The Girls From My Village

Robust , pretty and with long curls

My village has such amazing girls

Their hearts are shiny and clear like mountain streams

They work hard to achieve their dreams

They tend goats , sheep and cows every day

Certainly , they keep the laziness at a bay

When they drink hot milk in big mugs

Their cats get close and give them tugs

The girls enjoy swings high on mango trees

Sun kisses their faces and so does breeze

When they wash their sturdy cows with the big hose

The favorite calf nods his head and gets close

With so many talents , even good at their studies

These girls keep their promises and die for their buddies

Mothers take pride in the cooking of their daughters

Each morning they fix breakfast for their fathers

Then they get applaud from their brothers

To get the blessings , girls prepare hookahs for the grandfathers

Swimming in the stream nearby is their play time

When they walk, the bells of their anklets do chime

The homes burst with fun, humour and laughters

For those ,who have such loving daughters

If there is a wedding their dance charms the crowd

Friends keep smiling and fathers feel proud

Their hearts so simple , a sad movie can make them cry

The next moment they would be laughing and tears would dry

Such lovely , intelligent, bright and kind

These girls are richly blessed with gifts of mind

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Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday , Oct, 18 ,2022.

These are my relative girls from our ancestral Village . All daughters of my cousins

The Moment

The moment you flipped my hair out of my face

You melted my heart

Your gaze infused eternal peace into depths of my soul

Sure , you did not know that

The sweat broke out on my cheeks when you placed your chin on my shoulder

And whispered ” I came for you ”

The honour of being your love was all that I needed at the moment

Nevertheless , one lifetime would not be enough for me to adore you

My precious darling

We are two distinct worlds within ourselves

I saw two suns setting into your bright eyes that evening

And the time stood still !

The moment you try to look wiser than you really are

You make me fall for you ,one more time

Your love is clear mountain spring, darling

That quenches my thirst and heals my soul

Poem by : Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday, Oct 12, 2022.

Our Sacred Paradise

Doubts don’t make you beautiful my darling , if you know

They only take away light from your eyes and color from your cheeks

We need lions’ hearts and wolves ‘ blood in our kind of love

I can fix your pale face and make your eyes sparkle again, for sure

Don’t you see how bright the moonlight shines on us

How can you forget the sun rises for both of us

At every sunset I can hear your ocean eyes whisper my name , my darling

Let the tides ebb away and let’s claim our paradise again

Our Sacred Paradise where , we would not let the devil tread between us

The devil has taken you far into a world of Oblivion

Where you don’t recognize yourself anymore

There is no another of you and there is no another of me

My destiny with you is as bright as my hope and trust in us

I have not broken the pen, since I wrote my oath with you , my darling

The ink is bright and wet even now ,like our shiny lips and moist eyes

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Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday , Sep, 20, 2022.

Your Wild, Wild Heart

Oh , your wild , wild heart is the biggest joy of my life

Your wild , wild heart is the most adorable one , and the most sensitive one

For sure , the wildest hearts are the sweetest ones

Your wild , wild heart was once too shy to let me in

Your wild , wild heart is the softest and the most immaculate one

Your wild , wild heart has turned into my safest refuge

My massive man , you make me smile when you say ” Darling I can’t live without you”

Your wild , wild heart should know that I am its proud winner

Your wild , wild heart did try to scare me away because it was afraid to take chance

Your wild , wild heart is loved the way it was never loved before

The most free , the most evasive heart surrendered to my passion

Your wild , wayward heart beats like carzy in my proximity

Your wild , wild heart never flinched on an enormous pain but cried like hell when I was away

This golden and pure heart makes me whole

What a destiny that I won that invincible heart !

That free heart , a gypsy heart , a faerie heart , and a traveler heart

Found its homeland in me

Your wild , wild heart , the mad heart , is the most sane one

Your wild , wild heart did not listen to you and could not hide my love

This innocent heart worships me and makes a goddess of me

Darling , I adore you ” every time you say

You win my ancient and oriental heart

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Thursday, August 25, 2022 .

My Lovely Darling

Your lips are the loveliest ones

Sweet enough to dissolve the bitterness of my life

Know this precious fact

Your face is heaven’s foyer

An elegant corridor to my soul

Does not matter who endorses

or denies

They say , stay away from the fire of flesh

Is it so dirty and sinful , darling ?

Is it ?

Even when love is the essence of life ?

Are not we both made of flesh ?

Are not we born of divine love ?

Why does love carry all the burdens

of life ?

Love is the pulsating passion of the universe

Oh, how intoxicating your eyes are ?, my darling

The lips that know your sweetness

Can never be bitter again

You always , draw my soul with a single breath

Until I feel floating in the air

Until our hearts peacefully synchronize

Until there is no me , and no you

The divinity of love simply purifies

our souls

All the doubts from our minds

are lifted off

Whisper , my name one more time

I want to hear from your lips

The passage from your heart to mine is the

most adorable one

You can lift me from my lowest

My lovely darling

That is the invariably the best.

You are!

You are the song of my heart

Yes, you are!

You are the smile of the rainbow

You are!

You are the verse of my poem

As you are!

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You are the radiance of the sun

You are!

Your silence speaks thousand words

Yes, only I listen.

Your presence is the charm

My eyes long for.

Your land is the only one

My thoughts wander around

You are the glorious destiny

My heart prays for!

Your love is the simple skill

My heart knows well

Your touch is the sensation

I want to ever recall

Your whispers heal my heart

It has no scar

My life is fascinating

And you are never far.

Poem by Ruqia Ismat. July 3, 2022.