The Girls From My Village

Robust , pretty and with long curls

My village has such amazing girls

Their hearts are shiny and clear like mountain streams

They work hard to achieve their dreams

They tend goats , sheep and cows every day

Certainly , they keep the laziness at a bay

When they drink hot milk in big mugs

Their cats get close and give them tugs

The girls enjoy swings high on mango trees

Sun kisses their faces and so does breeze

When they wash their sturdy cows with the big hose

The favorite calf nods his head and gets close

With so many talents , even good at their studies

These girls keep their promises and die for their buddies

Mothers take pride in the cooking of their daughters

Each morning they fix breakfast for their fathers

Then they get applaud from their brothers

To get the blessings , girls prepare hookahs for the grandfathers

Swimming in the stream nearby is their play time

When they walk, the bells of their anklets do chime

The homes burst with fun, humour and laughters

For those ,who have such loving daughters

If there is a wedding their dance charms the crowd

Friends keep smiling and fathers feel proud

Their hearts so simple , a sad movie can make them cry

The next moment they would be laughing and tears would dry

Such lovely , intelligent, bright and kind

These girls are richly blessed with gifts of mind

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Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday , Oct, 18 ,2022.

These are my relative girls from our ancestral Village . All daughters of my cousins

Those long Winter Nights

Poem by ; Ruqia Ismat

Sunday ,Sep 4 , 2022.

On this hot summer day , I miss our long winter nights , darling

Your face was that charming and exotic lyric poem

I loved to celebrate each verse

The more I read , the sweeter it got

I could see the fire in your half open eyes when you kissed me ,darling

In those long winter nights

What a soulful experience it was

when you allowed me to write my verses on the veins of your arms

The moment you cupped my burning face in your lotus _flower like hands

We both started floating on an invisible lake

Oh , that your unpredictable love was more beautiful than my imagination could offer

Your butterfly tattoos were most visited by my lips ,in those long winter nights

You resented not being able to do your workout enough and said

“I want to be my best for you , darling ,

You won my heart over and over again ,in those long winter nights .

Skip , The Rope

Skip , skip , skip the rope

Skip it harder than before

Let’s take turns and call others

We love the crowd that always gathers

Skip the rope on single leg now

Keep hopping until the break is over

Also watch, when the bell rings

If you join us, you would get wings

Wish if Ma’am Rana could find

What a joy is the final grind ?

She is busy making worksheets

We can’t ignore the joy of beats

Always bent upon to make us greats

She forgets , we are her cheeky brats

Who love the thrill of stealing time

If she had ever done , she could know

Then listening to Ma’am Saba’s scold

We are brave enough and that bold

How time passes and who rings the bell?

We want a few more turns , what the hell ?

Is that a mistake or the break is over ?

Can not anyone do us a favor ?

Let’s stop and have a run

Tomorrow will be another day of fun .

Poem by : Ruqia Ismat

Mon, Aug29 , 2022

Note . I have thoroughly enjoyed all stages of my life . My school time got extended . How , first I was a student . Then came a time when I was on the other side , a teacher . Yes , it was a different experience than being a student but in a way I relived my childhood . I am sure there are people who can relate to that . πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ˜ƒ

Your Wild, Wild Heart

Oh , your wild , wild heart is the biggest joy of my life

Your wild , wild heart is the most adorable one , and the most sensitive one

For sure , the wildest hearts are the sweetest ones

Your wild , wild heart was once too shy to let me in

Your wild , wild heart is the softest and the most immaculate one

Your wild , wild heart has turned into my safest refuge

My massive man , you make me smile when you say ” Darling I can’t live without you”

Your wild , wild heart should know that I am its proud winner

Your wild , wild heart did try to scare me away because it was afraid to take chance

Your wild , wild heart is loved the way it was never loved before

The most free , the most evasive heart surrendered to my passion

Your wild , wayward heart beats like carzy in my proximity

Your wild , wild heart never flinched on an enormous pain but cried like hell when I was away

This golden and pure heart makes me whole

What a destiny that I won that invincible heart !

That free heart , a gypsy heart , a faerie heart , and a traveler heart

Found its homeland in me

Your wild , wild heart , the mad heart , is the most sane one

Your wild , wild heart did not listen to you and could not hide my love

This innocent heart worships me and makes a goddess of me

Darling , I adore you ” every time you say

You win my ancient and oriental heart

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Thursday, August 25, 2022 .

More Than Friends

Don’t you tell me that

We are just friends

Instead , we are more than friends

It is pretty obvious like daylight

Would you stop the daylight to enter

Your home ?

