Simply That

You asked me what made me fall for you ?

That is your beautiful heart and your words

“I love you more darling ! than you do “

So simple yet so intriguing to describe

On your forehead ,a cheeky tuft of hair

Your face glowing in the sun with a flare

Your lovely Buddha eyes closing in your sleep

The pearls of sweat on your skin seep

When I say I have to go darling

And I have a promise to keep

Simply That !

You cracking jokes with a laughter

Then going quiet ,soon after

And your eyes glittering with a moisture

On eggshells , the angels walk around

Quietly , without whisper or making a sound

Lest our precious dreams should broken

Would you like to know more and be guided ?

What are the gifts our souls have provided ?

The kisses are, now the sweetest

And the embraces are the warmest

Honey springs from our lips

And the nights are the loveliest

That simple ,my darling !

We have taken rebirth in this life

How fascinating is the journey and its strife

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday , December ,6 , 2022.

The Daughter of The Sun

The resilient daughter of the sun

Runs on the beach

The mountain spirit resides in her

As she passes , the ocean waves compete with one another to catch her glimpse

She hears the laughter and then the whispers of the receding water

The sand of the beach jumps to kiss her running feet

The wind rushes to cool down her burning skin

A deep content smile spreads on the corners of her lips

An impatient peony falls down from her hair on the sand

Her red blouse seems to catch a crimson fire in the setting sun

As she turns around , her white skirt clings to her waist

And almost guilty of mystifying her angelic curves

The daughter of the sun , looks far at the horizon

The setting sun applauds her mahogany hair and casts its last glances

The whole universe stands still and just wants to write her story .

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Saturday , 26 Nov, 2022.

The Haunted House

So, what is deemed more scary ?

This haunted house with a fairy

Or my heart torn, heavy and weary

Hello dear demons ! You are rendering this place pretty haunted

Well ,I am amused and feel even delighted

Keep your promise and be absolute real

Listen to my humble request for a deal

Do you see a lovely glow in my eyes ?

This is gift of pure love that never dies

You can borrow some light with a grace

Then brighten up your dark hiding place

You often appear as a child or a smiling woman

Don’t expect me to be any of your fan

Is it your show of power and hurt ?

Or some savages making me very alert

Now ,let me know what is haunting you in this night ?

Please ,bring this issue to day light

Know that ,I want some peace for you and us

No need to pretend ignorant or ridiculous

Are you sad , hurt or heart broken ?

We ,are children of God and never forsaken

Oh no no ,don’t pop up from that old tree

You are welcome to live here for free

Please ,sit down peacefully and let your hearts heal

Would you share your side of story and have some meal

Note . I was visiting my parents home last October . They told me that their current house is haunted . At midnight , I wrote that poem . Well, a day before I saw a bright bulb on the wall at midnight . I was thinkin who turned it on .it was not real one . It was gone in the morning . The wall was absolutely plain. I told my mom. She told me other incidents have happened as well.

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Friday ,Nov, 18th, 2022

The Girls From My Village

Robust , pretty and with long curls

My village has such amazing girls

Their hearts are shiny and clear like mountain streams

They work hard to achieve their dreams

They tend goats , sheep and cows every day

Certainly , they keep the laziness at a bay

When they drink hot milk in big mugs

Their cats get close and give them tugs

The girls enjoy swings high on mango trees

Sun kisses their faces and so does breeze

When they wash their sturdy cows with the big hose

The favorite calf nods his head and gets close

With so many talents , even good at their studies

These girls keep their promises and die for their buddies

Mothers take pride in the cooking of their daughters

Each morning they fix breakfast for their fathers

Then they get applaud from their brothers

To get the blessings , girls prepare hookahs for the grandfathers

Swimming in the stream nearby is their play time

When they walk, the bells of their anklets do chime

The homes burst with fun, humour and laughters

For those ,who have such loving daughters

If there is a wedding their dance charms the crowd

Friends keep smiling and fathers feel proud

Their hearts so simple , a sad movie can make them cry

The next moment they would be laughing and tears would dry

Such lovely , intelligent, bright and kind

These girls are richly blessed with gifts of mind

Image from

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday , Oct, 18 ,2022.

These are my relative girls from our ancestral Village . All daughters of my cousins

The only Sister Of Five Brothers

What a delightful sister to her five brothers !

A little angel friend to her mother

The spitting image of her petite granny

And a Sweetie little pie to so many

Aunt Zara wants to teach her how to shake

But aunt zeb is worried , she must learn how to bake

Look ! what brothers have brought for her

A sack load of sweets and a doll with a hat of fur

Granny says ” Don’t make her sweeter than she already is !

