Dear God

Dear God , only you accept me with my broken wings

With you , I am never worried what my fate brings

You fix and heal my heart when it gets shattered

I don’t count , how many times it is battered

You make it intact and brand new

Though the process is trusted by a few

You created me and gave me a good name

When I tried and found you , I was never the same

You brace me and help me after every fall

You shower me with the strength to compose and stand tall

That’s how I recognize your eternal love

You gave me the faith to see you above

A heart has no peace, without your light

If I lose you , I lose my dear sight

When I forgive my hurt and embrace my enemy

I cleanse my heart, the way it should be

Poem by: Ruqia Ismat

Sat, Sep , 17, 2022

Two words

Title ; Two Words

Sat, Sep 10, 2022

The sweat on your brow brightens up your rosy face

While pearls of sweat adorn your skin more and more

I am left in an awe of your loveliness

As you fix the horseshoes in your stable

You do not notice my presence there

The stream of sweat reflects rainbow colors

And each color melts my heart

This sweat as fresh as a mountain spring

Washes away all the dirt from my soul

Then I find you singing ,an ancient sailor’s song

Your delightful voice blows away my mind

While I still stand there watching you

You look up and call my name out

That joyful dream quickly breaks

And I can say only two words ” My Darling ”

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Hello , my dear kind fellows . Today I am presenting my new poem in Hindi / Urdu / and English . Yes in all these languages . I have noticed a considerable number of my Hindi / Urdu followers . Somebody already asked me to do this . For them I wrote this poem . Not just for them because I am presenting English version too. I am bilingual and both these languages are equally important to me for their own reasons . I am sorry I could not keep my Hindi / Urdu poem very pure or “Shudh”God bless all of you . Enjoy with me .

Hindi / Urdu version

Yeh kaisi Zindagi hay ? Janam

Kya ab tumhain meri yad nahi ati ?

Yeh kaisa sinister spell hay ? Jo khatam nahi hota

Main kaisay man loon yeh sab

Janti hun ” I am your first thought in the morning and I am the last one who closes your lovely eyes . “

Yeh Ajnabi Zindagi Jiska khwab Na tumnay dekha , na mainay

Phir yeh doori kaisi hay , Janam

Kisko bulaon main apna sweetheart

Kon dekhay , Meri ankhon ki mast roshni

Kya main ab bhi vohi oriental gulab nahi

Jisnay tumhari dharti par khilna tha ?

Han ham dono ab bhi vohi hain

Ao kabhi bhaito hamray peeple ki chaon main

Vapsi ka Rasta bhool jaogay

Khud ko identify na karpaogay

Mera voh aik pink dopatta ab bhi tumhara intezar Kar Raha hay

Voh jo tumnay meray portrait banya ismain, main tumharay strokes dhoondti hun

Then I wonder about the new painting drying on your easel

Jo tumnay mujhay nahi dekhaye

Janti hun, din ab bhi tera mushkil hay meray bin

Ajnabi ratain ab bhi gambheer hain

Kab tootaingi yeh undekhi zanjeerain ,Janam

Han , boht kareb

Boht kareb hain voh ,lamhay

Boht kareb .

English version

Image from pexels .com

What kind of life is this ? Sweetheart

Don’t you miss me now? , darling

What kind of never ending sinister spell is this ?

Why would I accept all of this ?

I still know , I am your first thought in the morning and I am the one who closes your lovely eyes at night

This is strange life , we both did not dream it

Why are you still away ? my lovely

Who can I call my sweetheart

Who is here to see the light of my love_ drunk eyes ?

Am not I the same oriental rose?

That needed plantation at your land

Yes , we both are the same people

Come , sit under the shadow of our “peeple tree

You will forget the way back to your homeland

You will not identify yourself

My pink scarf is , still waiting for you

Oh ,yes I look for your strokes in the portraits you made of me

Then I wonder about the new painting drying on your easel

That painting , you have not shown me

I know , days are hard for you without me

The nights are strange and heavy

When will these invisible chains snap ?my darling

Yes , very close

Close are those moments

Very close

Poem by : Ruqia Ismat

Wed, , Aug, 31, 2022.

Skip , The Rope

Skip , skip , skip the rope

Skip it harder than before

Let’s take turns and call others

We love the crowd that always gathers

Skip the rope on single leg now

Keep hopping until the break is over

Also watch, when the bell rings

If you join us, you would get wings

Wish if Ma’am Rana could find

What a joy is the final grind ?

She is busy making worksheets

We can’t ignore the joy of beats

Always bent upon to make us greats

She forgets , we are her cheeky brats

Who love the thrill of stealing time

If she had ever done , she could know

Then listening to Ma’am Saba’s scold

We are brave enough and that bold

How time passes and who rings the bell?

We want a few more turns , what the hell ?

Is that a mistake or the break is over ?

Can not anyone do us a favor ?

Let’s stop and have a run

Tomorrow will be another day of fun .

Poem by : Ruqia Ismat

Mon, Aug29 , 2022

Note . I have thoroughly enjoyed all stages of my life . My school time got extended . How , first I was a student . Then came a time when I was on the other side , a teacher . Yes , it was a different experience than being a student but in a way I relived my childhood . I am sure there are people who can relate to that . 😁🙏😃

How sweet !

How sweet that you are not afraid

To lose me !

How sweet ,that you don’t even know

That I know this

How sweet, that is the common stable bond

Between the two of us

How sweet , you often forget,

what you try to say

when you look at my face

Instead , you say ” you are so beautiful darling ”

How sweet , that one moment

I see a child in you

And I yearn to spoil that child

Then I say ” why don’t you smile darling ?

The next moment you just take off

And say ” I need to go ”

“But I need you to stay with me , I say

How sweet , that eventually makes you smile .

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Mon, Aug22, 2022

More Than Friends

Don’t you tell me that

We are just friends

Instead , we are more than friends

It is pretty obvious like daylight

Would you stop the daylight to enter

Your home ?

And don’t you run from

yourself , darling

Because I don’t either !

Is this not such a blessing

To be more than friends ?

What are you afraid of ?

Why do you even need to hide ?

There is only one answer to the above

Accept the truth of your heart and

Make peace with it

We have been more than sweet friends .

Poem by ; Ruqia Ismat

Sunday ,August 21. 2022 .

Happy Saturday my kind fellows. Peace be with you all. This tiny friend came into my life two days ago. while I am having very bad flue. He cheers me up. Today he let me record his eating time. This is progress I think.

23,Souls ,They were

All of them silently slept and locked

Doors closed, and windows clogged

Though they reached out for communion

But forgotten and so left to oblivion

The world proclaimed them aliens

The valley and the hills stood quiet

The fate so gloomy , nothing could set it right

The snow white as shrouds , wrapped them up

How could they know , they would not wake up

The angel of death rose swiftly that night

He had to fetch 23 souls in that plight

The poor souls when this realm they fled

No one had a wound , no one even bled

The dying did not know, they were perishing

Mothers did not know, children were vanishing

Nobody heard even the hissing of the passing

23 martyrs ! the rising sun had to receive

Both living and dead refused to believe .

poem by Ruqia Ismat .

Note :

This poem I wrote in memory of an unfortunate incident that took 23 lives: men women and children were among them . This incident happened in a snow clad city Murree in pakistan early this month . 23 people died of carbon mono oxide in their locked cars.

Image by Henrik Verle on Pexels