And don’t you run from

yourself , darling

Because I don’t either !

Is this not such a blessing

To be more than friends ?

What are you afraid of ?

Why do you even need to hide ?

There is only one answer to the above

Accept the truth of your heart and

Make peace with it

We have been more than sweet friends .

Poem by ; Ruqia Ismat

Sunday ,August 21. 2022 .

When Your Bed Was Mine Too

I wonder at the time

When your bed was mine too

Today I can’t even relate to that feeling

Of possession

My heart is utterly numb

It was even exciting back then

Whether to have cotton covers

Or the silky ones

What colors looked best , masculine or

The faminine?

Do even colors have genders ?

Can’t agree on this now .

Perhaps , we were just children and an odd feeling surrounds me

Though I know exactly that we were not

When your bed was mine too !

What side to choose , even that

Was a question

Why was that even important ? does not occur to me now

When your bed was mine too !

Now I see two people talking about things

On that bed I can’t even relate

That bed has disappeared

Between the two of us ,forever

And we both are perfectly ok with that

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

August 20’2022

I think you people don’t mind my cartoon here πŸ™‚πŸ™

The Fireflies of Reminiscences

Looking at the full moon brings back so much

Can you recall darling?

How roses looked mysterious in the


I dreamt to be your muse once

Only in red dress

And you knew why

Our fantasies were never less adorable

Than our realities

In my memory, oh darling

We are still together

Like a couple dancing eternally

In the ballroom

What is most beautiful about memories

The certainty of occurring

Your kind voice is long gone

My sweetheart

Only echoes are ringing in the ears

I know my heart has better memories

than my mind

Suddenly I open my fist and

Let go of all the fireflies

Of reminiscences

My eyes start showering

My burning heart

Handful of pearls roll down

My face and I feel the odd coolness

Some tears are dismal for losing you

And others are glad for loving you.

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

August 16, 2022.

What Made You Kiss Me?

What made you kiss me?

I am still wondering

I saw it coming

When the sweet mellowness surrounded

Your eyes

That followed a tenderness

Spreading all across your countenance

Wait, darling, wait

Let me, cherish it

Even more now

Yes, it was abrupt

A pleasant surprise

But I wish I could return it

The way I got it

Now I can only replay it

Over and over again

My mind amazes me

With it’s delicate efficacies

Note. Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Saturday, Aug, 13, 2022.

Let us Swap Dolls

Let us swap our dolls again

Under the orange trees

My doll can live

with you only for a day

Must you keep the promise

This time

Let us go back to those carefree days

When we all wanted to

Be big girls, those gorgeous ones

Who fascinated us with pristine


Not any more !

Not any more!

Let us pick up our

paper goats and horses

Dear cousin , would you allow me to make

some paper toys for you too ?

We need to reclaim what adulthood

took from us

Our innocent hearts that knew

No pain

Those naΓ―ve minds , whose

only heroes were Mama and papa

Long summer days ,

Where have they gone ?

We need those orange trees and

our rag dolls

Playing with our humble toys

We used to forget time and space

Come on hold a doll’s wedding

My doll bride ,and your doll groom

We must play long until

our moms call us back for dinner

You play the green faerie and

I play the red one

No, I will not argue this time !

Sorry, we must throw our dolls into time bygone

our old moms are too fragile to call us back

They are waiting for our company and care

Note : I am 51 and my cousin 53 now . We both played together long, long ago , Those were our pre- school days , I described our whole games in the poem above . In my mind I can see us very clearly playing with toys . I can recall even her child face , (though I’ cant recall mine ). Playing together bonded our friendship until today.

My Lovely Darling

Your lips are the loveliest ones

Sweet enough to dissolve the bitterness of my life

Know this precious fact

Your face is heaven’s foyer

An elegant corridor to my soul

Does not matter who endorses

or denies

They say , stay away from the fire of flesh

Is it so dirty and sinful , darling ?

Is it ?

Even when love is the essence of life ?

Are not we both made of flesh ?

Are not we born of divine love ?

Why does love carry all the burdens

of life ?

Love is the pulsating passion of the universe

Oh, how intoxicating your eyes are ?, my darling

The lips that know your sweetness

Can never be bitter again

You always , draw my soul with a single breath

Until I feel floating in the air

Until our hearts peacefully synchronize

Until there is no me , and no you

The divinity of love simply purifies

our souls

All the doubts from our minds

are lifted off

Whisper , my name one more time

I want to hear from your lips

The passage from your heart to mine is the

most adorable one

You can lift me from my lowest

My lovely darling

That is the invariably the best.