My Angel , My Man

My angel ,the beautiful bliss of my eternal soul

Your immense light makes my shattered heart a whole

When you embrace me with your silvery wings

The sacred bell of peace in my heart rings

A heavenly ecstasy makes a way from your heart to mine

Instantly, we both climb to cloud nine

On the altar of love ,my prayers weave a wreath

Time stands still and spirits stop to breath

The rising sun is jealous of your luminosity

Does not know , you are an angel, not a deity

The moment ,our longing hands touch each other

Inside our veins, a mighty storm starts to gather

You occupy a special chamber of my heart always

Our nights are starry, and glorious are the days

Tell me ,my lovely darling , why does an angel like you need an armour?

What makes you sad ? What brings you to a corner ?

There will be an end to your heart wrenching suffering

You make me proud when you stand tall and refuse a bending

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

November 8th, 2022

Two words

Title ; Two Words

Sat, Sep 10, 2022

The sweat on your brow brightens up your rosy face

While pearls of sweat adorn your skin more and more

I am left in an awe of your loveliness

As you fix the horseshoes in your stable

You do not notice my presence there

The stream of sweat reflects rainbow colors

And each color melts my heart

This sweat as fresh as a mountain spring

Washes away all the dirt from my soul

Then I find you singing ,an ancient sailor’s song

Your delightful voice blows away my mind

While I still stand there watching you

You look up and call my name out

That joyful dream quickly breaks

And I can say only two words ” My Darling ”

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Your Kind Of Love

Your kind of love is the only one , I long for ,even today

Your kind of beauty ,my heart absorbed and wanted to keep forever

Even after so many years , yours is the love so vivid that I can almost touch it

For some it might be an insanity

Your kind of insanity, was the one that revealed a vast world of reality to me

Though you may not have known it

Your kind of love gave my heart a new faith

The fabulous intensity of your love ,made me loyal to you in life and death

Until I was able to mend all the broken links of my heart

Our love may have become a distant illusion for your weary mind

For sure , that illusion is the rare wealth between you and I

I am the faerie whose whispers you often try to catch in your long summer days

In all my dark times your bright smile is still my rock

How sweet was your magical aura ,that allured me into a misty world

Thank you for loving my wayward heart and mystic mind

Poem by Ruqia Ismat


Hello , my dear kind fellows . Today I am presenting my new poem in Hindi / Urdu / and English . Yes in all these languages . I have noticed a considerable number of my Hindi / Urdu followers . Somebody already asked me to do this . For them I wrote this poem . Not just for them because I am presenting English version too. I am bilingual and both these languages are equally important to me for their own reasons . I am sorry I could not keep my Hindi / Urdu poem very pure or “Shudh”God bless all of you . Enjoy with me .

Hindi / Urdu version

Yeh kaisi Zindagi hay ? Janam

Kya ab tumhain meri yad nahi ati ?

Yeh kaisa sinister spell hay ? Jo khatam nahi hota

Main kaisay man loon yeh sab

Janti hun ” I am your first thought in the morning and I am the last one who closes your lovely eyes . “

Yeh Ajnabi Zindagi Jiska khwab Na tumnay dekha , na mainay

Phir yeh doori kaisi hay , Janam

Kisko bulaon main apna sweetheart

Kon dekhay , Meri ankhon ki mast roshni

Kya main ab bhi vohi oriental gulab nahi

Jisnay tumhari dharti par khilna tha ?

Han ham dono ab bhi vohi hain

Ao kabhi bhaito hamray peeple ki chaon main

Vapsi ka Rasta bhool jaogay

Khud ko identify na karpaogay

Mera voh aik pink dopatta ab bhi tumhara intezar Kar Raha hay

Voh jo tumnay meray portrait banya ismain, main tumharay strokes dhoondti hun

Then I wonder about the new painting drying on your easel

Jo tumnay mujhay nahi dekhaye

Janti hun, din ab bhi tera mushkil hay meray bin

Ajnabi ratain ab bhi gambheer hain

Kab tootaingi yeh undekhi zanjeerain ,Janam

Han , boht kareb

Boht kareb hain voh ,lamhay

Boht kareb .

English version

Image from pexels .com

What kind of life is this ? Sweetheart

Don’t you miss me now? , darling

What kind of never ending sinister spell is this ?

Why would I accept all of this ?

I still know , I am your first thought in the morning and I am the one who closes your lovely eyes at night

This is strange life , we both did not dream it

Why are you still away ? my lovely

Who can I call my sweetheart

Who is here to see the light of my love_ drunk eyes ?

Am not I the same oriental rose?

That needed plantation at your land

Yes , we both are the same people

Come , sit under the shadow of our “peeple tree

You will forget the way back to your homeland

You will not identify yourself

My pink scarf is , still waiting for you

Oh ,yes I look for your strokes in the portraits you made of me

Then I wonder about the new painting drying on your easel

That painting , you have not shown me

I know , days are hard for you without me

The nights are strange and heavy

When will these invisible chains snap ?my darling

Yes , very close

Close are those moments

Very close

Poem by : Ruqia Ismat

Wed, , Aug, 31, 2022.

This Mauve Morning

This mauve morning pretty like a butterfly

Lacks your color in it

The morning breeze knocked at my window

But I did not open for it , for you are not here

Your morning smile and fragrance are just a memory now

Without you though life goes on but I don’t wear red dress and braids anymore

The sunrises are so sneaky when there is no wait for you on the breakfast table

“Without you I would die ” was the most talked about phrase between us

Darling , we both survived it

I just stopped painting flowers and birds

All the mauve mornings and pink days go without you

I wonder if you know how does it feel when nobody asks ” How was your day , darling ? ”

For sure you know there can be nobody other than you

When I spend the days and nights without “our kind of time ”

The days are longer and nights stare at me .

Poem by; Ruqia Ismat

The, Aug 30 , 2022