Simply That

You asked me what made me fall for you ?

That is your beautiful heart and your words

“I love you more darling ! than you do “

So simple yet so intriguing to describe

On your forehead ,a cheeky tuft of hair

Your face glowing in the sun with a flare

Your lovely Buddha eyes closing in your sleep

The pearls of sweat on your skin seep

When I say I have to go darling

And I have a promise to keep

Simply That !

You cracking jokes with a laughter

Then going quiet ,soon after

And your eyes glittering with a moisture

On eggshells , the angels walk around

Quietly , without whisper or making a sound

Lest our precious dreams should broken

Would you like to know more and be guided ?

What are the gifts our souls have provided ?

The kisses are, now the sweetest

And the embraces are the warmest

Honey springs from our lips

And the nights are the loveliest

That simple ,my darling !

We have taken rebirth in this life

How fascinating is the journey and its strife

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday , December ,6 , 2022.

The Moment

The moment you flipped my hair out of my face

You melted my heart

Your gaze infused eternal peace into depths of my soul

Sure , you did not know that

The sweat broke out on my cheeks when you placed your chin on my shoulder

And whispered ” I came for you ”

The honour of being your love was all that I needed at the moment

Nevertheless , one lifetime would not be enough for me to adore you

My precious darling

We are two distinct worlds within ourselves

I saw two suns setting into your bright eyes that evening

And the time stood still !

The moment you try to look wiser than you really are

You make me fall for you ,one more time

Your love is clear mountain spring, darling

That quenches my thirst and heals my soul

Poem by : Ruqia Ismat

Tuesday, Oct 12, 2022.

The New You

Though I don’t know the new you

Yet , keeping my promise I will always love you

The old you is still etched into my heart

Nothing , no one , not even you can take away my love for you

It is enough , yes , it will always be enough to live with your memories

You have been abducted, my darling

By someone you can’t even name

Look ! Is not this strange that I welcome the new you

Then I proudly display my bleeding heart to show how much I can take from you

Now , you will keep seeing me at all the odd places

Around you and inside you

Close your eyes , I am in your heart

Look into the mirror , I am there too

I am in your coffee cup and on your empty canvas

You will write my name ,if you try to sign

I wish I could assure you, my darling that’s is fine

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

October 4, 2022

I Have A Mirror For You

The lake Saif Al Malook maybe bewitching for many

I have my own lake made of love inside my heart

Where only your beautiful reflections dwell

The moonlit nights charm the visitors of Saif Al Malook

But my lake has a brighter surface

For me lake Saif Al Malook is useless

Because inside my heart’s lake only your magic works

All those songs that you wrote with your breaths on my face

I see them floating all around me today

I have a mirror for you, my darling

And that mirror is gilded and wrought with my feelings

You tilt it in any direction , you will see only yourself

In this mirror, we are forever young ,my darling

I have a place for you, called my home

Once you enter it , nobody can take you away

All the wishful nights that we have not written

With our heartbeats yet , are waiting for us in that home

And , yes far in future I can see a girl belonging to another century

Writing our story, in a language not known to the world .

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

Sep, 29,2022.

Only My Heart Knows

Only my heart knows how the

Fullness of your lips feel

When you kiss me

Again only my heart knows

How pretty your perfect teeth are

Behind your lips

I don’t even know how ? When and why

Lovely things take place between

You and I, darling .

Since there are no questions

Only sparkly and rosy blooms

Keep taking place around us .

Thank you darling for imparting to me

Parts of your body , mind and soul

I will retain them forever where

They belong now

You make my heart racing and

My mind foggy with your warm kisses

My eyes get moist with joy

And I can’t believe that the

travel can be more beautiful than

My destiny

Then I feel how humble and sophisticated

At the same time , your love is

Darling ,that makes you even more precious to me .

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

August 20th., 2022

The Fireflies of Reminiscences

Looking at the full moon brings back so much

Can you recall darling?

How roses looked mysterious in the


I dreamt to be your muse once

Only in red dress

And you knew why

Our fantasies were never less adorable

Than our realities

In my memory, oh darling

We are still together

Like a couple dancing eternally

In the ballroom

What is most beautiful about memories

The certainty of occurring

Your kind voice is long gone

My sweetheart

Only echoes are ringing in the ears

I know my heart has better memories

than my mind

Suddenly I open my fist and

Let go of all the fireflies

Of reminiscences

My eyes start showering

My burning heart

Handful of pearls roll down

My face and I feel the odd coolness

Some tears are dismal for losing you

And others are glad for loving you.

Poem by Ruqia Ismat

August 16, 2022.