My Angel , My Man

My angel ,the beautiful bliss of my eternal soul

Your immense light makes my shattered heart a whole

When you embrace me with your silvery wings

The sacred bell of peace in my heart rings

A heavenly ecstasy makes a way from your heart to mine

Instantly, we both climb to cloud nine

On the altar of love ,my prayers weave a wreath

Time stands still and spirits stop to breath

The rising sun is jealous of your luminosity

Does not know , you are an angel, not a deity

The moment ,our longing hands touch each other

Inside our veins, a mighty storm starts to gather

You occupy a special chamber of my heart always

Our nights are starry, and glorious are the days

Tell me ,my lovely darling , why does an angel like you need an armour?

What makes you sad ? What brings you to a corner ?

There will be an end to your heart wrenching suffering

You make me proud when you stand tall and refuse a bending

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

November 8th, 2022

The only Sister Of Five Brothers

What a delightful sister to her five brothers !

A little angel friend to her mother

The spitting image of her petite granny

And a Sweetie little pie to so many

Aunt Zara wants to teach her how to shake

But aunt zeb is worried , she must learn how to bake

Look ! what brothers have brought for her

A sack load of sweets and a doll with a hat of fur

Granny says ” Don’t make her sweeter than she already is !

The sister makes a lovely pout and giggles at this

Father is hiding some sparkly present in his pocket

Could be an anklet with bells or a bracelet

Only sister is allowed to make a guess and break the spell

Brothers may listen to but try not to tell

Mother thanks God for a daughter born into all boys home

For where there stays a girl , manners must come

Among a bunch of roosters , she is the only Nightingale

All must behave and talk their best without a fail

Brothers are desperate to teach sister boxing in a ring

While she feels happy to whistle , dance and sing

The pride of her father and crown of her mother

This sister is cherished and dotted like no other

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Sunday , Oct,2,2022

Title : Our Immortal Souls

I loved you in more ways than I could comprehend myself

With you I lived immortal and too perfect moments

The moments that existed like centuries

A life better than one thousand years

The love faerie had been the most free and the wildest for us

I wish every soul goes through that precious journey of losing itself

For us the travel and the destination had the same meaning

Didn’t it start like a joke ? Darling

I wondered why you were alone

You told me to be careful

as we both were falling for each other

You knew me more than I knew myself

Until one day my heart refused to beat without you

You told me my text caused your heart skip a beat

And I wondered why ?

Is all love that naive ? Darling

Then our love stood on a cloud for all to watch

We defied all the traditions of race , religions and ethnicity

Love has nothing to do with them

I was not a damsel in distress and you were not a knight in an armour

Yet we both , saved each other

Our immortal souls had been in love for time unknown

Poem by :Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday, Sep, 13, 2022

Title ; No Goodbye

I promise that I would try to live without you , from today

It took me sometime to come to terms with your sudden departure

Please , I do promise

I know , you may not come very soon

And I promise that I would not cry again

I do listen to you darling ,

And I understand why this has happened to us

When my heart will fall into abyss next time

I will not have your shoulder to cry

Though I try to meditate each day , but what I hear is only your voice

Narrating our story of the time gone by

Nevertheless ,I already know about it

Perhaps , we will never make our future together

Perhaps ,that’s why I only hear the echoes from our past

And I promise to sleep alone without you

For I know you also sleep alone

I will eat our favorite food alone every day

And I know you will recall me, when you would do the same

Today I read your Valentine’s day poem for me

And I looked at that meditating portrait you painted of me ,years back

When the life will hit me hard again

I will find peace in looking at our old photographs

It will again work for me ,as it has always worked

I would never say goodbye , darling !

Because in my life there is only welcome to you .

Poem by ; Ruqia Ismat

Sun, Sep 11 , 2022.

Two words

Title ; Two Words

Sat, Sep 10, 2022

The sweat on your brow brightens up your rosy face

While pearls of sweat adorn your skin more and more

I am left in an awe of your loveliness

As you fix the horseshoes in your stable

You do not notice my presence there

The stream of sweat reflects rainbow colors

And each color melts my heart

This sweat as fresh as a mountain spring

Washes away all the dirt from my soul

Then I find you singing ,an ancient sailor’s song

Your delightful voice blows away my mind

While I still stand there watching you

You look up and call my name out

That joyful dream quickly breaks

And I can say only two words ” My Darling ”

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

The Redemption

I know , I must not have fallen for you

I know ,it has been whole lot crazy

That was neither planned

Then whole else is to blame ?

This daylight reality is distressing and embarrassing

Above all you telling me ,

We could only be good friends

I can’t help loving you

The more I get apprehensive and try to stop

The more I fall for you deeper and deeper

Now , missing you is Obviously the part

Of the whole deal

Shut the door , pull the curtains and let me cry for the last time

I need redemption and salvation from myself

Before all my sanity and wisdom say farewell to me

Let me embrace my newfound heartbreak oops!

Poem by: Ruqia Ismat

How sweet !

How sweet that you are not afraid

To lose me !

How sweet ,that you don’t even know

That I know this

How sweet, that is the common stable bond

Between the two of us

How sweet , you often forget,

what you try to say

when you look at my face

Instead , you say ” you are so beautiful darling ”

How sweet , that one moment

I see a child in you

And I yearn to spoil that child

Then I say ” why don’t you smile darling ?

The next moment you just take off

And say ” I need to go ”

“But I need you to stay with me , I say

How sweet , that eventually makes you smile .

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Mon, Aug22, 2022

Always Return to Me

Image from pexels .com

When life betrays you

Always return to me

When you are lighter than an

autumn leaf

And the winds carry you

From place to place

Darling, return to me

When all your looks are gone

And your body laughs at you

Return swiftly to me

I am, yes I am your home

Then come back to me

When you have nothing to give

You will find me waiting for you

Now, you may play around

When you lose this game

Find your refuge in me

Darling , let me be your eternal

Lodging and peace

Because I love the man inside you.

Ruqia Ismat. August, 10. 2022.

You are!

You are the song of my heart

Yes, you are!

You are the smile of the rainbow

You are!

You are the verse of my poem

As you are!

Photo by Arthur Ogleznev on

You are the radiance of the sun

You are!

Your silence speaks thousand words

Yes, only I listen.

Your presence is the charm

My eyes long for.

Your land is the only one

My thoughts wander around

You are the glorious destiny

My heart prays for!

Your love is the simple skill

My heart knows well

Your touch is the sensation

I want to ever recall

Your whispers heal my heart

It has no scar

My life is fascinating

And you are never far.

Poem by Ruqia Ismat. July 3, 2022.