The sister makes a lovely pout and giggles at this

Father is hiding some sparkly present in his pocket

Could be an anklet with bells or a bracelet

Only sister is allowed to make a guess and break the spell

Brothers may listen to but try not to tell

Mother thanks God for a daughter born into all boys home

For where there stays a girl , manners must come

Among a bunch of roosters , she is the only Nightingale

All must behave and talk their best without a fail

Brothers are desperate to teach sister boxing in a ring

While she feels happy to whistle , dance and sing

The pride of her father and crown of her mother

This sister is cherished and dotted like no other

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Sunday , Oct,2,2022

Men like you

He sits alone in his room at midnight

Having dreams as bright as his youthful eyes

His inventions take forms of drafts and sketches

And his eyes begin to sparkle

A satisfactory smile adorns his dry lips

Then a sigh of peace spreads in the darkness

Would the world even appreciate his evergreen spirit ?

Would his hardwork of years receive due respect ?

Or just taken for granted ?

His struggle to make a difference in the lives of poor countrymen is so precious

Happily he wards off a dream of luxury life for himself

For him the real life means to live for others

Never give up on them my dear !

For men like you are not born every day

Our Sacred Paradise

Doubts don’t make you beautiful my darling , if you know

They only take away light from your eyes and color from your cheeks

We need lions’ hearts and wolves ‘ blood in our kind of love

I can fix your pale face and make your eyes sparkle again, for sure

Don’t you see how bright the moonlight shines on us

How can you forget the sun rises for both of us

At every sunset I can hear your ocean eyes whisper my name , my darling

Let the tides ebb away and let’s claim our paradise again

Our Sacred Paradise where , we would not let the devil tread between us

The devil has taken you far into a world of Oblivion

Where you don’t recognize yourself anymore

There is no another of you and there is no another of me

My destiny with you is as bright as my hope and trust in us

I have not broken the pen, since I wrote my oath with you , my darling

The ink is bright and wet even now ,like our shiny lips and moist eyes

Image from pexels .com

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday , Sep, 20, 2022.

Skip , The Rope

Skip , skip , skip the rope

Skip it harder than before

Let’s take turns and call others

We love the crowd that always gathers

Skip the rope on single leg now

Keep hopping until the break is over

Also watch, when the bell rings

If you join us, you would get wings

Wish if Ma’am Rana could find

What a joy is the final grind ?

She is busy making worksheets

We can’t ignore the joy of beats

Always bent upon to make us greats

She forgets , we are her cheeky brats

Who love the thrill of stealing time

If she had ever done , she could know

Then listening to Ma’am Saba’s scold

We are brave enough and that bold

How time passes and who rings the bell?

We want a few more turns , what the hell ?

Is that a mistake or the break is over ?

Can not anyone do us a favor ?

Let’s stop and have a run

Tomorrow will be another day of fun .

Poem by : Ruqia Ismat

Mon, Aug29 , 2022

Note . I have thoroughly enjoyed all stages of my life . My school time got extended . How , first I was a student . Then came a time when I was on the other side , a teacher . Yes , it was a different experience than being a student but in a way I relived my childhood . I am sure there are people who can relate to that . 😁🙏😃

Your Wild, Wild Heart

Oh , your wild , wild heart is the biggest joy of my life

Your wild , wild heart is the most adorable one , and the most sensitive one

For sure , the wildest hearts are the sweetest ones

Your wild , wild heart was once too shy to let me in

Your wild , wild heart is the softest and the most immaculate one

Your wild , wild heart has turned into my safest refuge

My massive man , you make me smile when you say ” Darling I can’t live without you”

Your wild , wild heart should know that I am its proud winner

Your wild , wild heart did try to scare me away because it was afraid to take chance

Your wild , wild heart is loved the way it was never loved before

The most free , the most evasive heart surrendered to my passion

Your wild , wayward heart beats like carzy in my proximity

Your wild , wild heart never flinched on an enormous pain but cried like hell when I was away

This golden and pure heart makes me whole

What a destiny that I won that invincible heart !

That free heart , a gypsy heart , a faerie heart , and a traveler heart

Found its homeland in me

Your wild , wild heart , the mad heart , is the most sane one

Your wild , wild heart did not listen to you and could not hide my love

This innocent heart worships me and makes a goddess of me

Darling , I adore you ” every time you say

You win my ancient and oriental heart

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Thursday, August 25, 2022 .

More Than Friends

Don’t you tell me that

We are just friends

Instead , we are more than friends

It is pretty obvious like daylight

Would you stop the daylight to enter

Your home ?

And don’t you run from

yourself , darling

Because I don’t either !

Is this not such a blessing

To be more than friends ?

What are you afraid of ?

Why do you even need to hide ?

There is only one answer to the above

Accept the truth of your heart and

Make peace with it

We have been more than sweet friends .

Poem by ; Ruqia Ismat

Sunday ,August 21. 2022 .