that existed like centuries

A life better than one thousand years

The love faerie had been the most free and the wildest for us

I wish every soul goes through that precious journey of losing itself

For us the travel and the destination had the same meaning

Didn’t it start like a joke ? Darling

I wondered why you were alone

You told me to be careful

as we both were falling for each other

You knew me more than I knew myself

Until one day my heart refused to beat without you

You told me my text caused your heart skip a beat

And I wondered why ?

Is all love that naive ? Darling

Then our love stood on a cloud for all to watch

We defied all the traditions of race , religions and ethnicity

Love has nothing to do with them

I was not a damsel in distress and you were not a knight in an armour

Yet we both , saved each other

Our immortal souls had been in love for time unknown

Poem by :Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday, Sep, 13, 2022

How sweet !

How sweet that you are not afraid

To lose me !

How sweet ,that you don’t even know

That I know this

How sweet, that is the common stable bond

Between the two of us

How sweet , you often forget,

what you try to say

when you look at my face

Instead , you say ” you are so beautiful darling ”

How sweet , that one moment

I see a child in you

And I yearn to spoil that child

Then I say ” why don’t you smile darling ?

The next moment you just take off

And say ” I need to go ”

“But I need you to stay with me , I say

How sweet , that eventually makes you smile .

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Mon, Aug22, 2022

Only My Heart Knows

Only my heart knows how the

Fullness of your lips feel

When you kiss me

Again only my heart knows

How pretty your perfect teeth are

Behind your lips

I don’t even know how ? When and why

Lovely things take place between

You and I, darling .

Since there are no questions

Only sparkly and rosy blooms

Keep taking place around us .

Thank you darling for imparting to me

Parts of your body , mind and soul

I will retain them forever where

They belong now

You make my heart racing and

My mind foggy with your warm kisses

My eyes get moist with joy

And I can’t believe that the

travel can be more beautiful than

My destiny

Then I feel how humble and sophisticated

At the same time , your love is

Darling ,that makes you even more precious to me .

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

August 20th., 2022