Your Loving Daughter Forever

Today I soar higher

And I soar higher!

Escaping to the place

More welcoming and sacred

Than your heaven on earth

My heart is numb

And I can, neither feel love

Nor hate!

For my heart is weary

Of both.

Your smile could make me stay

But you chose to break me away

Today you can call me

A melted rainbow

 A dead butterfly

Or a forgotten song

You are free to call me

Honey, sweet daughter, darling angel

Mom and dad

I am going to a place

Where I came from

My stay was short

I had dropped in to say , Hello

Neither your pleadings

Nor your regrets

Would bring me back

This piece of steel will set me free

And close the door of your hell

 With a bang.

Don’t rush when you hear it.

I guess, I am the problem

You are just two shadows

Lingering your days together

The victims and the abusers

Why call it a family

You would do better

When I am gone

I am your extra rib

The cause of your pain

My departure will make

You wiser and a better couple

The demon needs my blood

To set us free

My take off will make you

Know and love me better.

Note : A fourteen years old girl apparently ,killed herself ,in a village recently . I wrote this poem to imitate her mind only.